What are the prohibited words for cosmetics ads, education training ads, and financial ads in 2020?

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China's "New Advertising Law" was promulgated in 2015, and revised in 2018. Although the clause stipulates what should not appear in the advertisement, it is not very easy to operate. Regarding what can be said and what cannot be said, the legal provisions have not given a clear explanation.


According to the provisions of China's "New Advertising Law", everyone in China now knows the taboo words that express authority and some words and its related words which include "first/home/country", "most", "one", "level/pole", and absolute , Limit and unverifiable ,etc, can’t appear in the advertisement in Chinese site and Chinese ads. Depending on the industry, there are some specific words that are also illegal. Domatters will give you some specific details below.




This time, Domatters collected and compiled 50 cases of violations of laws and regulations after the promulgation of the new advertising law, which is convenient for everyone to understand. However, in this article, Domatters mainly listed three cases of violations of laws and regulations in cosmetics advertising, education and training advertising, and financial advertising. Domatters hopes that this will help you understand which keywords cannot appear on your website for sale, in case you are reported by a professional counterfeiter, and you will be fined. If you still want to know the more advertising banned words or cases in more industries, you can contact Domatters to send them to you at any time. Domatters can also do site content proofing and On-page SEO & Off-page SEO in China for your website.



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A series of banned words in a cosmetics advertisement




Special effect, high efficiency, full effect, strong effect, quick effect, quick white, one wash white, XX day effect, XX cycle effect, super strong, activation, all-round, comprehensive, safe, non-toxic, fat-soluble, liposuction, fat burning , Slimming, face-lifting, skinny legs, weight loss, longevity, improving/protecting memory, improving skin anti-irritation, eliminating, clearing, dissolving dead cells, removing/eliminating wrinkles, flattening wrinkles, repairing broken elastic/elastic fibers, preventing detachment, adopting new types The coloring mechanism never fades, quickly repairs skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, renews skin, destroys melanocytes, blocks/impedes the formation of melanin, breast enhancement, breast enhancement, breast fullness, prevention of sagging breasts (including beauty breasts and bodybuilding cosmetics) Except), improve/promote sleep, sleep comfort, etc.


⊙ Analysis of illegal cases

L'Oréal: false content ads are fined




L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. issued a fake content advertisement for the use effect of fictitious products such as “无论年龄、无论肌肤状态,8天肌肤犹如新生”"regardless of age and skin condition, 8 days of skin is like a new life", and was fined 200,000 yuan.


Prohibited words for education and training ads






Improve memory efficiency by a hundredfold, leap in performance, never forget as long as you have seen it, remember for 7 days, never forget, pass rate XX%, high score king, top ranking, create legend, 100% highly paid employment, national recognition, etc. Words such as effectiveness, earning a degree, etc. that make a guaranteed commitment.




Proposition experts join hands, delineate the scope of the exam, the golden key to Peking University/Tsinghua University, and other words suggesting that there is an exam proposition staff participating in the training.


⊙ Analysis of illegal cases

-Suntech Education: Fictitiously awarded academic qualifications


Beijing Suntech Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. declared in the advertisement that "after one year of study, the state recognizes it." In fact, it was unable to issue academic certificates. After being reported, the company was fined 279,300 yuan.


⊙ Analysis of illegal cases

-Brain Cube Whole Brain Applied Training Center: Exaggerating the training effect


In 2019, the Inner Mongolia Brain Cube Whole Brain Application Training Center Co., Ltd. Fenghua Branch issued the following education and training advertisements, such as "the memory efficiency of the word is improved by a hundred times, and the word is remembered for 3 years in 30 hours." 7 days to remember the entire volume of English words for the semester, etc., and was fined 600,000 yuan.



Financial Advertising Prohibited Words





100% principal and interest guarantee, 100% win rate, X%-X% annualized return, no risk, value preservation and appreciation, principal and interest relief, stable earning, the most professional, the safest and other words that make a guaranteed commitment to future returns.



There should be reasonable prompts or warnings about possible risks and risks.


⊙ Analysis of illegal cases

-Rong 360: Illegal release of promised financial preservation advertising




On June 4, 2019, Beijing Rongshiji Information Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Rong 360, an internet financial vertical search platform, was fined 700,000 yuan for including "a guaranteed commitment to future earnings."


⊙ Analysis of illegal cases

-Zhihui Letou: punishment for promotion of "no risk"


In 2019, the Shijiazhuang branch of Zhihui Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was fined 100,000 yuan for publishing "Zhihuile has high income, no risk, safe and reliable, and value preservation and appreciation".


▼ Finally, Domatters Digital Marketing China wants to say:


The ad appeared to promote the product. Want to advertise, so you need to refine product selling points to capture consumer psychology, use marketing to sell products or services. These are nothing wrong, this is what every advertiser needs to do every day.


But advertising needs creativity, and it needs to be carried out within a legal range. After all, even if the creativity is good, if it can't pass the censorship, and even if it is fined for breaking the law, then it will be worthless.



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