How do we help you with chinese social media buying?

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How do we help you with chinese social media buying?



We can advise you on launching your brand in Chinese market through our expertise. We can also help you, from statistics that we provide, to adapt the strategy put in place if necessary. Some important things to consider: based on Western themes. Chinese consumers do not simply want free app, but something that is suitable for China.



Chinese media buying is good marketing tool to promote your brand online. With media buying, you can easily reach Chinese consumers and increase your visibility in Chinese market.

We provide the best in Chinese display advertising and online media buying including RTB, programmatic, retargeting, video ads, and much more.




Less present than at the beginning of the web in Europe, banner ads are still widely used in China! There are two types of banners: static and animated that will have to be chosen according to your project.

From the choice of the form of the banner to the analysis of the results of the campaign, our agency is there to take charge of your project



Accurate analysis of your results is done every month. So we can discuss and correct the direction of the campaign if it does not meet your expectations.



(FAQ) Frequently asked question about Chinese social media buying


Why should we use social media buying online?

Because Internet is the best way to promote your brand. Traditional media buying is less efficient than online. You will have better value for your campaign

What are the  other ways to promote your brand?

You can promote using videos. The advantage of online videos is that it is simpler to touch consumers emotionally. Unlike advertising videos used in Europe, the Chinese prefer story-telling. For example, SK-II launched an advertisement on the Sheng Nu, “single women”. This video became viral because the video reached a large audience and was shared.

Should you also do SEO on in China?

Yes, of course. Baidu is the most used search engine in China and 90% of your Chinese leads will find you on Baidu. Our agency knows all the algorithm to have a good ranking on Baidu.

Where is the best website that we can buy advertising space?

Here is the most used China’s social media advertising and marketing share in 2016

Tencent: 52,4%

Weibo: 28,4%

MOMO: 2,4%

Baby Tree: 1,5%

Baidu Tieba: 0,7%

Others: 14,6%

We Domatters digital China marketing recommend you to use one of this platform to advertise online.

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