Play Tinder,Momo...What's behind stranger social products, other than hormones?

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   The post-1995 generation is also called generation Z, which generally refers to the post-1995 and post-2000 groups.Strictly speaking, it refers to the generation born between 1996 and 2010.Almost all new social media products emphasize their influence among the post-1995 generation when they are promoted.The reason is self-evident. This group of users who have grown up with mobile phones at the same time are more receptive to new products, which also represents the future direction of mobile Internet traffic.


   An important statistic: generation Z has become the world's most populous group, with 1.9 billion people.They account for 25% of the world's population, and currently there are about 265 million generation Z in China.


    In China, QQ and WeChat are indispensable for the social networking of acquaintances.But there is still room for strangers to socialize.For social contact, the needs of the post-1995 generation are not beyond the imagination of many people. For thousands of years, all the difficulties faced by people are just a few, and the hormones of the post-1995 generation are just hormones.


    The post-1995 generation combined the two words "social" with "stranger" to create the first low-key social voice of the year.After searching, we found that there are no less than 30 stranger dating products featuring voice socialization in the market at present. These products take voice as the media to enter stranger socialization and quickly enter the post-1995 world.



    In the field of voice social communication, the first one to break out in 2019 is voice encounter. Two months after its launch, voice encounter surpassed WeChat and chattering sound and reached the top of App Store in January.In the following month, the leading voice of Acrylic voice friends again broke into the App Store ranking, into the top five.



Domatters found that Generation 95 isn't that mysterious.People have more in common than they do differently, which goes beyond age and nationality.


The loneliness of the post-1995 generation

Not much more than after the eighties


   All organizations have a special section for the post-1995 generation when they present their latest annual reports.This group of young users under the age of 24, full of energy, full of ideas, but also with a mysterious face, has become the focus of the content industry.


   "Old people" always have a headache because they cannot understand the communication of young people.Second dimension, games, online dating...Every circle is likely to produce "industry jargon", leaving "old people" with countless data analyses and behavioural reports.From the perspective of interest, the difference between generations is very obvious. Children and parents often produce misplaced WeChat chat screenshots and become new communication points on social media.


But emotionally, every generation has similar needs.


   "We did a survey of social attempts a long time ago.It was to sort by interests, and at the time it was to ask people to fill out a form, pick their own interests, and try to match three or five people with the same interests.We thought it was a good fit, "says qin yuying, a probability theory founder born in 1996.


     "After about a hundred people filled out the questionnaire, they came back and found that nearly 70 percent of them filled in the same questions -- movies, travel, reading, and then music, a broad category of interests."Curious about why this was so for qin, they asked respondents to answer a question they had previously not been interested in: why?


     When qin understood, they were giving respondents only what they thought was of interest to them.


     It is easy for "old people" to get confused when they are socializing with young people.But for social products, interest changes, and it makes sense to rely on interest to build vertical social software in a certain field.The most typical one is games. The voice social products based on the birth of games usually have good data scores. If you don't believe you can see the voice of YY.


     But if it is to do more meaning of strangers dating software, just look at interest is not enough.Because a lot of people aren't interested.After communicating with different post-1995 and post-2000 generations, we can find that they care about one thing very much.It's more comfortable to say everything on social media.


    Interest is not a need that will be mentioned, the emotional pain point is more clear.They want something beyond the social field of acquaintances.


    According to a survey conducted by QuestMobile, a third-party data agency, generation Z has its own unique social pattern and likes to try all kinds of trendy social activities for the minority.In terms of the use of traditional social software, there is no significant difference between the Z era and the overall netizens, who prefer QQ to WeChat.


    The data does give more confidence to the product, but it is also more likely to suggest a crisis.


    The post-1995 generation is willing to try a trendy social product, but it is also easy to abandon it in a short time.From the Spring Festival to now, the rising voice social software has not made a major breakthrough in the gameplay. From another perspective, it is more likely to provide a new gameplay. It will be very difficult to maintain the product's appeal to young people unless it is further shifted to become content consumption software.


    At present, Acrylic voice friends is a very important section which is to watch the live voice chat provided by some people, while some people are responsible for listening and giving rewards.


    In the face of interest, loneliness is the greater driving force.Whoever enters a new social platform can temporarily gain access to the new person's Settings.A person who has lived in a circle of stagnant people for a long time is likely to feel desperate, because social identity and others' self-perception are not easily changed.


    A person may maintain a stable character in primary school, but after entering middle school, high school and college, he has a great chance to get a chance to change his character.The change of place and the change of people can make that person's past be temporarily put aside.


    Internet society is just a microcosm of the real world. For a long time in the past, when there was no Internet, people would go to pubs, teahouses and restaurants to chat. In essence, they were all engaged in extensive social contact with strangers.Online, it's really just lowering the bar, you don't have to make your body go somewhere, you can make some of these connections online.


    It also means that social needs, or the need for strangers to make friends, will not change too much because of the generation and space.The post-1995 generation is no more lonely than the post-1980 generation.The feeling of dugu drives the birth of various dating apps for strangers.


Voice is not important,

It's the purpose that matters


   When it comes to social software at home and abroad, one thing is easy to mention -- the American date culture.

   Usually, "date" refers to a long period of contact between two people before they decide on a relationship.But in China, where the relationship is uncertain, frequent contact doesn't quite fit the Chinese marriage logic.


