Will online education really become the future trend?

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"This year, due to the epidemic, the school can't start, so" online class "appears in the eyes of many parents and students, so how about online class?"



First of all, online education is a very good stage, but it is also a more chaotic stage. At present, it should be said that there are still opportunities for new admission institutions and teachers. In the future, we believe that we will gradually step into branding and personalization, and further subdivide the training subjects. Like it or not, online education is the trend. In recent years, the development of subject teaching is relatively fast, and there is a large market space for non subject education.




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Is everyone suitable for online classes?



Not all children are suitable for online classes. Online classes are basically only suitable for students with strong learning ability and high self-requirements. Online classes can save traffic time offline, and students can actively interact with teachers. For students with weak learning autonomy, online classes become a good way to escape the classroom pressure of the course. We say that the most important thing in learning is to use one's head to think, which many students can't do. So my point of view is that the online course is basically only suitable for those students who have sufficient learning motivation and high self-esteem.




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Can online education replace offline education?



As a tool, he has no ability to replace offline teaching. In the process of offline teaching, teachers can adjust the content of class in time according to the expression of students and the change of emotion. Through questions, answers, on-site questions and other forms to investigate students' mastery of knowledge. In the process of online teaching, the quality will be greatly reduced. To sum up, online education is just an educational technology.




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And online education forms and contents tend to be diversified, with the characteristics of high efficiency, low threshold and rich teaching resources. The accessible user groups are more extensive. Now more and more people are willing to try this new learning form. Before this year, there may be many people who don't understand the benefits of online education, just like people were extremely skeptical when Taobao was on fire. But after this epidemic, many parents have realized the reason why online education will develop. Online education will not be eliminated in the next ten or twenty years, or even become the mainstream education mode.



Is online education really bad?



From the definition of online education, it is very simple to move the field classroom education to the network, face-to-face teaching into video teaching. But if you have to ask your child if he or she is reliable in learning, he or she doesn't think it has much to do with online education. Online education may lead to the lack of supervision of children's classes, which poses a great challenge to lively and active children and leads to their poor learning effect, but it is also an opportunity to exercise their willpower and self-control. At present, education is forced to reform, not to mention children. Many teachers don't like online classes, but it also forces teachers to reform and make students more interested in the courses, which is a good thing.




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Why is offline education getting worse in recent years?



The problem lies in the distance, noisy learning environment, unable to meet the needs of students, etc. at the same time, educational institutions are also faced with quite serious problems, such as high cost of offline enrollment, trouble in educational administration management, excessive loss of students, difficulty in forming a good reputation, etc. But these problems will not happen online, so online education is one of the development directions of the future education industry. At the same time, online education plus offline education will become a model that will be adopted by the future education industry. This model absorbs the advantages of online and offline education, thus forming a nearly perfect education model. 

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