Aha,What's a million dollar brand name?

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First, why is the brand name worth millions?


A.Because it's important


Confucius said, "if the name is not right, the word is not right.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

The only marketing decision you can make is to come up with a good name for your brand.

A brand is first and foremost a name, which is what customers will remember in the end. Enterprises spend so much money on publicity, and the investment will ultimately fall on the name.A good brand name can greatly save communication costs.


B.Because it's hard to register


Market economy so many years, most commonly used names have been registered, so that the new brand registration rate is very low.

Because it's important and difficult to register, a good name is naturally expensive.A name is less tens of thousands, many millions.For example, better life's "little genius" brand cost 3 million yuan.



Second, what are the principles of brand name?


Brand name has 4 principles, respectively is "easy to remember, relevance, no confusion, no ambiguity".


A.Easy to remember


Brand name is the most important thing for the audience to remember, easy to remember there are 3 points, few words, not uncommon, with Chinese characters.


1.Less words


The best is two or three words, not more than four words, four words if people can directly think of the product or easy to remember can also consider.Such as "nongfu spring, three squirrels".

Names with more than four words are too expensive to memorize and spread.This kind of name, consumer can abbreviate commonly, for example "my beautiful diary", consumer speaks "beautiful diary" mostly.But things like "I've got something in my stomach. I'm glad to meet you.


2.Not uncommon


Try to use high frequency words, words everyone knows.Do not use rare characters, because the recognition is too low, do not know, how to remember?How?If you also need to spend money to teach customers to read, the cost is too high.

Such as the product and the brand name "Beng dried meat meal, you flour, ma, the wind..."


3.In Chinese characters


Do brand in China, do name with Chinese, do not use English or English abbreviation name, because memory and transmission cost is too high.

The brand may have an English name, but the Chinese name must be the core.Don't start with an English name and then transliterate it into a Chinese name.For example, SCALERS, most Chinese people do not know the meaning of SCALERS, remember the brand name "SCALERS", but these three words are not easy to remember, with outdoor products are not related.


Don't use acronyms. Even if you mean something, consumers won't know.Such as:


BYD full name is "Build Your Dreams" means "Build Your Dreams", who knows?

TCL is called Today's China Lion, which means "Today's China Lion". Who knows?

Don't use Chinese characters with foreign language or combination of characters, such as "fresh の daily C", don't know how to read, and I don't know how to play, is long and uncommon, memory and transmission costs are too high.


B. Relevance


It has to do with the industry, product characteristics, or the characteristics of the crowd.There are three.


1. Industry-related


Is associated with the industry attributes, let a person know what to sell.Specific associated products and associated industry characteristics.


Associated products

For example, in the name of water sold water or water is the meaning of the word.For example: nongfu spring, hundred orchards, fresh orange many, a can know what to do.

Related industry characteristics

What characteristics of the industry is concerned about by consumers, such as express delivery, distribution industry is "fast", security door is "solid, safe".Names like: flash, dun, rejoice




2. Feature correlation


Related to brand positioning or product features, if brand positioning is "durable, fresh, cheap...", the product features are in the formulation, production, modeling, packaging...There is something unique that can be reflected in the name.


BMW, position driving machine.BMW blood is the ultimate car.

It is positioned as "strong and durable, even able to stand on an elephant".

Red bull, positioned as a "refreshing drink", is full of energy.

Zhou Black Duck, unique way of making, the color is black.

White and black, the use of the method, the white day wear film, night wear black film.


3. Population correlation


The brand name sounds and feels like the image and psychology of the target group. Those sold to men should not sound like women and those sold to women should not sound like men.Such as:

Jin ba, men's brand, clothing style tough.

Wave sha, female sock brand, one listens to change feminization.

Wahaha, to children's drinks wahaha AD calcium milk started, a can of children.


C. no confusion


Name to have significant differences, do not take advantage of big name, do not take advantage of IP, do not category namesake.


1.Don't take advantage of big names


Don't be too close to other brands, especially big brands, which can make you feel like a copycat.

In the jewelry industry, after the success of chow tai fook, many brands in the naming, are like to use "zhou, da, fu" three words, there is a pile of "chow tai fook, gold, gold tai fook..."

