From these copywritings for 30-year-old,have you learned about something?

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Are you afraid of time? When we were kids, everyone looked like he was not afraid of the world. When riding a bicycle, we have to put our hands to chase the motorcycle to be the most beautiful boy. When we grow up, we think more about things, and we are afraid of injuries and even the sequelae of pain, so we have gradually become more cautious.


Sometimes Domatters feels that life is originally a process of adding first and then subtracting points. Let's go through the world first and see thousands of faces in the life. We even wish we could watch Chang'anhua in one day. Next, we will do screening again and find what we really want to do and can do, and leave a few people who are worthy of cherishing and socializing.


Will you be afraid if you are at age 30? Domatters Digital Marketing China believe that many people may be afraid. Otherwise, there will not be so many brands that emphasize "no fear of age" and "no limit in life". Many brands have penetrated people's anxiety and fear. They are selling the "future" and they are telling people to act well and be themselves. Live yourself, and you will become your own sun!


For example, both Olay and SK-II are doing this.


  • Olay: No fear of age



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Those beautiful dreams both completed and unfinished are always there. Olay believes that every dream without fear of age is the brightest star in the night sky.




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SK-II: Can we make a decision for ourselves? Can you decide who I am? Can you decide what makes the most sense? Can you decide what kind of information to convey to each other?


We change our minds and rewrite our destiny. Age is just a number, don't let others set a deadline for you.


There are also many big brands telling us that age is just a number, 30 years old, 40 years old or 50 years old, we should all have dreams.


It's just that Domatters feels that the older the dream, the smaller the dream, and the harder it is to achieve. Age does not really create a sense of crisis, and life is not limited, and more is done in a limited state.


Everyone is afraid of time, but this group of copywriters tell the truth.



At the age of 20, we had no concept of family, and we ofen chang the mind; when we had the concept of family at the age of 30, most of us work hard from nine AM to five PM.





Time and tide wait for no man, especially for women.



It is said that men who think with their lower body before the age of 30 are currently thinking about the second half of their lives.


The girlfriend's new boyfriend is my good friend


You talk to your boss about a raise, but the boss talks to you about ideals


20-year-old wants to be a person who changes the world

30-year-old made a person who was changed by the world




This copywriting is a real estate advertisement produced by Yunnan Brownstone in the early years. When facing consumers with such a realistic tone, it may be that only real estate dares to be so stiff. However, this has formed an extremely ingenious marketing to the people's livelihood industry, which has a relationship with thousands of households.


Whether it is selling the future or creating anxiety, there is no right or wrong. Both are just a marketing strategy of the brand, and sometimes this is also a manifestation of the brand's values.


Regarding age, we have seen too many advertisements that sell "future", and we feel that this kind of face-to-face copy can bring more energy. Because when we understand the reality, we can ride the wind and waves in our future life journey.


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