Why do Toutiao surpass Baidu and Pinduoduo surpass JD in just a few years?

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As an old Chinese saying goes well that "The general trend of the world is going strong and mighty, and those who follow it will prosper, while those who violate it will fall behind."The same goes for business.As Lei Jun said: the tuyere is coming, even the pigs can fly.


Our question is coming today. ByteDance was established in 2012, and Baidu was established in 2000. Baidu is 12 years older than bytedance in terms of time. However, in terms of market value, is not as big as bytedance.You know that although ByteDances are not listed, it is conservatively estimated that the market value starts at 75 billion U.S. dollars, while Baidu is worth currently less than $50 billion.


The rise of ByteDance


The four small giants of TPDP were born in the mobile Internet era. ByteDance is one of the most promising companies. Whether it has potential or not is not what we say verbally. But we can look at the hot product matrix under the beating of bytes.





  • To put it bluntly, how hot is the Douyin now? Domatters believe that I don't need to say more, everyone knows that it has swept the world. If it used to be the era of writing, then I am embarrassed. Douyin has opened the era of short video.


  • It is not just Douyin, but also today's headlines (Toutiao), small volcano videos and more live broadcast products. In a word, ByteDance company stood above the tuyere.


  •  What are the advantages of Baidu? That is nothing more than search, but now Toutiao has launched its own whole-network search.


  • Recently, after the "multi-flash", the ByteDance will force "flying chat". After 20 years of socializing in one dream, the ByteDance will become stronger and stronger.


The gradual decline of baidu






Some time ago, after Baidu released its financial report, its market value shrank significantly. The market value was once surpassed by Meituan. So Wang Xing proposed to replace BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) with HAT (Headlines of Today, Alibaba, Tencent). In fact, whether in terms of the company's overall strength or market value, Baidu has been very weak. In the view of Domatters, Baidu's decline has several reasons.


  • As Zhou Hongyi said, Baidu, as a technology company, actually do food delivery. In the end,the take-out didn't work and it was unsuccessful, which required selling. In other words, when Baidu spent energy on food delivery, Baidu missed the mobile Internet outlet.


  • In the era of PC Internet, Baidu is the most valuable entry point of the Internet. But in the era of mobile Internet, Baidu the flow of information and short videos, which caused Baidu's influence to decline.


  • Baidu's main business is advertising, but with the rise of Tencent advertising and byte-beating advertising. Baidu's own cake was divided into lots.


Based on the above comparison, the reason why ByteDance rises in just a few years. That's because the trend is right. The reason why Baidu fell behind is because of the wrong strategy!


Pinduoduo VS JD


Pinduoduo IS only 4 years old, but it is now a listed company and has also received investment from Tencent. Some time ago, the market value of Pinduoduo have exceeded Jingdong. According to Domatters, the reason why Pinduoduo can surpass Jingdong in a short period of time is as follows:





  • Pinduoduo's rise is attributed to the dividend of China's mobile Internet.How do Domatters put it?Both Jingdong and Tmall are rising in the era of PC Internet.They didn't pay much attention to the sinking market at that time, and Pinduoduo just avoided the battle line between JD and Tmall,and it successfully entered from outside the fifth ring road.



  • It is said that the behind-the-scenes trader of Pinduoduo was Sun Tongyu, the CEO of Taobao. The main reason why Sun Tongyu was forced to resign from Alibaba was that he and Ma Yun and others did not have the same strategy.


In general, whether it's ByteDance or spelling, they all did the right thing at the right time. Otherwise, how can there be today's four small mobile Internet giants?

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