With WeChat SEO, newcomers can also lead traffic easily and increase the number of fans quickly

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Today, Domatters shares "WeChat SEO" with you that is one of the core lead traffic channels for new media.We hope it will be helpful to your business in China.


At present, it is difficult to increase the fans of WeChat public account. And the cost of absorbing fans is also higher and higher. Meanwhile, the reading rate of WeChat public account is less than 10%.If you want to seize the bonus period of new media, make money through WeChat, do WeChat SEO, then you will not be short of traffic!


What is WeChat SEO?



Generally speaking, WeChat SEO is a relatively high natural ranking skills and strategies, is in the WeChat 'search a search' and 'see a look' these two modules search display.


For example, if you do a search on WeChat, you will find "WeChat shopping coupon group" and "WeChat rebate robot" both at the top of the list.This is due to the use of WeChat seo techniques to get a good ranking, which can get more accurate users.




The reason why these two articles are read so much is because more than 80% of views come from WeChat searches.


If the search in the PC, such as “How do we help Professional China link building and China optimizing SEO website?", it is to go through a very long time of work, and only need to publish an article on WeChat can do it, currently research WeChat seo this is not many people, so now is a very big opportunity.


What are the fundamentals of wechat seo?


You can think about it the other way around.If you are WeChat search, you will like what kind of articles in WeChat public account ?


The answer must be high quality WeChat Official Accounts and articles.


WeChat search believes that what users need and trust is high quality.So as long as you do a good job of user needs and trust, then your article will be more easily ranked at the top.


6 factors that influence the ranking of WeChat Official Accounts and articles


The first: certification factor of WeChat Official Account 


The WeChat official account that has been verified has more ranking advantages than the official account that has not been verified, and the optimized cycle of the official account that has been verified is relatively shortYou can go to taobao or you can let your friends or domatters for help.If not, then you can only use personal, but personal optimization cycle will be longer.


Second: keyword factor of WeChat Official Account and article name


The title of your article must have the keyword that the user will search.For example, if you are a mobile phone, then your accurate users will certainly search with "mobile phone" related keywords.And the keyword is to have WeChat search index.So how do you know if a keyword has a search index in wechat?


You can use WeChat search, search "index of WeChat " or "微信指数“ to judge.For example, if I search "wechat", the keyword reached 1.05 million on May 7.Of course, this is only a reference, you can do it according to your own field to find these keywords.



In addition, your title must be attractive that can make each other curious, so as to attract each other to click.For example, "how many secrets are hidden in WeChat rebate robot", "the secret behind WeChat shopping coupon group".This will make the reader curious and click in.There are more attractive titles, such as: "WeChat drainage the most simple and easy way, novice can easily drainage 3000 people", "college students entrepreneurship is actually very simple, he earned $80,000 in two months of secret".


A WeChat seo title: with keywords + temptation.


The third: description factors include WeChat Official Account description and article description


If your description of WeChat Official Account description or article without keywords, then the system may think your WeChat Official Account or article is not professional.So you must appear two keywords in the description of WeChat Official Account, and at least is once.

Article title or the name of WeChat Official Accounts has keywords, at the same time in WeChat Official Accounts description and article description also appeared keywords, then the system will think you this article or WeChat Official Account is very professional, which will naturally give you this WeChat Official Account a good ranking.


The Fourth: keyword layout in the article


You should also pay attention to the keyword layout of the article.To layout to be even and don’t stack a lot.You have to distribute it evenly at the beginning, middle and end.Don't use these keywords only at the beginning of the article or at the end of the article.


The Fifth: article reading, forwarding, comment volume factor


The more comments and retweets an article receives, the better it will be in terms of ranking. However, if you do well in the above four points, some words with little competition will be easily ranked even if you don't read much.For example, when an article is updated, you can send it to the WeChat groups and ask your friends to read it for you or forward it for you.If the base number of fans in the early is small, you can add some wechat group, the article links to the group inside.When you have more than 10,000 followers, it's not necessary.


The Sixth: the number of fans factor of WeChat Official Accounts


Sometimes you will find that even if you put the above five factors have done, but the ranking of WeChat Official Accounts of articles or not, because you ignore this core factor.If you do WeChat Official Accounts at the beginning, the fans are relatively small, then if you also do those big keywords competition, ranking is difficult to go up.For example, there are about 180,000 searches for the keyword "college student entrepreneurship" every day. If you have fewer fans, the competition for this keyword is big and it is difficult to do it.At this point, we can settle for the "long tail keyword".When WeChat Official Accounts fans more, we go to do those big keywords competition.


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