How far can the alternative web celebrities go in Douyin?

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China's short video is developing rapidly.The number of Douyin per day exceeded 250 million, and the number of Fast Short Video per day exceeded 160 million.At the mention of Douyin, these words flashed through my mind.For example, the birthplace of the brainwashing divine comedy, the sands culpture duanzi making machine, the gathering place of network rotten stalks and so on.In this era when everyone is "Douyin, Fast Short Video", how individuals and enterprises use the huge flow dividend to achieve business value?


Today, DOMATTERS takes you analysis about how hot are the alternative web celebrities in Douyin.Can they go far?


As a lot of videos in Douyin thumb up volume is falling, web celebrity people are constantly "update", the brainwashing divine comedy also changed stubble after stubble.But such a group of web celebrity quietly occupy the high ground of traffic.Their "creativity" is often teased and imitated by netizens, leaving a lot of deep impression on people, such as:


Like cross-dressing: Maomao Jie and Ah chun;

Love spoof sister: Da tou, spoof sister: Chen sanjiu;

Really good: Lu chao, full of positive energy: Qiu yong;

Handsome man: Gu bei, beautiful girl: Xiao hui...


They keep trying and failing, and do everything they can to try and make a joke,to make fun of and they finally become a web celebrity.Their popularity is inevitable for some people.Because they are very "alternative", but the fact it may not be so simple.Alternative web celebrity here is not a derogatory term, but refers to a group of active exploration of content and form.Here, both Maomao Jie  and Lu chao once let us hold the phone to laugh ha ha ha ha.Maomao Jie seizes the opportunity to make the content bigger and stronger.And Lu chao is the continued downturn and the loss of many fans "really good brother".


From the early sister feng and brother sharp, to pang mailang and pai pai qi, to Lu chao and Maomao Jie, web celebrity's iteration speed is getting faster and faster, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for content creators.On the one hand, there are more and more chances to be famous;On the other hand, if you can't use content to retain users, it will quickly become a shell that nobody cares about.So how to use content to continue to attract users and transform is the biggest problem they are currently facing for alternative web celebrity.


What are the alternative web celebrities in Douyin?


The alternative web celebrities in Douyin is not only thousands of, and half of appearance level of high and half of the sand sculpture.In addition to the appearance level of the little brothers and sisters and adorable pets adorable children, there are four types of "sand sculpture" web celebrity most to attract everyone's attention.


1) cross-dressing web celebrityif the boy coquesting up, really no girl’s matters


There are some guys in Douyin in China who shave their legs, put on wigs, put on a show and have a super ability to absorb powder.


For example,Maomao Jie, is a clearly can rely on appearance level of life of small brother, but he must rely on "talent".He started with video like this:


Later, perhaps because there were too many handsome brothers in Douyin and maomao seemed to be uncompetitive, his video style became like this:


This is a video about "how to be a night queen" released by Maomao Jie last year. He speaks with a strong guizhou accent, draws three-centimeter eyeliner with a tape measure, and wears bulb earrings with "dog eyes"...


Video's popularity gave him a taste of cross-dressing.He then made full use of the wig and accent, a god song "hao hai yo , feel life has reached the climax" again detonated in Douyin.From then on out of control, a lot of people remember him, and the divine comedy as BGM shooting all kinds of funny video.


Later, Maomao Jie used pepper oil to draw lipstick for Li jiaqi who is a brother of lipstick, and cooperate with alipay to draw global koi, help jingdong sell mobile phones, help Tmall sell genie, gradually turned into a commercial reality.


Another impressive cross-dresser in Douyin in China: @ a chun.


His video is basically from the beginning of the exaggerated "diao si male ugly", into let the girls looked at the envy, boys looked at the screaming goddess.Video is mostly about the network behind the beauty of the real story, rough han beauty "inspirational" story.This uses contrast to gain the attention of netizens.


