How does a chinese copywriter write an article, reading within three days, breaking through 1 million 500 thousand?

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How does a chinese copywriter write an article, reading within three days, breaking through 1 million 500 thousand?


And that, for me, I never thought about it.

After graduating from University, I went to a traditional enterprise which was fairly well known in the industry, but I didn’t do any writing work. Later,  resigned and went to a Internet Co, but did not work in the Internet industry, such as Internet content operation.

I do not have a very deep insight into Internet operation, nor have I done much in-depth analysis of the exploded articles written by Internet users on social networks.

So, I’m not professional. So how did I write an article that breaks 1 million 500 thousand in three days?

It has to be said from December 2015.

In December 2015, shortly after I arrived in Shenzhen, I left the traditional company to visit the Internet Co. One day, an editor of content website found me, hoping I could write an article on their content platform.

I conceived the theme of the article in my mind, and after work, it took two nights to write two hours each evening and write the concrete scenes and logic. I wrote about 4000 words and then sent it to the editor. There was also a two day reading volume breaking through 1 million and three days breaking through 1 million 500 thousand.

So, what is the content of the article that I wrote in the end? Why does it produce so much reading? What logic did I write when I wrote that article?

In fact, a person’s writing logic and his cognition of the content structure determine the quality of his works to a large extent.


1. There are only two types of article for chinese copywriter

In my logic, there are only two kinds of articles: one is story article, the other is knowledge article. If you want your own article to be attractive, then the article you write must conform to the two categories! In other words, the content you produce must belong to one of the two categories.

In the social network, there are many articles of high reading, which are summed up, in fact, it is only the two types, not story articles, or knowledge articles.

Story articles, tell you a story, let you resonate, make you moved. For example, the previous Luo’s laughter articles were forwarded countless times in the circle of friends. For example, Feng Jie’s “blessing” is very popular.

Although the final development of these two articles is not what we want, but the story of returning to the content of the article is touched, can arouse the resonance of people, or enough to adjust the appetite of the audience.

For knowledge articles, for example, Li Jiaoshou’s article on his public number provides knowledge about marketing and brand classes, and every reading and forwarding amount is surprising. There are also some public numbers that provide enterprise management and Internet knowledge. The reading and reprint of the article are also considerable, and this kind of network, 36 krypton, and ZEALER.


1.1 Storytelling articles

What is the story type article? For most people’s understanding, the story type article is to tell a story, such as the novel written by the writer, such as the emotional text in the magazine of the bosom, this is the story of the story. These are indeed storytelling articles, but it is rather limited to say so.

Storytelling is to express one thing in the form of words. As to whether the story is enough to attract you, it depends on the story itself and your way of expression. Anyway, it seems to be the content mentioned above.

In fact, for example, in last year’s US presidential election, the reading volume of articles on election reports in the United States was high. Why?

Because this event is very attractive, the story itself is very attractive. And these news reports are storytelling articles, which tell you one thing — the US general election.

Many people like to read articles about celebrity scandals and private lives of stars. As long as such articles are published, they will immediately become popular. Before a series of celebrities’ derailment entertainment reports, the article is also telling you something, a star derailment.

So, the story type article does not simply refer to the writer’s novel, the emotional story, it is a broad sense, the news report, the entertainment news, the character special interview and so on, which all belong to the category of the story.

But viewers do not believe that these story articles can let themselves learn what knowledge and impact on their lives. Rather, they want to hear a story that makes them curious. This story can satisfy some of their desires.

Therefore, from the perspective of audience, audiences want Stories:

Novelty, novelty, and novelty

Moved, moved, moved me again, let me shed tears.

Happy, fast, and let me feel a bit more

Controversial, controversial, and controversial

As a story producer, we must try our best to satisfy the audience’s desire and arouse the audience’s mood.


1.2 Knowledge articles

What is a knowledge article, it is very simple, knowledge article is that you put forward a question, and then answer this question. Why is this kind of article popular? Because everyone is going to have problems in both work and life, and they want their problems to be solved, and the knowledge article is just a question and then gives the answer to the question. In fact, people are looking for the answers to the questions and finding the truth of life.

A lot of such articles are popular in the circle of friends, “how the XX enterprise is successful”, “you need XX from XX to XX”, “how the XX enterprise operates”, “want to do XX, how to do a good job of XX” and so on, this type of article, the general reading amount will not be too bad, because the article raises a question to the audience, and this The question is exactly what the audience wants to solve. The question of the article can attract the attention of the audience. At the same time, the question is answered in the article. The audience answers some kind of thinking and action through the answer of the article.

For example, about March every year is to resign and re search for the work tide. In the circle of friends, I read a very high reading article, “how to pick a good company in the job hopping”. This is the question that the audience will meet. The article puts forward the question of how to choose a good company for the job hopping, and then answer the question in the article.

But if the question is not the problem that the audience has, it depends on the relevance of the article to the audience. If the correlation is high, the audience will generally read it, for example, an article on the issue of labor disputes and a question to give an answer.

But for a certain audience, he has not met such a problem at the moment, but he is an employee in the business, and it is possible to meet such a problem in the future. Then this question has some relevance to the audience, and he will go to a certain extent.

For a knowledge-based article, when the article puts forward a good question, the answer to this question is not enough to be deep enough to think deeply and to really answer the doubts of the audience. This doubt is not necessarily an action, a knowledge, a life, and so on. At the same time, the audience can provide an action plan, such as job hopping or non – hopping, the answer of the article can be analyzed by the audience, choose whether to jump or not.

If the article raises a good question, but the quality of the answer is not enough, it will be hard to become good.

Therefore, in order to attract knowledge articles, the article must achieve:

Put forward a good question

A deep answer to this question

Let the audience get some kind of promotion

There is no so – called comprehensive article

Some spectators think that in some articles it speaks both a story and a knowledge, is it a knowledge class or a story class? Or this type of article is called a comprehensive class.

No! Don’t think so. In my opinion, there are no so-called comprehensive articles in good articles.

When an article is produced, the author wants to set a position for his essay in advance. Do I choose to tell a story, or do I choose to answer a question?

If the author does not locate this in writing, nine times out of ten articles will not be good articles, and it will be difficult to attract audiences.

But many times, the author writes according to this logic, but after reading the audience, he always feels that this article is both telling stories and knowledge.

In fact, this is mainly the audience’s understanding of the article, for example, an article, it is mainly to put forward a question, answer a knowledge, but it is expressed through the means of the scene story, the audience will think that this is a so-called comprehensive article, in fact, it is not, such articles are located and the subject is known. Knowledge, so it belongs to the knowledge article.

On the other hand, for story – like articles, the main purpose of the article is to express a story to explain an event, but in the story, some knowledge is mixed, and it still belongs to the story type article. Of course, the biggest possibility is that the author tried to tell a story, but did not say it well; tried to answer a question, but did not answer in place.

So, all the articles can be summed up in the two types, and any article that wants to break the boundary between the story class and the knowledge class does not exist. If there is, it is a bad article.


2. The title is very important

In this time, information explosion, if you want to let your own articles do not know nothing, we must take a good title, an attractive title is the key. There is too much analysis of the title on the Internet, which is no longer explained. To say something, the title of knowledge articles is best to ask questions directly.

The above is my understanding of a high quality article. When you are going to write an article, you think and write according to the logic above, and the possibility of producing high quality articles will become more and more likely.


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