How can a foreigner learn Chinese well?

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In recent years, as Chinese comprehensive national strength has continued to rise, it has gradually emerged in the face of the world and has radiated light. In many countries such as the United Kingdom, a wave of learning Chinese has been set off, and Confucius Institutes in China have blossomed throughout the world. Many people begin to learn Chinese. For example, many British parents feel that Chinese is the most important language outside the Indo---European language family. They feel that children learn Chinese well enough to affect their development. Therefore, in addition to the United Kingdom, the enthusiasm for learning Chinese in the United States, New York, etc. has also continued---the world is speaking Chinese.


Chinese culture has a very unique and profound cultural heritage. If you are not a native Chinese, it is difficult to understand the rich connotations hidden in Chinese characters. I believe that if you are a foreigner who is also very interested in the extensive and profound Chinese culture, but when you are learning Chinese, you may initially feel that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn in the world besides Babylon. Although the previous block words have unparalleled charm, they are super hard to understand. Now with Pinyin marked with English letters but pronounced in Chinese, whether Chinese or foreigners, the difficulty of learning Chinese has been greatly reduced.


Chinese can be used in a variety of situations. How can a foreigner learn Chinese language?


1. Workers in China---Domatters suggests that you can learn more Chinese that should be used in the office


2. Foreign Housewives---Domatters suggests that you can learn more about Chinese with drivers and aunts


3. For tourists---Domatters suggests that you can listen to the tourist attractions and learn Chinese with your guide or Chinese friends traveling together.


4. Chinese and foreign exchange students / international students---Domatters recommends that you can multi-core Chinese teachers and classmates to exchange and cooperate at school. Chinese and foreign cooperation, exchange students can learn from each other.


5. Doing business in China---Domatters recommends that you can learn business Chinese——a book which name is "The Way to Success". This is a very good business Chinese textbook that can improve your ability to express and write Chinese business plans and business surveys.


In addition to finding Chinese college students to teach each other and learn a second language, you can also sign up for a special Chinese learning institution to learn, or you can learn by yourself on the website or download an APP with good self-learning ability.


Domatters recommends several websites for learning Chinese as below, and I hope to help you.


Website:Chinese Language Stack Exchange






The biggest advantage of the Chinese course in this is to teach pinyin, the curriculum is also scientific.For example, "吗 "corresponds to" question marker".It is suitable for beginners to master the most basic words, pinyin, sentence, then learn grammar.


How-can- a-foreigner-learn-Chinese-well-1


2.Hello Chinese


It systematically teaches the pronunciation of "Pinyin", and the corresponding short-form Pinyin is used for the secretary's pronunciation. It also specializes in recording and reading, and feedback checking. Its teaching is similar to the phonetic tutorial for learning English. It is used to memorize Chinese characters and practice basic Chinese sentences. This app is especially good.


How-can- a-foreigner-learn-Chinese-well-2How-can--a-foreigner-learn-Chinese-well-2-1


3.Chinese Skill


This is a very useful app for memorizing new words, just like various apps for memorizing English words. It has pictures, pronunciation, four choices, slowly memorizing new words, then phrases, idioms, simple sentences, and the most important part is strokes.


How-can- a-foreigner-learn-Chinese-well-3


4.Du Chinese


This is an App that is often recommended under the topic of Chinese learning on Quora.Every text of it has a recording.




5.Learn Chinese


This can be used for daily speaking practice. It contains simple dialogues, and each text has a corresponding recording. There are also courses set according to the occasion, which can be followed for practice.




6.Line Dcitionary


This is a dictionary suitable for foreign friends to learn Chinese. It is not only a paraphrased explanation designed for foreign friends, but also supports handwriting input. When a foreign friend encounters a new word, he can directly inquire about it by imitating handwriting.


If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Domatters.

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