Six standard methods which can be indexed in Baidu in seconds if done well

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To get a site ranking, the premise is that the site is indexed in Baidu, whether it is home page ranking or page ranking, need to be indexed.But whether a site being indexed by search engines is a challenge for SEOER, domatters today summarized three ways for a site to be indexed.


The principle of the site to be indexed


Not every website is indexed by search engines.There is a process for a website to be indexed by search engines.The first is that search engines find your website, which is then downloaded to the database by search engines.The search engine will then take your page and compare it with other pages, filter it out and index it.The last step is release.After release, you can directly in baidu in China input your URL to see whether the success of included.The process looks simple.Actually search engine everywhere very attentively.


The first is how search engines find your site.In most cases, search engines find a website through three channels.One is to submit, the second is outside the chain, the third is to use some search engine related plug-ins.


Submit not to say much, most of the site done, will take the initiative to submit to the search engine.Domatters reminds you that you need to make your site completely complete and fill in some content before you submit, not submit first and then publish as you edit the site.If the site just launched, is still in the process of revision and no article, then it is easy to be a search engine to think that this is a blank page, and eventually extend the time included, which is often said to put your site into the sandbox.


The second is to attract the spider through the outer chain.After your website is included, your website appeared an outside link.Search engines in the crawl your website, you will see such a chain, and then go to the crawl outside the chain of the page.At present, the search engine mechanism is very perfect, basically do not need to rely on external chain to attract spiders.But in 2012 or so, the release of the chain is the best way to increase the site included and ranked.


The third point is some plugins through search engines.For example, your website installed baidu statistics, baidu share and other relevant JS, so but when your site is everyone, these JS will also run, which means your site is recorded by the search engine.Baidu has done such an experiment, a new blank website, which wrote a few words at will, without any plug-ins, just use the 360 browser to open once, but the search engine included this page.In other words, 360 USES browser to collect this data.


6 quick ways to be indexed in Baidu


How to let your home page to be indexed quickly in Baidu and all the pages inside it after understanding the principle of search engine indexed?The most important is to use the three tools of search engine, active push, automatic push, site map.These three tools push some data every day.You can query this data in the webmaster platform.


Active push: baidu's active push is also real-time push. It sorts your URL together and pushes it to the search engine through PHP, post and other forms, which is the best way at present.Due to the different programs, the development method is also different, there are many such active push tools on the Internet.


Automatic push: this is a very simple operation, but it is not suitable for small sites.Baidu webmaster platform has a section of JS, it is installed into the page template you need to be included in it, so that every page has such a section of JS.


The purpose of this section of JS is that when a new page is created and someone opens the page, the JS will run.Running it once means that the page will be submitted to the search engine once.So this page is more easily indexed by search engines.


Sitemap: sitemap is not only suitable for baidu, in fact, sogou, 360 can be used.


These 6 tips from Domatters ensure that your search engine can quickly capture your data, as shown below:


1. Manually submit your website


When a new site is ready to go, you can manually submit your site or blog URL to its add URL page to notify them of your main link.Submit the main search engine manually, please submit your domain name to baidu, 360, etc.


2.Try webmaster tools


As a website owner (webmaster), you must use many of the webmaster tools provided by search engines.You can try baidu and 360 webmaster tools, where you submit your site map.Webmaster tools allow you to clearly understand your site in its search engine effect.In baidu webmaster, you can also change the site crawl speed, parameter access, HTML advice.


3. Social submission


When you add any new content to your website, please try submitting it on different social networks, such as weibo, zhihu, tieba, website directory, etc.These will help you rank and index quickly.Recently, baidu and 360 seem to be paying more attention to the social aspect of your site.


4.Better Sitemap


If you are using WordPress, it is very easy to build a Sitemap using a plugin such as Baidu Sitemap Generator.Search engines, such as sitemap, because it's a map of the total content of your site.


To make the sitemap, we need to do two more steps. The first step is to submit the sitemap to the search engine.


Once submitted to the search engine, the search engine will grab your sitemap based on your sitemap updates. For example, if you update your sitemap daily, the search engine will grab your sitemap once a day and try to use the search engine friendly sitemap.The second is that a site map is best written into a robots file.Because when a search engine crawls any website, it first has to look at the robots file.


5. Lots of original content and link building


Content is king.The website is regular, do not change title blindly, content is substantial, face achieve formerly, much arrive BBS to send a post to be able to promote by search engine index.If the search engine gets more content from your site that contains a lot of keywords, it will give value. When robots and spiders visit your site, deep links are very important for the search engine.


6, Robots. TXT


Robots.txt is a raw text file that indicates whether search engines should add parts of your site.Check your Robots. TXT file, the file should be located in, in order to understand whether it prevent your pages indexed by search engine.


If you do not believe, you can send us your website link and contact us, we will let your website quickly into the baidu index.

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