Is the spring of the content of your website still far away ,if it dance with the platform?

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Is the spring of the content of your website still far away ,if it dance with the platform?


First you need to pay attention to the three small trends to change about the content of the platforms in China:


In China, text, short video and audio content constitute the "supply side" of the most close and high-quality traffic resources of the entire mobile Internet.Despite the constant wailing of "traffic winter", the truly high-quality "we-media", that is, content creators, are valuable resources that content platforms rely on.


In 2019, China's content platforms will increase the competition and support for high-quality we-media resources.


We-media focuses on content production, not operation and distribution, according to Domatters.Only those channels that can really help the quality content of "we-media" to bring accurate traffic will attract more and more "we-media" to fully devote and participate.The premise, of course, is that the content platform itself has a rich enough "traffic pool" and continues to expand the boundaries of traffic.


Content platforms have changed dramatically in recent years, but the overall trend is still outlined.


First of all, the tendency of flow enclosure and endobiochemistry is becoming more and more obvious.After 2017, baidu App began to give traffic to baijia rather than open to the website as before, and many webmasters were forced to transform, which is not alone.microblog is also one of the middle pages of content on the Chinese Internet, but it also gives top priority to the search of microblog ,headlines, followed by sina financial content, and finally leads to other websites.


Micro letter searches, headline itself is also first search the public, and headlines, content, to recommend standing outside the relevant recommendations, "if not necessary to guide", has become a giant traffic enclosure movement tacit strategy, which built the Chinese mobile Internet "giant plays, act in an opera in small and medium-sized" the competitive landscape.


Second, China's content platforms have become rich in media and the boundaries have blurred.Take byte bounce as an example, headline App incubated independent apps such as little volcano video, wukong quiz and watermelon video before 2017.Today's headline actually ACTS as a "rich media content platform".In addition to the picture version of the headlines, micro headlines, there are small video, short video, live and other content scenes.Recently headline cooperated with dragonfly FM to access audio category content.


Domatters noted that the audio content is operated by multiple headline Numbers that dragonfly FM runs.In 2019, headline will also incubate more vertical community apps such as understand car, pipi shrimp and study hard, and integrate social functions into headline products.


Third, Chinese content platforms should integrate more cooperative resources to create a full scene ecological flow.Duan linfeng, vice President of Kuaishou, believes that "the content platform can meet users' demand for content in multiple scenarios through APP, small program, H5 and other forms, and cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers and smart hardware to form the content aggregation effect of the platform."Taking dragonfly FM as an example, mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO and Samsung have carried out strategic cooperation on audio content. "in the future, 8 out of 10 mobile phones will have content of dragonfly FM built-in," xiao yi said at the "all-scene ecological news conference of 2019" held by dragonfly FM on January 22.


The aggregation of Chinese content platform traffic is not a bad thing for "we-media", just as the huge amount of WeChat traffic constitutes the living soil for many full-time public accounts "we-media".Whether it is text we-media, short video we-media ecology or audio content platform traffic, Matthew has strong benefits. The survival environment of the content platform for small and medium players will be in a difficult situation in 2019, and its own exclusive content will be accelerated into the head platform.The key to the sustainability of the content platform traffic ecosystem is whether content producers and industry partners can reap long-term returns.


First of all, the realization of text "we-media" mainly relies on advertising revenue and platform subsidies. Tencent mainly obtains high returns from the rise of secondary market value through social media ecology, so it can turn the private traffic into free competition among "we-media" for fans.


Baidu and headline are both advertising companies, and the traffic is mainly recommended by the platform system, and their advertising revenue directly affects the financial results, so these two companies will continue to give high subsidies to we-media, and how to convert fans and win the favor of enterprise PR, become the challenge of these two companies in 2019.


Secondly, the realization of short video "we-media" mainly comes from the conversion of live broadcasting into rewards and e-commerce. In fact, fast hand and chattering sound will become the biggest competitors of live broadcasting platforms in 2018, and the short video platform will run all the way towards web celebrity.


Previously, fast hand will increase the support for information flow advertising and e-commerce business in 2018 to dilute its excessively high proportion of live broadcast revenue, which will accelerate the impact of IPO in 2019.Chattering mainly relies on the platform for traffic allocation, information flow advertising revenue, but the talent to receive advertising is easy to limit the flow, the current realization potential depends on the multi-flash community and fans in operation can explode.


Third, China's audio content platform business model is relatively mature.Paid column platform can share with content creators, and the platform provides subsidies and incentives for high-quality content through VIP member fees.Because the audio scene has accompanying and immersive properties for users, it is very valuable for doyens to create IP.


It is understood that dragonfly will make more than 100 million yuan in revenue for content creators involved in ecology in 2019.Dragonfly FM's cooperation with mobile phone, automobile and hardware manufacturers' content can also generate profits for these channel partners.Full scene traffic through means that the user time doubled, means that the platform to create more incremental advertising time resources, which is why Domatters is optimistic about the audio platform hardware open cooperation model than hardware and software integration model has more commercial potential.


In 2019 for the biggest positive content creators is the advent of the era of 5 g, while the whole society's demand for 5 g is more in terms of broadband speed, may for the promotion of text from the media will not be too obvious, and requires more communication flow of short audio video platform, platform, will greatly improve the threshold of user acceptance and user experience, in 2019, a short video and audio text class since the media may be caught from the media.Since 5G is more about the Internet of everything (IOT), better layout in the Internet of things and open source cooperation platform will be more powerful.


WeChat and information flow platform baidu, headline competition will be staged;There is no end in sight between the flutter and the fast hand;Content of dragonfly FM and Himalayan FM adopts open source and closed landing strategy, which will constitute three battlefields of content entrepreneurship in 2019.It is also in the competitive landscape, insist on doing high-quality content entrepreneurs can go through the winter, enjoy the development dividend of mobile Internet.


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