What glamour the mind mapping that Ma yun admires highly has?

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Many people know that mind mapping is a good tool for thinking, but there are not many people who can really use mind mapping.


"Isn't it writing and drawing on paper?Is it necessary to study specially?"

"When I write down words on a computer or paper, doesn't it have the same effect as mind mapping?"

"Can mind mapping also develop the human brain?No way."

"Can a mind tool also improve memory, read books, remember words, and process work plans?Really?"



Domatters Digital Marketing China believes that these questions are the same ones that most people have, but we all underestimate the power of mind mapping as a tool for more than just writing and drawing.


When the Boeing 747 was designed, it was a very complicated project that would have taken six years to complete with normal methods.The designer used mind mapping and completed the design of the Boeing 747 in only six months, which saved 10 million dollars in cost.


Mind mapping can not only improve the efficiency of engineering, but also help users quickly organize their thinking, spread ideas, build a framework and improve memory. · for example, world celebrities such as warren buffett, jack ma, Bill Gates and robin li, etc., all use mind mapping tools to help themselves think, learn and complete their work.And over 600 million people around the world already use mind mapping to solve problems!Domatters Digital Marketing China now share a few mind maps of e-commerce.


  • mind mapping of customer relationship management


Customer relationship mind mapping collects information from customers, optimizes the products, and makes them better integrate with customers.



  • O2O Marketing structure chart


O2O marketing analysis map analyzes users' feelings, product value, user experience, user reputation and other aspects.



  • Payment access platform structure chart


The structure diagram of payment access platform shares the operation steps and solutions from the first demo to the next.



  • mind mapping of Generalization effect analysis structure


Analysis of promotion effect mind mapping analysis of why promotion work is well prepared but the effect has been unable to go up several cases.Those who are doing this can use this template for reference.




  •  Internet mind structure mapping


Internet thinking structure mapping template, including six categories of thinking, that expresses the meaning expressed in each category



  • Campus app structure diagram


The structure diagram of campus app is to introduce the contents of a campus app software



Do you use mind mapping in your work?Do it.


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