2) The web celebrity of spoof :king of venomous venoms whose spoof makes you doubt life


A typical example is @Da tou da tou xiao yu bu chou who has more than 13 million fans in Douyin. His works are mostly spoofs. At first, he made fun of his girlfriend and sister, and then his parents were forced to join the spoof camp.


For example, Da tou told his sister to open a bottle of shaken coke, so when the bottle was opened, the coke sprayed all over his sister, and then he was chased and beaten by his sister.


The younger sister also learned "bad" later, began "routine" and "anti-routine" to his brother.For example, when her brother kissed her, she put her hand that scooped the booger into his mouth.



Similarly, for example @Chen san fei gg.Most of his video is all kinds of spoof his sister, all kinds of black his sister, such as saying his sister is a pig, no one wants, is rotten in the field of cabbage...It's all bad stuff, but there's a lot of interest in it.


3) The one-sentence Web celebrity:Let you remember me, a word is enough.


For example "really good sentence pattern founder" @Lu chao, a hairline ultra, looks special strange man.It is said that his good sentence pattern has been used for 10 years and finally became popular in the 10th year.

In the early days, Lu chao's positioning in Douyin was to send blessings to everyone.He also has a trumpet @Zhu fu ge.His video's range from celebrities to passers-by.



Now, Lu chao has shot more than 6,000 video films in total, and almost every video he says "zhen hao", which can be said to have a high degree of recognition.

Like lu chao,there are others,such as the founder @qiu yong,who is the founder of a sentence pattern full of positive energy, also exploded in a way of repeated brainwashing; the founder @hei he yao zi jie who is the founder of here comes my brother;the founder of the magic of love, the initiator of the circle, the source of all evil in Douyin @Jin wan da lao hu.


  • imagination pure web celebrity: soul joke hand, that has no place to put the charm


For example @handsome man Gu bei, catchphrase: I this damned nowhere to put the charm.Eat instant noodles in the middle of the night eat the feeling of Michelin, 4:30 in the morning go out to eat steamed stuffed bun eat philosophy of life, eating in the night market not to pay then the boss ran after...


Each of his video segments has an amazing copywriting, which is just plain awful. For example:


In order to wait for me, the barbecue shop business in the morning, also heat up the pan early and also waiting to meet with the meat, a qualified pork belly, must under the temperature of 250 degrees, carefully baking to bake it brown and fresh color, the measure of meat must perfect the golden ratio, a bit too oil, a little less taste is not what I want...



@beautiful girl xiaohui, with a strong changsha accent, learned the soul of Gu bei, and brought the charm of no place to the extreme, absorbing more than 10 million fans.



Many people say Xiao hui is a copy, but Xiao hui said that she pays tribute to Gu bei in this way, and every copy of her video will indicate the source.Later, he became good friends with Gu bei and was in tune with video.

Plagiarism or imitation, many people use all means in order to become web celebrity .


MAX's alternative web celebrity,

By what means?


If you want to be famous, try to be different.But a push can be "the other way around.". Domatters summarized that being the alternative web celebrity can be done in the following ways:



1) topic selection should be topical


Cross-dressing itself is very topical, and the content produced in this way has proved very popular with users.


Psychologically, there is a woman inside every man.There are also masculine traits lurking deep within women.The reason why the public like cross-dressing maomao elder sister, lipstick a elder brother li jiaqi, Disney burst red handsome elder sister, is because they get the satisfaction and recognition of another special needs.


In addition, if the image is created with exaggerated form of expression, such as sister MAO MAO, it will attract the attention of users, bring unexpected entertainment effect.Also has the topic sex also to have the whole person series, the copywriting ghost talent segment hand series and so on.In addition to these topics, the most simple way to select topics is to participate in hot topics, using hot songs to do BGM, or imitate the already popular video, such as beautiful girl Xiao hui imitate handsome man Gu bei.

  • The content is best to be unique and down to earth


Most of videos with high popularity are based on life which are basically what we have experienced and is more likely to arouse resonance.For example, Mao mao Jie's hot video about what to wear in spring tells us vividly that people on the road wear everything in spring, some wear skirts, some wear down-filled coats, and they laugh at each other's mental abnormalities.Because the content is too real and interesting, the video finally received nearly 150 W of praise.


