See, how does Alibaba's Tmall explode the fan economy?

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With the growth and specialization of fan organizations, fan economy has become a new economic force that cannot be ignored in China.


It becomes the top concern of major businesses that how to leverage the star effect, as well as in the fan economy to improve the brand exposure and conversion rate.For example, Tmall, a big brand of Alibaba with a market share of more than 50% in China's e-commerce, launched a new marketing IP "All-star plan of Tmall " since last year, and established a new set of star marketing links.


What does the all-star plan of Tmall look like?How does it leverage the fan economy?


We'll take a look at this with you.


Show the true glamour of stars

Warm up the relationship between idol and fans


First of all, fully tap the fans' emotional needs for ''aidou''. Every fan wants to know everything about ''aidou'''s life and wants to be closer to ''aidou''.


The real life moment of ''aidou'' has a natural attraction for fans, which also sets the tone of the film. With real life as the creation material, the real personality of 'aidou' behind the fluorescent screen is revealed.


For example, Lu Han, the health expert, Wang Junkai, one of TFBOYS who works hard, Wang Hedi, the boyfriend MAX, zhang jie who is versatile, and Deng Lun,who is one of l 'oreal brand ambassadors in Parisa and who is self-disciplined and artistic youth who understands life.


You can see the movie,the link is


From the subjective perspective of the first person, restore the real life of ''aidou''.This kind of close feeling not only satisfies the fans' visual enjoyment, but also makes the public realize that the life of ''aidou'' is not much different from that of the general public.


Lu Han also struggles with eating late at night.Jackson also reduces stress by handling cats.Wang Junkai also has a little quirk of "hiding in the bathroom".Deng Lun also has these times, such as "lazy cancer attack, do not want to exercise", "make bad coffee".Such down-to-earth image and daily content, more easily arouse the emotional resonance of fans.



Secondly, with life, content, short film style lens dialogue, Deng Lun called you together to exercise, make you good morning coffee, for you to play the guitar, accompany you to work.Being encouraged or discouraged will also make them have a strong impression on brand values and life attitude.


"If you're tired and want to quit, just look at me and I'll motivate you."


"Burst lazy cancer, also cannot delay, want abdominal muscle, want a little bit to practice."


"I'm a little better at making coffee today, and sure enough, my ideal life is to change a little every day."




There is a term in psychology for this kind of relationship: quasi-social.


They think of ai-dou on TV as talking to themselves and seeing her as a friend in real life.And this kind does not have the distance feeling lens interaction way, has become between the idol and the fan undoubtedly the best heating meter.


Finally, Tmall has launched special fan benefits, such as VIP concert tickets, birthday party tickets, meeting tickets, etc. Of course, these benefits are conditional.

Fans can check in, pull people, pay attention to the store and other fancy card for 5 days, to the mobile phone Tmall and taobao APP for Deng Lun's ideal life assistance. These are fully mobilize fans to participate in the interaction,such as unlock the exclusive version of Tmall and taobao APP for 'aidou', obtain joint gift box, meeting tickets.The era of stars relying on mystery to maintain their image has passed. Nowadays, affinity, affinity and affinity are the best coagulant between stars and fans.




Star soft implant planting grass

Harvesting fans purchasing power


Fans are not only willing to support 'aidou' with their actions, but also willing to follow the lifestyle of 'aidou'.


Video content in sceneries has a strong connection and extension with the brand, for example, Wang Hedi's "live your life in the nightlife" and "get sexy lipstick with your heart", Wang Junkai's "try new styles with shampoo foam" and "essence shampoo".


The fanatical devotion of "fans" to 'aidou' is often accompanied by a series of similarly fanatical consumption behaviors.From the data disclosed, it has been confirmed.


During the activity, the all-star plan of Tmall directly led rejoice to the top of the category of brand transaction, and pushed p&g stores to the top of the beauty care category.P&g stores increased nearly 6 times year on year, and rejoice brand increased nearly 3 times year on year compared to 618 activities.


Main push such as Wang Junkai with the same type of single product online 5 minutes to sell 20,000 sets, Hera heran Tmall flagship store transaction second only to double 11, Deng Lun with the same type of l 'oreal gold bottle also sold out.



In addition, brand new store attention number soared.Rejoice brand stores added hundreds of thousands of new attention, brand 2 months beyond the number of new attention.Hera accounts for up to 90% of new customers, and 7 of them are 18-35 years old. It has amazing new effect and accurate target users.


At the same time, Jackson, Lu Han, Wang Junkai, Wang Hedi and other stars have repeatedly searched on weibo, spreading fission fermentation for a second time, making the "All-star plan of Tmall " continue to rise in popularity.This is the most enduring marketing event.


Behind these data, once again proved the star effect and fan economy, but also in the transmission of a concept, want to have the same as the star's ideal life, on the tmall.


Star + fans + brand full link marketing

Build a new front for star marketing



According to the way of film and television implantation in the past brand publicity, the implantation cost of a product is more than 2 million yuan. Generally, the product logo close-up or the advertisements implanted by actors are presented to the audience, which is easy to cause negative impact on the quality of the film.


The Tmall all-star program, however, turned that around.


From Tmall spokesperson Jackson "21 days from plan" to start, to Lu Han five days "have a" life, chun-kai wang's "ideal" earnestly, five days to Deng Lun ideal life plan, each IP left a deep impression to the person, and bring forth the transmutation of good, let the brand can have a new marketing positions outside the microblog.Thus, the new IP "All-star plan of Tmall " potential.


Tmall starts from the fans economy, creates the closed ecological circle to be the same type of star, realizes the high-quality transformation for the brand, and also deposits users for the platform.Stars, fans and brands have jointly built an ecological zone.It can also be said that Tmall has grown into a new market for star marketers.


Its volume and large-scale replication ability and personalized IP building ability will also attract more and more brands to participate in, and may become the "standard match" for future official publicity spokesperson.


In addition, such positive energy themes as "yuanqi plan", "nourishing life", "earnest" and "idealist" are not only a further supplement to the connotation of its brand image, but also the life concept that Tmall hopes to convey to everyone and build common values and concepts with everyone.


Taken as a whole, such a model is feasible and mature, redefining the fan economy in the way of platform enabling brands.


With the entry of more and more star brands, it is reasonable to believe that the "All-star plan of Tmall " will become more and more mature and may become the next Tmall super marketing IP.


After watching the above, Domatters summed up the all-star plan of Tmall is to show the reality of the star life through video content, put forward the ideal life initiative, and then through a series of fans familiar with the "assistance" interaction, convert the star fans into brand fans, launched the star hot style hi buy, help the brand to achieve the integration of quality and effect.


Do you learn it?


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