Once the brand is big, it will still be regarded as a copycat.


2, do not take advantage of IP


Others like to be clever.Take advantage of famous IP (such as celebrities, famous objects, famous buildings...), for example, do antidiarrheal medicine is called "xie stop seal", do durian dry is called "pomegranate flower", do condom is called "central a set".

This kind of name is too grandstanding, everybody can feel amused, but do not trust to buy this kind of brand, because too frivolous, lack safe feeling.


3. Don't use "generic" words


Common words are "category name, noun, phrase" such as "toothpaste, news, here I come."

Some people think this kind of name comes with discharge, very take advantage of.Actually otherwise, this can let brand and category confuse.

For example, the toothpaste brand is called "news", the express cabinet brand is called "I am coming", the peripheral travel is called "to start", and the advertisement appeals that "peripheral travel is to start". As a result, consumers cannot figure out what the peripheral travel is called.




D. no ambiguity


1.Don't live up to your name

Do not associate the name with the product.For example, do jiangsu and zhejiang cuisine, not with the name of jiangnan lenovo, that "grandmother home, new discovery" this neutral name, not "bashu wind" this sichuan food lenovo name.

For example, "south beauty" is associated with jiangsu and zhejiang cuisine, but it is actually sichuan cuisine, so there will be a cognitive bias.




2.Don't have negative associations.


Some words have negative associations in pronunciation, homophony and semantics, which should be avoided as far as possible.

For example, the original name of jinlilai was "GOLD LION" (from the English word for "GOLD LION"), but the pronunciation of "LION" in guangdong is similar to "lose", which is taboo.

There is also shenzhen airport formerly known as "huangtian airport", but "huangtian" easily reminiscent of "yellow spring", later had to be renamed "bao 'an airport", meaning "keep safe".


Three, the basic method of brand naming


There are six common naming methods: phrase method, extraction method, imitation method, key word method, method of names of people and places, method of names of plants and animals, which are described as follows:


1. The phrase method


That is, "general nouns plus auxiliary words" as a phrase

General nouns refer to the words related to the category, such as "home appliance maintenance" category of related words are "home appliances, wrench, master...".

Auxiliary words are words that are combined with generic words to increase the significance of generic nouns and make the whole combination sound like a brand.

The benefit of this naming is that it directly expresses a feature of a business or product


For example, these names

Wrench + will = wrench will

Genius + little = little genius

Farmer + orchard = farmer orchard

Driving test + bible = driving test bible

Note + man = note man

Express + easy = express

Pay + treasure = pay treasure


2. Gather the method


From idioms, allusions, articles, novels, movies...In the document to extract words, directly used or modified.

Because there is a source, there is a cognitive basis, the audience after hearing the familiar feeling, easy to remember.If modified, the audience is both familiar and fresh, and easier to remember.Such as:


The Smurfs


Tea shape

Learning and thought


3. Imitation method


There are a lot of good names out there.It should be noted that it is best to imitate those of other industries, or it may cause confusion.


Such as:

The language of bees and the format of the language of joy is "X of Y"

Eve's format is "a X".

The format of flying pig and Tmall is "auxiliary word + animal".

The format of three squirrels and seven wolves is "quantifier + animal".

White and black (X auxiliary, Y, XY opposite)



4.Key to the lexical


According to industry attributes, product characteristics, brand positioning, idioms and allusions...Extract as many keywords and words as possible, and spread the combination around these words.

For example, I used this method to name a certain tea and came up with several good names.

Extract partial keywords

The name of a combination



5. Name and place method


Take the name of the founder or place as the brand name, or after the transformation of the brand name.

Foreign brands such as Chanel, Versace, Gianni Versace (Gianni ·Versace, ESTEE LAUDER

There are many in China.For example: wang laoji, Lao gan ma, wang zhihe, zhang koizumi, wang pozi, fan wenhua, li ning...


6. Nomenclature of animals and plants;


In the Internet company is very common, potato video, melon seed used car, flower glue broadcast, ant financial, elephant condom...To choose as far as possible people familiar, high recognition of the name, so that memory and transmission costs are low.


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