  • Create a stem for the user to remember


Let users remember you with a sentence, a song, a stem.For example, Lu Chao, Qiu Yong, Gu Bei, Xiaohui, all of them use one sentence to impress users deeply.Ah Chun uses the same BGM to let users remember. Eighty percent of his video BGM is the same song. And the text of the video matching is the same that ’Who do you think of when you hear this song?’.


  • Exaggerated interpretation, natural expression


Exaggeration deduction is sometimes to satisfy the user's "ugly" pleasure, while natural expression makes users feel more real.Lu Chao who has a super high hairline perseveres in sending his best wishes to others. He took advantage of the user's pleasure in appreciating ugliness.


Natural expression and true feelings flow with a sense of generation, such as Gu Bei and Xiao Hui, their videos are deduced very naturally, especially with a sense of generation.


Because these alternative online blockbusters are so popular and purple that many people see hope. They feel that they only need to find a topic with unique content and exaggerated performances. They can't imitate and try to attract everyone's attention, so they have the chance to become online blockbusters. However, it is worth ponderinghow far these netizens can go.


How far can alternative web celebrity go?

How does the web celebrity brand break through?


With the expanding scale of  users in Douyin and the sinking of audiences, netizens are facing two problems. The first is that after the audience has finished laughing at a stalk, it will be boring to look at it again. If they look at it several times, they will even close it. What to do if the threshold is raised? Secondly, the auditing in Douyin in content is becoming more and more stringent. How to choose the content theme?


1) With the increase of audiences's threshold, the alternative web celebrity is difficult to retain.


There are two reasons for the increase of audiences’s threshold:


  • There is no breakthrough in the creative level of netizens. Lack of innovation and content planning is obviously not feasible under the current situation. "web celebrity" brand can not only have "Red" short-term burst point, but no "Red" long-term planning. Instead of "innovating" controversial "plagiarism products", we should learn from the chain models of McDonald's and Starbucks to provide rest space and places for the public, or other convenient services, expand service scenarios, and aim at sustainable development goals. If any brand wants to develop for a long time, there is no way out without intensive cultivation, no effort in product creativity, product quality, customer service and other aspects, and only to make quick money in a flash.


  • The phenomenon of homogenization is serious. It is basically impossible for an alternative online blog to survive on a single content. Of course, the phenomenon of homogeneity in Douyin is serious at present, which is also due to the high cost of originality. At the same time, users'needs will be affected by the marginal effect. More and more interesting videos they come into contact with will lead to visual fatigue, and vice versa, the value of video will become less and less.


All these show that the products of "pop-ups" can learn from each other at any time. Similarly, the process of "pop-ups" can also be copied, which is another important reason why this kind of brand can be replaced quickly. After the enthusiasm, if we want to develop in the long run, we need the brand to have sustained competitiveness. First, we need to understand the needs of consumers. Finding the consumers'needs is to tap the "pain points" of consumers. Consumers of "Net Red" products are very individualized in their requirements for products. Finding out the "slots" behind "perfunctory ideas" is easy for picky consumers, not to mention those "features" that borrow from other products.


2) More and more creative restrictions


Since tremolo experienced the most "rigorous audit" in history, the management has become more stringent, and the relevant net Reds have been restricted or even blocked. For example, Wen Wan, who is sitting in the net red with 13 million fans, has become popular rapidly in a few days, and has been banned for all kinds of black history. It can be seen that the current tremolo not only audits the content more and more, but also puts forward higher requirements for their own image.


At present, tremble auditing is divided into machine auditing and manual auditing. Machine auditing is the main method. Manual auditing can not be judged by machines.


The main audited areas are the description of video title, whether there is sensitive information in the video, whether there are two-dimensional codes, telephone, links and other marketing methods. When the machine can not be audited, tremolo also has a large number of content auditors, through manual auditing of video quality, to fill the loopholes in machine auditing.


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