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The Mid-Autumn festival is coming in two days, which is the meaning of the family reunion festival in China!We can eat moon cakes again soon!Domatters Digital China Marketing has seen several Internet companies display their mooncake gift boxes.It was a dazzling spectacle.Domatters Digital China Marketing notes that some of the impressive mooncake gift boxes from big factories that once you see and you are eager to jump ship have a common "secret."What is it?Let's have a look together!




This year marks alibaba's 20th anniversary.As the saying goes, ten years is always a big celebration, so for this year's mooncakes, ali has launched a special Mid-Autumn festival for the 20th anniversary.The theme of the box is still "together", as in previous years.It holds the "small reunion" of raising a glass to celebrate with family customers, and the "happy reunion" of ali people all over the world.


Open the gift box, there are five boxes of moon cakes.In addition, there is a toy chess!There are 32 pieces, each with a small animal on it.A total of 25 animals were randomly paired together.Each gift box comes with 8 styles, 4 for each style.





If you look closely, you will see that these little animals are very familiar.Yes, they are all members of ali's brand system.As is known to all, ali has several brands, such as Tmall, ant (financial service), cainiao (network), fei pig (travel), shenma (search), hema (fresh) and so on. Each brand takes animal image as its logo.This time, ali gathered 25 small animals together from his brand collection.Ali is rich and powerful.Not only they collected the twelve zodiac signs, but they also accumulated other small animals.No wonder Internet users always say that ali opened a "zoo."Just last week, ali announced a $2 billion buyout of netease koala, adding a new member to its staff.If it had been acquired earlier, there would have been 26 animals, not 25.




Ali said,the pieces were placed together to illustrate the concept of "happy togetherness."However, Domatters Digital China Marketing believes that "happy together" is not enough. It should also mean "great fun if we work together".


The board game is similar to monopoly, with a total of 102 steps.Why is 102 steps?"Because alibaba was founded in 1999, after 102 years, just over three centuries.It also reflects ma's vision that ali should live for at least 102 years."We have to say that with a game of chess to connect the members of ali family, and their own corporate culture and values into it, the designer is very careful.




After visiting the zoo, we will visit the "dog factory".Since the birth of jd Joy, doggie has become the image ambassador of jd brand culture.Unlike alibaba, jd's dog culture is very single-minded and thorough.There can be different breeds of dogs, but never different breeds of animals.The theme of the jingdong mooncake is "always happy, full moon jingdong".


'Le' and 'yue' pun and it not only expresses the meaning of happiness, but also represents an important guest in the gift box!



DOGA family music box debut!It can be seen that music box has six dogs of different breeds holding Musical Instruments, swinging, bungee jumping and having a big music party of dog family.In addition to music box and six mooncakes, the gift box also has a key chain shaped like a dog, which is very practical.


You can think that while  you eat the moon cakes, you listen the music, the scene is very pleasant.




As for the birth of jingdong dog, there is a legend that jingdong originally designed a fish as a mascot, and dongge specially convened a meeting of senior management to discuss the idea. A certain manager spoke for an hour, and many people applauded.Only one of the vice presidents said anything -- cats eat fish.The fish was killed.Why was he killed?Because there's a brand called Tmall.




Let's look at the mooncake gift box of the so-called penguin factory.



The cover of the gift box is red, white and blue with a fresh and artistic temperament.The four-character theme of the mooncake gift box is written on the upper right corner.At first glance, this theme may be confusing.Because you probably don't know how to say it.Ming mian yue dai?Ming yue mian dai?All is not!This is from right to left, read from the top down, should read: mian dai ming yue!


When it comes to tencent, domatters believes that the image of a penguin immediately pops into people's mind.But the design of the mooncake box did not appear.That's a strange thing.Don't worry. Let's open the box and have a look inside.







Sure enough, if you don't look carefully, you won't find it;You look carefully, you will find that there was no!But the penguin which doesn't show up doesn't mean it doesn't exist.The truth is only one, that is, the mooncakes are made of penguin QQ emoticons!


Look at the six emoticons printed on the mooncake in the picture. Are they particularly familiar and intimate?Does it feel like a memento of something deep inside you?The six emoticons represent longing, cute, greedy, shy, proud and happy.The meaning of the whole gift box is that if a moment of deja vu, together with the moon, do a happy emoji package.This wave of cute Q is really melting the small heart of Domatters Digital China Marketing.


NetEase Games


After the penguin factory has been transformed, let's settle down and visit the so-called pig farm.Some people may be confused by the term netease pig farm.Domatters Digital China Marketing is here to explain.It is said that netease CEO ding lei had dinner at a restaurant.The waiter poured a plate of not-very-fresh-looking pig's blood into the hot pot.Ding boss then let the restaurant for the entire soup base, from which ding boss will produce the idea of raising pigs.The truth of the news is not to be tested.However, ding lei really set up their own pig farm netease flavor central, also has many times during the wuzhen world Internet conference, invited the Chinese Internet tycoons to participate in his "pig banquet."So many netizens dubbed netease "pig farm".


