How to link KOLs and improve the conversion?Ecological research report of cross-platform KOL in 2020

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According to QuestMobile's KOL list data,


(1) Distribution of the number of KOL industry: There are a large number of KOLs related to consumer goods business in beauty and fashion wear, and the conversion rate of celebrities and stars is also relatively eye-catching.


Cross-platform-KOL -Ecological-Research-Report-improve-the-conversion-2020


(2) See the figure below for the TOP10 KOLs list of cross-platform active users of in the beauty category :


In this beauty KOL Top list,李佳琦( Li Jiaqi) is 113 million,完美日记( Perfect Diary) is 106 million,兰蔻( Lancome) is 105 million, 瑜大公子(Yu)is 71 million, and 冰老头(Old Man Bing) is 68 million.


Cross-platform-KOL -Ecological-Research-Report-improve-the-conversion-2020


(3) Look at the TOP10 list of KOL cross-platform active users in the fashion wear category:


KOL Top list for fashion wear, 娃娃每晚7点 is 145 million, 大璇时尚搭配 is 144 million, 闪闪 is 99 million, 超级丹is 72 million,聂小雨 (Nie Xiaoyu) is 65 million


(4) Look at the TOP10 list of celebrity stars KOL cross-platform active users:




Yang Di (190 million), Zheng Kai (185 million), Chen He (172 million), Wang Zulan (138 million), and Ouyang Nana (125 million) are all in the KOL Top list of celebrities.


How to link KOLs and improve the conversion? Take a look at the summary report below, hope it will be helpful to your business in China.


The KOL business ecosystem in China is gradually improving, and the production mechanism driven by MCN intensifies competition.


1. KOL has gradually developed from a monetization method based on platform traffic to a stable economic ecology in China, forming a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain, and is boosted by capital.


Cross-platform-KOL -Ecological-Research-Report-improve-the-conversion-2020



2. MCN has formed a complete organizational structure for incubating KOLs in China, implementing a elimination system in operation, and selecting KOLs with rising traffic and fans for key operations and business docking.


3. MCN has already had a head clustering effect. The number of TOP20 MCN signed KOLs accounted for more than 30% of the total.


Cross-platform-KOL -Ecological-Research-Report-improve-the-conversion-2020



It can be seen more clearly that the head effect of MCN will be further concentrated in the future. In the current Top 20 MCN organizations, they accounted for 39.9% of monthly active users. Among them, Wuyou Media, Gumai Jiahe, Shell Video, Xinou Culture, and Papitube ranked in the top five, and their active users accounted for 5.6%. , 2.8%, 2.7%, 2.5%, 2.4%. The overall KOL's fan level is that 54.2% of KOLs have less than 1 million fans, and only 2.4% of KOLs with more than 50 million fans and top traffic. Moreover, the loss of fans of mid-to-long-tail KOLs is increasing. Reality is so cruel


4. At present, more than 60% of MCN agencies have signed no more than 5 KOLs, but small and medium-sized MCNs are still trying to seize the opportunity of the Internet celebrity economy.




It can also be seen from the list that based on the business model of realizing traffic, the operation of Internet celebrities and KOLs has formed an industrial chain in China and has penetrated into the physical industry. At present, among the domestic MCN organizations in China, 1.2% have signed contracts with more than 100 KOLs, and 2.4% have signed contracts with 51-100 KOLs. These two types of head MCN agencies split about 30% of the number of active users. In contrast, more than 60% of institutions signed no more than 5 KOLs, and the number of active users accounted for only 15.3%.


5. In the KOL ecology based on industrialized production, KOLs at different levels are facing the survival crisis of losing users, and the top KOL has an advantage in retaining fans.


KOLs on different platforms release differentiated influence.


1. Different platforms have their own merits, showing the industry value of different types of KOLs in China


A. Douyin focuses on music, dance, and lifestyle. It is based on the short video platform recommended by the algorithm and has a strong musical gene, which promotes stronger KOLs in music, dance and lifestyle.


B. Kuaishou is similar to Douyin, but games and fashion are more powerful. Like Douyin, Kuaishou is also a short video platform recommended by the algorithm. In addition to music and dance, KOL for games and fashion wear is relatively strong.




C. Weibo is still the home of entertainment content, with celebrities, film and television entertainment grabbing most of the attention.


Weibo's content system based on the hotspot recommendation and forwarding mechanism has become the home base of entertainment content, with celebrities and KOLs in the film and television entertainment industries being the most active.


D. Xiaohongshu is strong in "sharing life", focusing on beauty makeup. In Xiaohongshu, the attribute of “planting grass” has led to the strong trend of lifestyle KOLs, the beauty category has led the way, and photography and fitness performed better than other platforms.




E. WeChat official accounts are biased towards private domain traffic attributes, with relatively large numbers of enterprises, education, finance and finance. Its algorithm recommendation based on social relationships gives lifestyle KOLs an advantage, and the attribute of private domain traffic also brings opportunities for corporate, education, financial and financial KOLs.


2. User portraits of KOLs on each platform


A. Xiaohongshu and Weibo head KOLs cover 80% of female users. There are more men with Kuaishou. Douyin and WeChat have a relatively balanced male to female ratio.


B. WeChat's KOLs are close to the overall level. Most of the other platforms have young people under the age of 24, and the proportion of young people in the top KOLs of Xiaohongshu is the highest.


C. The users of the top KOL of each platform are not obvious in terms of geographical differences. Kuaishou is more influential in sinking areas.



KOL explores diversified business models, and the "net celebrity economy" is moving steadily

Different types of KOL use their advantages to expand different business models



A.KOL transforms content and traffic into business opportunities and plays a role in advertising and e-commerce. A small number of top KOLs can also conduct IP development, self-built brands and other industry-related services.


B. By cooperating with matched KOLs on different platforms, the brand uses KOL's traffic and content to achieve a unified communication effect of quality and efficiency.




As shown in the above picture, the beverage brand of Yuanqi Forest continues to introduce new products with the sugar-free concept. It promotes influence on different content platforms in China.


On Douyin, it cooperated with the KOL "Xianling Anran" to convey the brand's fat reduction concept through short videos with plot content.

In Kuaishou, it cooperates with the KOL ‘Dad Test’ to evaluate the ingredients of the beverage and convey the brand’s sugar-free concept.

On Weibo, it cooperated with celebrity Zhang Yuqi to promote celebrity endorsements.

On Xiaohongshu, it cooperates with amateur bloggers to share experiences and grow grass for consumers.

On the WeChat public account, it cooperated with Inspur New Consumer to publish the founder's speech to convey the spirit of enterprise.



C. Fashion wear and match KOLs can sell clothing through live streaming, and target users with low and medium spending power. They can create explosive products in live broadcast rooms through low-customer unit price products.


D. Gourmet KOLs build their own branded e-commerce or offline stores to direct users from content audiences to product consumers.


E. The KOL with the two-dimensional image is loved by young users. In the form of IP authorization, it achieves a win-win situation by creating joint funds with enterprises and brands.


With this report, do you know what to do about influence promotion in China? If you need help with KOL promotion in China, please feel free to email Domatters([email protected]).

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