Practical Guide for Tik Tok Live Broadcast

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Practical Guide for Tik Tok Live Broadcast


Tik Tok Live Broadcast are very popular in China. If you want to enter China market, do you know how it is accomplished? For example, what should Tik Tok prepare before you do the live broadcast? How to start the live broadcast? Do you want to talk about products or draw first? Do you want to do the script or the selection first? Do you want to warm up or broadcast first?

So today Domatters tell you the whole process about TikTok live broadcast. This will be very practical and useful for you.








1. Open Tiktok live broadcast function

After you download TikTok app, just open the live broadcast and live delivery function.


2. Drainage preheating

(1) Shoot warm-up Video: shoot live related video or countdown video for large-scale publicity; mention the selection of live broadcast and preferential strength or live highlights in the video;

(2) Warm-up by the Internet: articles with the number of headlines are issued, and the official account number activities are published;

(3) Bidding the publicity: three days before the live broadcast, it can be promoted with their own bidding for publicity;

(4) Launch: five days before the start of the live broadcast plan, warm up the video for heating, and start the live broadcast plan with a small budget one hour before the launch, so as to survive the cold start of the plan.


3. Prepare live equipment

Prepare mobile phones, such as iPhone 11, Samsung S10, Huawei P30, Huawei mate30, or high memory computers and better quality computer cameras, lighting equipment, etc.








4. Arrange the division of roles

Only by doing a good job of role division, can we improve the cooperation of the team and optimize the quality of live broadcast.

For example, the people of overall planning: responsible for selecting commodity types, introducing commodity information, and setting top preferential policies. We also need to make the schedule of live broadcast, arrange the cooperation of personnel and anchor, and plan the script process.

The work of the director includes: arranging the live room in advance, pushing the live news, adjusting the lighting of the live broadcasting room, switching the live sound effect, reminding the chief editor of the station and angle, and cooperating with the anchor to operate the console, etc.

The anchor is mainly responsible for: explaining the product functions and details in the live room, showing the product effect, mobilizing the division of the live room, actively interacting with the audience, and promoting the product transaction.

If you have enough budget, you can also add a deputy anchor, temporarily replace the anchor when the anchor needs to leave.


5. Build-up a live broadcasting room

The layout of the live room has always been a very important link. The construction of live broadcasting room mainly includes lighting, background, foreground, background music, power supply, sound card, etc. The most suitable live broadcasting room is created with the cooperation of various details, so that users can see the comfort at the first sight when entering the live broadcasting room.


6. Play games in the studio

There are many ways to play in the studio.

For example;

Coupons: coupons are a common way to play in the live room. When the product price is already very cheap, plus the coupons, the audience can enjoy the second purchase discount, which can stimulate the user's desire to place an order.

Set an administrator: the purpose of setting an administrator is to control negative comments in the live room. Many popular live broadcasting rooms will be subject to some inexplicable attacks, which will affect the overall atmosphere of the live broadcasting room and promote the transformation of orders. Therefore, the administrator is required to control and control these disturbing IDS by forbidding and blackmailing the IDS.

Red packets: giving red packets is also a play method that every studio must use. Its function is to activate the atmosphere of the live broadcasting room and enhance the popularity of the studio.








7. Guarantee the duration and frequency of the live broadcast

In general, each live broadcast should be more than 2 hours at least, and a certain live frequency should be guaranteed. For example, live broadcast every day, or live broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, etc., so that users can form the habit of entering the live room on time. Even big anchors like Li Jiaqi and Weiya also keep the frequency of live broadcasting every day.


8. Monitor live data

(1) During the live broadcast, it is necessary to pay attention to the account situation in time, such as the material is rejected, the planned consumption reaches the budget limit, the balance is insufficient, etc.

(2) Check the time-sharing data, pay attention to the changes of click through rate, conversion rate, conversion cost, watch in the live room, pay attention to the click on the shopping cart, and optimize the account operation, such as optimizing bidding and adjusting materials.

(3) Pay attention to the data changes in the live broadcast room, especially the trend of the number of viewers, and make optimization adjustments. For example, during peak hours, more efforts can be made to introduce more users to the live room.


9. Live replay

After the live broadcast, there is an action that must be done - Live replay.

The purpose of live replay is to find out the deficiencies in the previous live broadcast, find solutions, optimize in the next live broadcast, and improve the quality of each live broadcast, so as to obtain more income and transformation.

The success of a live broadcast is not only based on the number of goods sold and the number of GMV realized. What needs to be considered is whether there is the ability to continuously export the precipitation in the future.








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