WeChat VS Facebook

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WeChat VS Facebook



Facebook and WeChat are the two important and popular online social networking tools all over the world, but they still have many differences. If you want to have a better business development in China, please read the article carefully. Domatteres will analyze it in some detailed aspects.








Business and Users


What we usually say Facebook in our daily life, it meant, www.facebook.com. In fact, Facebook is also very strong and powerful in the mobile field, such as the $1.3 billion acquisition of instagram, the $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, and the Facebook messenger, which is its core strategic business.  

Facebook now has 1.5 billion active users worldwide! This must be capitalized and highlighted. Let's think about the 1.5 billion active users who operate on a platform every day. What an amazing and crazy number!  Facebook has now become a powerful combination of online and offline businesses, which has established Facebook's absolute social leader status!

WeChat, under Tencent, is said to be recognized as the first company to get tickets for mobile Internet. It is true that wechat has reached 650 million monthly users, and it will be sooner or later that wechat has more than 860 million monthly active users of QQ.

And WeChat is only a scope of business under Tencent Group. Tencent Group has QQ, QQ space, WeChat, and Jingdong (e-commerce). Among them, Tencent's game revenue occupies an absolute dominant position (many people don't know, in fact, Tencent's most profitable business is games). About one-third of the revenue comes from mobile games, and two-thirds come from PC games. Other Tencent's major acquisitions, such as purchasing Iqiyi, or taking shares in similar Zhihu, etc. All in all, WeChat has a powerful supporter in China E-business market.







Add Friends


Through comparison, Domatters find that there are many similarities between WeChat and Facebook. The maximum friend number is 5000 people both in WeChat and Facebook. The difference is that if there are more than 5000 friends on Facebook, they will be displayed in the form of follow.


Circle of Friends


The digital marketing company also found that personal home pages on Facebook can update news, and people on WeChat can gossip about their circle of friends every day. At the same time, both of them can be set to public, visible to whom, and private.







WeChat Official Account and Facebook Fanpage


Any user can create WeChat official account and Facebook fanpage. This is very important, but there is no difference between WeChat and Facebook. Anyone can pay attention to your official account, whatever you know him or not. It is very convenient for you to start your business, update products’ pictures and make a deal with others, even without any cost.


Advertising Display


Facebook usually put advertises in the middle of the web side, but  WeChat's advertisement now, except you can see the article below WeChat official account, the key point is to put the advertises in your circle of friends, which is much easier for you to see them.

The digital market company found WeChat articles is becoming more and more professional and personalized! If the articles are lack of use or have a large number of copies and pastes, they will be eliminated.







The above is what Domatters want to share with you about the differences between WeChat and Facebook. If you want to know more about WeChat, please feel free to contact us.


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