What kind of videos that was thumbed up the most in whole Douyin?

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In 2019,an average of 1.03 million short videos will be generated every day among 8 million + active accounts in douyin.Ordinary people send a video may only have a few likes, but some broadcast host can harvest tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of likes.


Douyin's recommendation video is distributed by the algorithm. The exposure amount of a video is mainly determined by the user's stay time and the number of thumb up, comments and forwards under certain conditions.There are many factors influencing whether a video can become "hot style".Even if it is the same video, it is possible to get different data results from different time, place and account.But at the same time, we can also analyze the commonness and rules from a large number of hot style and video.We can look at the development of short video from a macro perspective.So, what is the short video thumbed up most in douyin ?Who is the most trafficked person in Douyin?


  • From the data overview


According to the report of feigua data, Domatters made statistics and analysis on the thumb up of over 1000w video in Douyin in 2019, hoping to help you promote video in Douyin.


In 2019, there were 26,635 videos of 100w+ thumb up, 92 of which accounted for 0.0089% of the total video.In other words, for every 1.1w short video, there is only one short video of 100w+ thumb up.Among the 77 videos with thumb up amount over 1000w, the thumb up amounts of 45 videos are below 1500w, which account is 58.4%.


The most popular video that be thumbed up most in douyin in 2019 was released by People's Daily on September 26.The video that "This has to be awesome, awesome!The head of the armed police force blindfolded and kicked the goose-step!" had received 3,484.8 likes.



The content of the most likes in 1000w+ videos in douyin is about Chinese soldiers/police.The military/police have a important place in the public mind.Three of the six video's about heroes are about Yuan longping.Forty-two of them were country-related, accounting for more than half of the 77 videos.These include 8 related video of Hong Kong topics.Six were about stars, accounting for 7.8 percent.Li xian, deng ziqi, deng lun, pan changjiang and wang zulan make the list.Among them, li has 2 1000w+ video and 1 is about sports brand promotion.This is also the only short video which has a brand exposed that thumbed up 1000w+ video this year.


  • Look from the aspect of account number and rise fans


These 77 videos of 1000w+ likes came from 40 accounts.Account types are mainly government affairs account and official media account, among which "People's Daily" published 21, accounting for 27.3%.To create a huge exposure in a short time, you need a certain fans base.When these videos that thumbed up 1000w+ were published, most of the fans of these accounts exceeded 100w, accounting for 85.7%.


There are three video releases with less than 10w fans.One of them is the first video launched by China's news network.After the release of 1000w+ video, nearly half of the daily followers of these accounts were distributed in 1w-5w."News network" has the fastest growing fans, with more than 2235w fans in the first 55 days, and the average daily increase of 40.6w fans.


  • In terms of release date and time


The videos that have 1000w+ likes are concentrated in the second half of this year.The video number was the highest in August, with 22.Six of them are related the topic of Hong Kong.The 1000w+ video was released at the earliest at 7am and the most at 10am and 5pm.According to the official douyin big data report 2018, users of douyin peak at 12-13 noon, 18-19 PM and 21-22 am.Users are more likely to use douyin during meals and breaks.


  • In terms of video duration


On April 25, 2019, douyin released its one-minute access and launched the "vlog1 billion traffic support plan".Although these 40 accounts all have one-minute access,the duration that nearly half videos of 1000w+ likes are still less than 15 seconds.


  • In terms of comments and Forwarding


There are 67 videos whose comments of 1000w+ thumb up are concentrated in 10w-11w, accounting for 87%.Li's two videos received the most comments, with 327w and 295w respectively.Li's video whose titled "punch in" has 1219w thumb up and 295w comments, which is the highest rating of video, reaching 24.2%.Li's other video reached 13.27 %, deng lun's video reached 2.8 percent, Deng ziqi's video reached 2.27 percent and Pan changjiang's video reached 2.19 percent followed.Only these five 1000-million-plus posts had more than 1% of likes.One of the most forwarded 1000w+ video came from "li xianing", with a forwarding volume of 107w.The top three video's are ''Daka" which is from ''li xianing" and the content that'' respectively.You look so ugly climbing over the fence..." which is from "suizhou traffic police",and "520, I cried......"which is from Wang zulan.


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