How to register a Baidu account?

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How to register a Baidu account? What is the procedure for registering a Baidu account?


Domatters chinese marketing summarize the following steps/method:

1.In Baidu search, when you enter “Register Baidu Account” for Baidu, you can see the following jump page, and then click to enter the “Register Baidu Account” interface;



2.Fill in as prompted.

       In the first column, enter the mobile number or email account (here for email registration example);

      In the second column, fill in your new password;

     The third column is filled in the right verification code, click on register now;


3.At this point the system will send a verification message to the mailbox, and then immediately enter the mailbox, enter the email account and password to log in;



4. You find Baidu official email messages in the mailbox, and click on it! Follow the prompts, that is, click on the link given in the email to activate the Baidu account;



5. You go to the Baidu home page for landing! You can walk around Baidu, like Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Library, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu experience, Baidu wallet and other Baidu’s platform.



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