Is tao xiaopu of alibaba which is the combination of taobao guest and wechat business a new opportunities for sellers?

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In China's booming Internet economy, you can always find opportunities to make your mark.Take taobao more than a decade ago.It doesn't matter if you miss it.In April, taobao rules website issued a new notice - " management standards of Tao xiaopu."The notice claimed that tao xiaopu platform brewing for a long time in taobao is about to go online.Taobao added "management standards of Tao xiaopu" has been in effect from April 18, 2019.However, the effective management specification does not reveal the specific launch time of tao xiaopu, and relevant apps of tao xiaopu have not been found in AppStore and multiple android App markets.Some suppliers who are chatting with tao xiaopu tell us that although relevant rules have been released in advance, tao xiaopu is still in the stage of investment attraction and preparation, and the App is still in preparation."



The preparatory period will be from January to April 2019, the internal testing will start from April to June, and it should be officially opened in July.At present, tao xiaopu is conducting a business survey, collection of business needs, is still in preparation.According to the online time of tao xiaopu, alibaba replied that at present tao xiaopu belongs to taobao.tao xiaopu is still in a small test, not released.



However, taobao in the past two months had issued a number of rules and regulations related to tao xiaopu notice, including supplier management norms, commission mechanism, dispute resolution, etc., the current new platform quite some of the "military did not move, grain and grass go first," meaning, so far has not yet officially appeared.


In the face of social e-commerce, alibaba is also doing enough preparation.Throughout the development of taobao in the past two years, we can find that taobao is becoming more and more content and social.Jiang fan, the current President of taobao and Tmall, once said that generation after generation of taobao, this generation of taobao is not going to do low hot style.


From the description, tao xiaopu will mainly rely on registered members to promote to complete the sales, and taobao compared with Tmall will have more strong social attributes.


What is 'tao xiaopu'?



"With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the competition for opening stores is becoming more and more fierce," the notice that " management standards of tao xiaopu"said.”Want to open clean out treasure inn to earn a few money, suffer from however do not have supply of goods, stock capital pressure is big...It is taobao's consistent mission to serve members with different advantages, stimulate their unique advantages and improve the taobao ecosystem.”Therefore, the long-simmering tao xiaopu platform is about to go online. "welcome friends with service awareness and private domain operation ability to enter".


The main business model of tao xiaopu is: tao xiaopu supplier -- tao xiaopu platform (including content experts, new sellers, new consumers and taobao guest) -- consumers (including fans, social groups and circle of friends)


Tao xiaopu is a kind of new play method that Alibaba rolls out newly.Based on mobile taobao, it provides merchants with convenient tools for store management, marketing, brand product exposure and other convenient experiences in an all-round way.It is mainly for the majority of small and medium-sized sellers, and suppliers are responsible for supply, after-sales service.


The connection and distinction between tao xiaopu and taobao guest and wechat business


Taobao guest promotion mode is that taobao merchants set a certain proportion of commission for the commodities in their stores, and then content producers with channels promote the information out, and charge a certain commission after the transaction.Wechat business is to publicize in WeChat circle of friends, etc., and publicize it with their powerful WeChat friends and other relationships, which can always be transformed through communication.Tao xiaopu can be regarded as the combination of taobao guest and wechat business.


Tao xiaopu is stronger than taobao guest promotion.The channel promotion way before of Taobao guest promotion have a formal and also have to play edge ball.Early taobao guests who like a group of no name of the river's lake swordsman, desperately to promote may not be able to harvest.The occurrence of tao xiaopu, let them have fixed residence, also got through the relation between businessman,treasure guest and user, this channel becomes clearer and convenient.


Tao xiaopu is more respectable than wechat business.Now almost everyone has a few BBBS in their circle of friends.Although they are tired of the daily refresh, but do well can also earn more than ten thousand a month, such as the secret, is the official platform by the entertainment star, which is about to be listed.Early wechat business was actually hated by people, although the money is made, but many people are disdain.The emergence of tao xiaopu, let this job become more decent, at least have a formal name to publicize and introduce.


3 million new taobao store owners


A suspected Tao xiaopu investment documents said that tao xiaopu is positioned as "everyone can participate in the community e-commerce", using S2B2C mode for sales.The suppliers of Tao xiaopu can include brands, dealers, factories and offline channels merchants.B - end sales refers to tao xiaopu owner, will include content experts, new sellers, new consumers and taobao guests and so on.



Main core resources: 3 million newly opened taobao store owners, 15 million high-frequency sharing users and 3 million taobao guests.

Major commodity demand: high gross margin, high frequency repeat purchase, high recognition, low threshold for trial

Four core categories: beauty and personal care, food and health care, maternal and infant home, clothing and sports


If you are belong to the above four categories of businesses, you can pay more attention.



Entry conditions for suppliers:


Basic conditions: the registered capital shall not be less than 1 million yuan, the business entity shall be the general taxpayer, and the deposit shall be 10,000 yuan

Authorization qualification: for merchants with brand authorization, the authorized link is less than or equal to level 3;For merchants without brand authorization, complete purchase vouchers that can be traced back to the source

Commodity requirements: commission is better than equal to the same goods taoke market;Price is better than or equal to the same product on other platforms



Tao xiaopu- new opportunities for sellers


For sellers, it can be seen as taobao shop promotion platform to open up a new track.Nowadays, taobao seems to be a big system. In terms of promotion channels, there used to be diamond exhibition, through train and taobao guest promotion.Recently, taobao added "sales ranking" in terms of pass-through trains and opened a new track -- super recommended.


Although the Tao xiaopu now and clean out treasure before the guest is very similar, but the setting of commission differs somewhat on the rule.At the very least, this proves that Tao xiaopu is an independent new system.Actually tao xiaopu can also be seen as a new track to promote.



Whenever a new track comes out, there will be a corresponding bonus.Because the attention of few people, few businesses participate, the first to participate in the people will be able to experience that kind of huge flow support.


At the same time, businesses can also open their own Tao xiaopu, wireless upgrade, the use of social convenience, closer to the user, can communicate with the user at any time.Of course, this is the official statement, in fact, in today's e-commerce competition, who is not in the heart to communicate with users?But tao xiaopu is to be able to obtain more station outside discharge really, this also is the goal that clean out treasure official wants to achieve.


Site is a natural search and paid promotion, site traffic will have to rely on the current content channel.For example, now douyin, fast short videos and other short video, wechat public account, micro blog and other graphic content publicity.


At this point, taobao will be thoroughly station and station traffic get through, the specific business how to play?As a seller, there is nothing wrong with embracing new technology.


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