Why the ads of "wangwang" is grandiose strange flower, but sell is so good?

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As a well-known time-honored brand of old and young in China, wangwang has become a hard core in the business world by virtue of 30 years of consistent, strange ghost and evil advertising.


"Please pay attention, li ziming from class six, your mother has brought you two cans of wangzai milk.... ".This is "li ziming" advertisement word of wangwang ten years ago.Surprisingly, there was a sequel of the story.


Li ziming, a former student in class 6, is now a teacher.However, it was still his mother who came to the school this time. Her clothes, hair and jewelry were not changed, but the two cans of milk were changed into the 8L now.When li ziming was young, he drank two cans at a stretch, but when he grew up, he drank 8L and did it immediately.


 Domatters couldn't help but catch up with these decades of advertising of wangwang. This language density repeated attack, simply SAO gas than "this year's festival did not accept gifts, accept gifts only brain platinum"!One couldn't help but quip, "what an easy creative agency!"This is a joke.In fact, what agency?These demon advertisement are almost from the hand of chairman of wang wang!  


Wang guangxing, President of coconut tree, personally used word to design the packaging of coconut water.Cai yanming,the chairman of wangwang, has read all the quality submissions himself and reject them all.Next, almost all the ads were shot as Mr. CAI requested.This and advertisement person came a battle head-on.This eventually developed into a unique "wangwang style" series of advertising that no one dared to imitate and it has never been surpassed.


Demon advertisement have tens of millions, half is wang wang group


For young people who nowadays watch a TV series twice as fast, advertising is simply unbearable.But they will specially go to B station to see wangwang advertisement unexpectedly and say that they want to find the childhood that strays.And "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" is the most honest comment feedback for wang wang advertisement.After all, "ha-ha" is no longer a smile.Only seven ha can prove a young person's happiness.


Domatters randomly throw a few funny and goods classic advertising of wangwang to let you feel: "give me O bubble, give me O bubble, I want O bubble I want O bubble, O bubble fruit milk OOO, I also want.When it comes to brainwashing advertising to "make things up", if wangwang is second, there no one may not dare to recognize the first.In addition to the skillful brainwashing dance, wang tsai advertising "direct seduction", is also the peak!


"Wow!What is this?Wangzai milk!It's looking at me.Still looking at me.Why are you looking at me?Look at me again and I'll drink you!It's really good!"


There is a grounding blessing bombing which also let a person cannot refuse."wangwang, the person flourishing gas flourishing body flourishing, the wealth flourishing fu flourishing luck way flourishing!Wang add wang!Come a wangwang, let you certain flourishing!"


Even a simple package of QQ candy, it can break out in a competition to see who is better than who.


"I'll race you!

"What do we compare?

"Let's compare teeth!You lost!"

"I lose, but it's really delicious.Wangzai QQ candy."


This still is not enough, wang zai also is more and more mad demon that dare to look for the old grandpa old lady that does not have tooth collocation QQ candy also is to have no contrarian feeling actually.


What is the magic of these seemingly shocking wangwang ads to get kids to cough up pocket money?Clearly there are no star guarantee.Why should it be able to build super recognition and memory points on the cheap?


The brainwashing you see doesn't mean there's no strategy behind it


Wangzai's brainwashing ads are so penetrating that even if you're wearing headphones, they don't work.Zhihu still has special someone to ask "why the advertisement of wangwang is very retarded?"


Many people, like me, may not agree with the adjective in the questioner's mouth, so when another person changes the adjective behind the same subject, "why do want want ads always stand out?""It's been viewed 52 times faster.As the advertisement that links up with sale, size bazaar and supermarket must have  the big gift package every year gives wangwang namely an answer.


In short, the "retarded", "brainwashed" and "ghost" ads we see do not mean there is no strategy behind them.


  • children's angle of view


Now for many creative advertising, in addition to the high from the insiders, tens of millions of promotion budget thrown out really does not stir a little water.After all, it is not surprising that these closed daydreams are out of touch with everyday reality and have an embarrassing effect.Maybe want want advertisement looks very retarded in adult, but the child does not think so.Wang zai has not forgotten that his target audience is children, so the advertising are from children's vision.Point also catch accurate, each product has opened up a lot of imagination to show "for children" this thing.



We've seen a lot of good money ads like this that invite big stars to join and film the advertising into a "life winner" style bright.Instead of spending money on celebrity endorsements, wangwang invite plain kids. Besides, every online showmanship of the child not only makes people feel that the Oscar owes them an Oscar, but more importantly, people of the same age are more likely to strike a chord with children and memorize wang wang's products.



Snow cake, xianbei, QQ candy, small steamed bread, rock jelly and so on, each advertisement wangwang has created enough use scenes for you, and let selling point thinking that "I tell you to listen to" change into buying point thinking"user perspective" .What's more, familiar scene fragments not only save a lot of narration, but also make it easier for people to substitute in.


The brainwashing cycle is even better, and we have to admit that repetition is a tried-and-true way to form memories.This saves money on celebrity endorsements in exchange for a daily cycle of brainwashing on TV for years.So that it doesn't happen at wangwang, where you don't know what you're selling after you've seen the AD.


Coconut tree has initiated a design revolution with word aesthetic school, and recently topped the list of dedicated customer service thanks to 24-hour mobile phone customer service number, while wangwang has become another hard core in the business world with 30 years of constant, strange and demon advertising.They don't hire stars and don't advertise everywhere, but they are well-known by many people.In fact,becasue the product is hard enough, or it would have been killed on the beach.

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