Tips for accurate drainage of headlines(toutiao)

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Toutiao which is the flagship information platform of bytedance and the brother platform of douyin and kuaishou,whether its traffic, operation mode or business model are all better than many other Internet platforms in China.So far, toutiao's customer usage has reached 500 million.So in an era today when Internet traffic is increasingly valuable and leading is increasingly difficult, you can run a good headline number, whether it is IP shaping, or marketing promotion is of great benefit.


Different from WeChat, toutiao adopts big data algorithm recommendation mechanism.Once you step on something that users like, the amount of recommendations is huge.For example, if you post a circle of friends on WeChat, only your WeChat friends can see it. However, if you post a micro headline and add a topic on the headline, you may be tweeted by the headline official to many people who follow this topic, and you will gain a lot of fans.The same goes for writing articles.For example, if you write an article on WeChat official account, if you write well, maybe someone will forward it and then increase the number of fans, but it is relatively difficult;But if you post an article in the headline, if it hits the hot topic of the audience or platform, then an article can get hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of followers.So we need to run the headline number carefully.


Today domatters introduces you several methods of toutiao which can attract traffic.From a multi-dimensional perspective, we teach you how to channel through the various functions of headlines.Domatters hopes this article will be helpful to your business in China.




Toutiao's traffic system includes the following:


1. Via Article to attract traffic

2. Via Video e to attract traffic

3. Via Wukong Q&A to attract traffic  

4.Lead comment to attract traffic  


The lowest threshold of the four drainage methods is to attract traffic through comments that only simple words can attract accurate customers.This approach is perfect for partners who don't produce quality content.Below we mainly introduce the amount of Graphic and text to attract traffic and comment drainage.



The earliest headline number can be directly in the article inside the public number direct drainage, but is not now.Then we will start from the article content, with the private letter function, finally drainage to WeChat or WeChat public number to clinking a deal.For example, you can interact with readers in the article, ask them to follow your headline number, and ask them to send you a secret message, so that you can send dry packages.After the interaction between fans and you, you leave WeChat ID, guide readers to your WeChat ID to reply to key words get information.


Because the headline number does not interfere with the content of the private message, so the drainage effect is very good.






  • Comment on the drainage


There are several types of comment drainage:


A. Post comments or reply to others' comments in your own articles to conduct the drainage


For example, if you write a project sharing article, if someone asks you in the comments how to do this, you can reply "private message", which can be used to direct it to your WeChat.


B. Post comments or reply to others' comments in others' articles to conduct the drainage


Many of the big V articles have millions of reads per article.All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section first.Because in the headlines, the more comments that are answered on thumb up, the higher the ranking.Then your comments can be exposed in front of many people, this kind of play drainage effect is also very good.


The copy of the review is crucial.A lot of people say I can leave contact information directly, that is not natural.Commentary on the headlines is also restricted.So how do you do that?In fact, it is not difficult. We can write an article with key words in the title in advance, and then guide others to search the title of the article, so that people who are really interested will search.This will also prevent comments from being deleted by officials and readers.


C. Microheadline drainage


Although the recommendation mechanism of micro headline is similar to that of WeChat circle of friends, if you bring the corresponding account of topic and @, only the content can guess the hot spot, so it is easy to get traffic recommendation, and then many people will watch and follow your account.Therefore, people should get into the habit of sending micro headlines, just like sending messages in the circle of friends, and they must bring the topic and the corresponding account of @ (including the official account of toutiao).



D. Wukong q&a


The question-and-answer module of toutiao is called wukong question-and-answer. Maybe many people don't know about it or haven't paid much attention to it.


Wukong q&a has an independent APP.Because the headline user base is large, so play wukong q&a is also many.So as long as you can operate well, it can also have a good drainage effect.Now there are a lot of people who specialize in q&a, you have to do it regularly, and you have to do it in a quality, original way, and at a certain point the headline invites you to be a q&a person, and then you get a greater degree of exposure.


Of course, answering questions is not a random answer, it is a skill.A few examples are as follows: if you are training for online store operation, you can answer as many questions as possible about e-commerce related topics, and if possible, you can send video replies. In this way, the fans you bring through the questions and answers will be the precise target fans you need, which will be very easy to realize in the future.When you wait for a change in quantity to cause a change in quality, there will be a lot of people coming to you in the headlines.And over time, headlines assume you're an expert in this vertical.The headline will automatically push you questions that you can answer.Now many of the questions that wukong answers are rewarded with red packets.On the one hand,answering questions in the wukong q&a can bring you drainage , on the other hand it can give you earn income.






After mastering the drainage method of headline number, we should be flexible.Through the above method to their WeChat or WeChat public account drainage, of course, you can also go to their blog or other platforms.The ultimate goal is to make a profit.Of course, nothing will stay the same, and toutiao's rules and tricks are improving all the time, so you need to do more research and practice to find a way that really suits you.


The two core points of the headline review are the most important: 1. Identify the target article; 2. Write a favorable thesis.How does comment drainage work?


Step 1: buy an account


The account that USES drainage is not recommended to use yourself, you can register or buy directly.Buy the kind that does not have real name on the line, early first small amount of test.The price is around ten yuan.If you want more number operation, buy qq with qq number login is also possible.But this one can't publish articles, it can only post comments and microheadlines.For multiple operations, one IP doesn't matter.All you need to do is make a number for each browser.


Step 2: filter articles in your industry


The key to lead comment drainage is the accuracy of the article you're commenting on.If you're trying to lose weight, you're not going to do well to comment on someone else's basketball article.If you're hiring agents, it's best to comment on money-making articles.


So how can the system recommend accurate articles to you?The headline recommendation mechanism is based on your interests, and the system will continue to recommend the type of article you read for a long time.So if you want to get accurate articles, you have to simulate constantly reading articles about your industry.


In the beginning, a white number system is sure to recommend everything to you. What you need to do is search for relevant words in your industry.Let's take "making money" as an example.First through the search box search to make money two words, and then will appear the article are open and turn to the end.Do this again.The system will start recommending articles about making money.What you need to do at this time is to only open profitable articles in the future.Then you'll have more and more accurate articles.Need to note that: each article under the relevant recommendations appear "make money" related to the article also need to open.This will take advantage of you to get more refined target articles.



Step 3:To select the article to comment on


Comments have to be made on articles that are likely to be popular.So how do you look for fire?We choose to look at the title.When you're commenting,you must be sure to look for the title of an article that might go viral so that your comments make sense.


What title is likely to go viral?


1. Titles with Numbers

2. The article has a few comment titles

3. Titles with direct pain points and effects

4. A title from someone's point of view


Keep in mind that greedy headlines that capture human nature tend to be popular.For example, the title 'I can easily operate the whole process of daily 500 in one month'


Step 4: comment the target article


The core of a headline comment is the copy of the comment.There is a formula for writing a review: praise the author + easy process + speak effect + modesty.


Step 5: reply to private messages


If someone private letter you, you reply him to guide him to contact you WeChat which is good



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