5 tips for you to travel the beautiful city Suzhou in east of China.

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     If this is the time you travel Suzhou city, China, then below 5 guide tips that written by Domatters will help you a lot to enjoy your travelling comfortable.





    Suzhou is a famous historical and cultural city in the world  with the proverb that“Up in heaven,there is paradise; down on earth,there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.”. Suzhou's beautiful mountains and rivers are the perfect place to visit. As a foreigner who would like to travel to Suzhou,please listen to this travel tips, and you will don't step on any thunderstorms during your trip to Suzhou. Please see the following tips for traveling in Suzhou which is writted by Domatters.


     First,visite Suzhou museum. It is important to make reservations online in advance because of it closes on Mondays. The height is staggered, with dark roofs against white walls, and the whole museum resembles a small garden. You can learn about the customs and habits of Suzhou and visited the ancient buildings of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to experience the scene of the time in Suzhou museum.



    Second,visite Suzhou Garden. It is the representative of Suzhou Garden, which is known as one of the four famous gardens in China along with Beijing Summer Palace, Chengde Summer Resort and Suzhou Liuyuan. This kind of garden design must listen to the guide to explain the origin of the design, the historical story, otherwise it will feel meaningless to walk the horse to see the flowers.






    Third,visite Pingjiang Road. Pingjiang Road must be punched, this is not only the location of Tv drama "All is well", but also have a lot of restaurants . On the east and west sides, there are small alleys such as Hanging Bridge Lane, Daju Lane, Zhong Zhangjia Lane, Daxin Bridge Lane, and so on, especially on the east side, there are also many water alleys, where water and land run parallel to each other and river streets are adjacent to each other, very characteristic of Jiangnan Water City.





    Fourth,visite Two niche attractions: Cat's Sky City and Chengpin Bookstore's specialty bookstore, whereyou can rest and read. The Sky City of Cats is suitable for literary youth, its unique cultural atmosphere and humanistic atmosphere is suitable for two or three friends to go together, in the house you can chose different books to browse, and there is also a unique message board for friends to leave messages and prayers together.



    Fifth,visite Suzhou Golden Chicken.If the old city is a symbol of ancient and heavy culture, then the new district is the representative of modern modernity, and from a distance you can also see Suzhou's iconic building - the Oriental Gate. The Golden Chicken Lake Bridge at night is not to be missed, and the colorful digital waterfalls made by high-tech means such as digital lighting are flying down from the bridge with beautiful scenery.


    All in all, Suzhou is a beautiful place.Looking forward that you have a nice holiday and play well.


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