How to do promotion and marketing in China? Mobile Internet

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This is a problem often mentioned by enterprises and merchants. In fact, channels are not the most important. The promotion of high conversion is often the real effort in content.


Domatters summed up the following that there are three main requirements to do a good job in promotion and marketing in China:


1. Content quality. Quality must at least ensure readability. Some Baidu promotion network companies do Baidu ranking promotion work,but it is a complete mess. Although the rankings are all on the the first few pages in Baidu, but when you click into it, you will find that the content is poorly typeset and the content is not readable, and the collected article sentences are not smooth.


We might as well look at the problem from another angle:


If we are our customers, we enter such a terrible page, and after trying to understand, we find that we can't read it, and we can't understand what is said in the article? Or even if it can be read through, but the content is worthless, at this time Will we generate interest and ideas for further communication? I think the result will be completely absent, we just want to leave quickly.


2. Content value. To provide readers with valuable content, readers can understand and judge our professional attitude and ability through the content. If the random and plagiarized content is provided to the readers, it is a waste of readers' time. They have no respect for the feelings of others, and only want to earn money from customers.


3. Vertical scale. The content is vertical to a certain area or a certain area, and it continues to produce high-quality content to form a scale effect. Natural transformation is a matter of course.



How to form a certain scale?



This requires a certain amount of high-quality content, multi-channel distribution and delivery.


Domatters gives an example to illustrate:


A certain amount of high-quality content can be put into various mainstream channels such as Baijiahao, Zhihu, Sohu, Douban,wukong Q&A,baidu Tieba,WeChat Official Account, and NetEase,ect . When the content is indexed by Baidu, you will find that in a certain field, no matter how you search, it is the information of a certain company or brand.





The formula: (data + content + vertical) X quantity = promotion conversion


Among them, the data refers to the search keyword data on the Baidu index query day, and the traffic and keyword data on the Baidu webmaster platform query website for the day.


Content refers to the creation of content with demand value.


Vertical is the vertical of a geographical area, industry, or even a certain subdivision of business words.


Quantity refers to a certain sense of scale.


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