    There is no tradition of date in China, but matching is a rigid requirement.All stranger dating apps are doomed to be matched, with some looking for a partner and others trying to cope with their physical needs.When we did the interview, we found that the post-1995 or post-2000 generation did not shy away from the topic of "sex" and even expressed their own ideas directly.


    Behind Momo, there are all kinds of hormone-driven social needs.Tantan is a more direct matchmaking software.Men are far more likely than women to say they like it, as is the case with tinder abroad.A very interesting slide that Domatters saw showed that a robot-operated analog finger that clicked like on like helped men match better than those they liked.

    Later, in the market feedback better soul, Acrylic voice friends and other social products, with words, pictures or sound, the work is still trying to complete the pairing.Matching is different from making friends. When the strong matching demand exceeds the demand for making friends, the platform cannot better take into account the interest demand or the demand for making friends of all people, and can only increase other ways of playing to attract users. The screening of vague needs can be understood as "demand classification".


    Momo's solution is: on the basis of social contact, Momo adds functions like live broadcast, voice chat and so on, and reward is everywhere. This social contact platform is more like a show field, and users' social contact becomes the content resource of the platform.



    According to Bert, founder of a social product that focuses on solving the problem of leaving a single social product in his 30s, "all social products are easy to 'go on a date' or have interests in two directions.We feel that no one in the middle market is going to insist on it, no one is going to do it well.Momo and Tantan, if you start with the needs of my users, they are not a suitable scenario.


   "If you're going to be single, it's like you're in a relationship, and you're going to get to know more about her, more real things, but the level of information on Momo and probing is very shallow.


   In fact, Bert's opinion is essentially about the efficiency of matching.This is why even with Momo and Momo, there are a lot of dating products for strangers.Who can best solve the matching and create a community atmosphere can meet the social needs of some users.


   However, no matter it is matching or making friends, matching efficiency is a big problem for stranger social products.


    As a post-1995 generation herself, qin is not particularly fond of a social platform with a heavy "dating atmosphere", and her products are more focused on making friends."We don't make meeting offline a goal for us, and we don't want it to become a user's goal. If you go offline, it means it's closer to hormones, it's closer to an extension of you, and it's kind of a vehicle for real life."Especially for women, "qin said.


    "You'll find that most heterosexual relationships are on mobile phones and they don't see each other that much.Now network so developed, leading to you put a large part of the exchange (time) to the mobile terminal, on the your another organ, online and offline, I think, the interval will become more and more fuzzy, you will find some online groups, even more than offline, many organizations also stable and sustainable."


Gameplay is no substitute for demand


Compared with acquaintance social products, the migration cost of stranger social products is not high.The platform can gain stable users through new gameplay (such as sound encounters) or improved matching efficiency (such as YI GUAN).


Acrylic voice friends's design borrows more from Tantan, but the pictures become sounds, and the show mode of sound broadcast is also used for reference.Ordinary users can be encouraged by rewards.Similarly, one of the important functions of the platform is to "watch".



From this point of view, Acrylic voice friends is really a very smart product.Momo combines the best of both worlds while keeping the interface simple.From a new latitude, to create a quick to use strangers social products.Users who have lost trust in picture dating may find a new window on voice social.


In fact, this also shows a thing in turn, whether it is video or sound, the threshold of social interaction is larger than imagined.Acrylic voice friends in the user registration, will force the user to carry out sound collection, can sing, can also read a paragraph, and then make recommendations according to the voice.


Domatetrs doesn't see sound as a lower-threshold medium.In the field of stranger social, do you think the voice is the best carrier?In itself, the extensibility of sound products is limited, because it is limited in this scene. You have to use sound to communicate with others.Voice social products have a certain audience, but not for everyone.


Bert suggested that sounds are similar to video, with a higher gini coefficient.That is, very little header content attracts most of the traffic, and most of the rest gets very little."It's inefficient because it takes up your time, and you can't browse through a lot of sounds on one screen at the same time."


But Acrylic voice friends doesn't have much to worry about.The combination of sound and left-right sliding design is not only the innovation of playing method. He is very attractive to young people who are partial to sound and clearly hope to achieve the purpose of pairing. A lot of idle and boring events can be absorbed into such a dating software at any time.


Statistics show that the post-1995 generation is open to social products.You're willing to try anything.But the reason is that there is still no product that can really keep users, so the ceiling of stranger social products comes soon.


According to Momo's financial report, since the launch of live broadcasting business in 2016, Momo's live broadcasting revenue has been growing continuously. Until Q4 in 2018, Momo's main revenue sources are still live broadcasting service, value-added service, mobile marketing service and mobile game revenue.


Match Group, which is represented by Tinder, earns most of its revenue from members who pay a monthly fee.

Although social products with live broadcast function still have social properties, their entertainment properties will also be enhanced. For users with strong social needs, such products fail to solve the most fundamental "communication" problem.But for most social products on the market, "entertainment first, communication second" is another niche model.



Generation Z's young users are a relatively easy group to serve.They are far more accepting and trusting of online dating than other groups.Grasping the needs, distinguishing the needs, and facilitating the matching and communication of users are the core charm of the product. The sudden leap to fame and creaking has also attracted the attention of some post-80s groups.


But the voice is not the wind, 95 after the stranger dating market is.The market is still waiting for a better stranger dating app.


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