China and the UK are getting closer through creativity,can your business hurry in China?

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   In recent years, with the sustained development of China's economy, advertising cooperation between China and other international countries has been increasing.


  Today, Domatters will take you to the cooperation news relate creativity between China and the UK to open up new ideas for your business in China.


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   Launched in 2018, SHIAF’s mission is to ‘Unite the world with ideas’ and provide a new creative, business and educational forum to connect the vibrant Shanghai advertising industry to the world.


   The 2019 Shanghai International Advertising Festival from March 4-8 brought the Chinese and UK advertising industries closer together, creating a platform for growth and trade.



    All the UK agencies attending either had existing business from Chinese clients, had Chinese offices or were looking to invest in setting up new businesses in China, so there were strong commercial ambitions motivating the delegation.


    For the Advertising Association(AA), DIT and the IPA, whose Promote UK collaboration marks its first anniversary in March, this was the biggest trade delegation so far, and kicked off the AA’s first-ever Export Month. On March 19, the AA and IPA post a survey on how the Brexit process is impacting on export growth as part of Adweek Europe in London to launch the first annual report on the export performance of the UK industry.


    Luckily in Shanghai, the twists and turns of the Brexit process felt a long way off. UK/China trade is booming and Chinese advertising has high regard for the UK’s creativity, effectiveness culture and global outlook. The presentations and meetings at SHIAF showed all these strengths and more. Inspiring creativity, powerful case histories and the factors that drive successful international campaigns, new technology and best practice in evaluating advertising effectiveness all featured.


    It was definitely a two-way learning experience. Leading Chinese agency and media brands shared the SHIAF stage and let all of us hugely impressed, particularly by the incredibly advanced e-commerce systems that are such a dominant driving force in the Chinese consumer economy, along with some great Chinese creativity being showcased.


    The hunger to learn, to collaborate and develop business was shown not just in the conference meetings and at the VIP dinner, which 12 leading Chinese advertisers attended, but in the audience watching the live streaming of the event online. Over 2 million people watched over the first two days, along with extensive media coverage.


    SHIAF was the catalyst to opening up new ventures in China and many of the Chinese companies present were looking to expand in and through the UK to other international markets.You can see that the opportunities in advertising is exist for deepening business links between the UK and China,and even between China and other international countries.


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