Netease has produced many mooncake gift boxes this year.We choose this time is netease under the netease game out.Because it's related to the game, this mooncake gift box has a button for the game controller.When the box is opened on both sides, a game scene is entered.In the middle of the scene is a group of ancient people watching the moon illustration which is really lively.




The contents of the box are also very full, in addition to moon cakes, folding fans, knives and forks, toothpick cylinder...The most distinctive thing is the little toy with four trash cans!



NetEase Games

NetEase Games mooncakes


Take a closer look, the four bins are printed with the picture of the little pig, on which are written the names of different kinds of garbage.See this, people can not help but think of the famous garbage classification formula:pigs can eat is wet garbage, which pigs can not eat is dry garbage;which if Pigs eat will die is toxic garbage, which be sold can buy the pigs is recyclable garbage. "Pig farm" this wave of hot rub is really quite clever ~




After watching pigs learn to throw garbage, let's go to the rabbit world to see.Like previous years, millet this year continues "millet rabbit probe the moon".Opening the box, there are four universe reunion yolk cake, four sweet French moon cakes, and a millet rabbit blind box.You never know which rabbit is in the blind box until you open it.






This is a team of millet rabbit lunar exploration corps, a total of 5 styles and a limited edition.For those who like to collect the six millet rabbits, Domatters Digital China Marketing thinks they can wake up laughing by eating mooncakes.In addition, there is the appearance of fashionable atmosphere, appearance ultra beautiful transparent PVC handbags can match this gift box.Not only can it hold mooncakes, but this handbag is also a good gift for your girlfriend.Such as the moon cake festival that day, millet rabbit star estimated to system bully the whole street!




This time, zhihu released two mascots, an arctic fox namely Liu kanshan and his good friend, the polar bear.Due to the global warming in recent years and the melting of icebergs in the arctic, liu and polar bears had no place to stay, so they made an appointment to visit the moon together this year.They can't empty to go to the moon.So they went to the moon with six mooncakes.





The hexagonal gift box design with the color of zhihu blue is really pleasing to the eyes.On the moon, Liu kanshan holding a jade rabbit in his arms and wondered what he was thinking.The polar bear didn't care about anything. He lay there peacefully and had a wonderful dream.With such two cute arctic animals, we think that Chang e will not feel lonely this year.


Bitauto Holdings Limited


Finally, let's take a look at what 'yi xiaosha' is doing.Bitauto this enterprise to some people may be relatively strange.Bitauto was established as early as 2000.Times are changing, and many enterprises are also seeking new and changing.At a time when many brands are calling for youth, this company is at the forefront of automobile marketing.Last year, there was a complete brand refresh.The first is the launch of a new brand logo, and the release of the "fashion fashion most fashion" space shark mascot, named "yi xiaosha".



Follow the trend of young people, Yi Che never spare no effort.They started from music site, vertical deep cultivation, combined own brand and music site closely to create the "Yi Che music festival" brand.The design of the moon cake gift box is add music, cool, young to the end.In addition to the moon cake gift box, there are several rock "Yi xiaosha", shape is very vivid.Seeing this, Domatters Digital China Marketing seriously doubts whether these yi xiaosha want to participate  in the variety show "summer of the band" this year.


What is the "secret" of these big factories?


These are the mooncakes presented by Domatters Digital China Marketing.Seeing this, I think everyone should understand what "secret" Domatters Digital China Marketing said in the front.Yes, the design of their mooncake gift boxes invariably USES animal elements.Of course, not all big factories are like this.For example, Meituan, with kangaroo image deeply rooted in the group.However, there was no mooncake in the image of wallaby this year. And Domatters Digital China Marketing is also very puzzling about it.However, the 3d illustration design is still very creative.





Bytedance has also released mooncakes this year, and their mooncake gift box.Although there are some red-crowned cranes in it,but they have little to do with its brand.Because the brands which belong to byte does not use animal image as logo, which is understandable.Their Chinese style is really amazing this year.






However, we doesn't know what happened to baidu bear beacuse of without any action of it..We "search" for a long time, but did not see any sign of them.


Some people can not help but ask, isn't it a moon cake?How does it feel like a beauty pageant and customized?Is that necessary?What you don't know is that the release of customized moon cakes during this period can not only meet the needs of their employees, enhance the relationship between enterprises and employees, but also naturally bring a wave of topic spread heat through the festival.It is a perfect opportunity to promote their brand culture.In addition, the use of animal images on the gift package can make the product appear more approachable, so as to quickly close the distance with the public and arouse the goodwill and discussion of the public.It can also increase the recognition of products and deepen people's impression.


This is also the reason why many Internet companies like to use animal images as logo.Seemingly casual behind, in fact, there are deep considerations in it.


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