Baidu Search marketing in China doesn't go away

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Will search marketing in China disappear in this age of fragmentation?Domatters thinks it won't.Because the human need is always there.When users need something, they will certainly turn to search tools to find the answer.So search is not going away.But now a lot of information is not people to look for information, but information to find people.So the share of search will decline, but it will not disappear, and search marketing is still effective.


Baidu search recently launched a high-quality content guide, which provides a reference for content creators to the creators of Baidu's family buckets.






The following is an introduction to several dimensions for measuring high-quality content given by Baidu Search (the reference summary is from the original):


1. "Birthplace"-the authoritative credibility of the producer:


Producers have professional certifications and focus on the content areas they publish. They are recognized by the public and have some influence.


2. "Beauty value"-the ease of browsing experience:


The page loads quickly, the content is beautifully typeset, and the image quality is high-definition.


3. "Connotation"-richness and professionalism of the content:


The theme of the article should be consistent and clear in logic, which can provide users with rich and comprehensive information and have a certain professionalism in the field.


4. "Word of mouth"-the degree of user's love:


Content is loved by a large number of users, and users have a strong willingness to share and interact.


In recent years, Baidu Search has been constantly updating its algorithms on content and user experience. In the past, it was still difficult for SEO people to figure out what kind of content is high-quality content and valuable content for users. However, this high-quality content guide issued by Baidu has given us a direction and attitude in content creation. Therefore, in the development of Baidu, we still have to work hard on content, content is king!


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