Which platform of short video apps do you choose in China?

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Fast Short Video - the neglected flow depression


There are many short video apps in China. Which platform do you choose?


There are many short video apps in China. Which platform do you choose?


If you want to do short video, you need to choose the platform first.Otherwise, you're giving ammunition to the platform.


Short video apps in China can be roughly divided into three categories.


  • Centralization: shake sound, volcano, watermelon, B station, yoo video, Vlog, iQIYI, youku, huya, Momo
  • social class: quick hand, instant friends video, multi-flash
  • Plugins: wechat, live streaming, taobao short video/live streaming, and dianping


     The first category is "movie-watching".Users come to the platform to see good content recommended by the platform.Often such a platform is centralized distribution, for example, the home page of youku is recommended by manual editing.


     The second is the social platform. According to the algorithm, the platform can push the content to thousands of people. All the content you see on the platform is the content it distributes to you according to your user characteristics.


    The third category is only the degree of "plug-in", without the formation of ecology. The so-called ecology is that web celebrity does not grow its own home on the platform, and then web celebrity does not realize realization on the platform.


     Let's take the Fast Short Video as an example. The Fast Short Video has a great advantage that the proportion of its content producers is much higher than that of the Douyin sound and the micro vision.Supply and demand are relatively balanced when there are enough content producers on the platform.Supply is content production, demand is content consumption.


  To form ecology, we must form a closed loop of production and consumption.So the third category, which is just a plug-in function, does not form an ecosystem.


    So, do you want to invest in making short video's in this environment where they keep popping up?Which platform is best for you?How?How much?It becomes an important question


Three principles


There are three principles to consider: platform, people, and prototype


  • The platform

Consider the platform first. Why does the platform exist?Who does it serve?What is its purpose?


For example, the slogan of Douyin at the beginning was "worship". Later it became "record a beautiful life".And you can see the purpose of it.


Secondly, we should also consider what kind of values the platform is built around the survival rules, to see the platform of the web celebrity live how, find the best platform live web celebrity, see their fans from the platform native?From another platform?


The third point to consider is the DAU/MAU data of this platform (Daily Active User Daily Active users, monthly Active users monthly Active users).


  • People

When you choose a platform, you need to look at its purpose and values. In fact, the platform determines who you want to play and who you want to influence.


  • The prototype

Once you know who you are playing in the short video, you need to find the best prototype for yourself.What kind of content routine you want to take, look for similar content prototype.


What's the difference between Douyin and Fast Short Video?


Domatters used to compare Douyin and Fast Short Video and found a rule.


Some of the same kind of typical video, the ratio of thumb up to comment on a flutter is 1.00, while on the Fast Short Video, the ratio of thumb up to comment is 20.


This illustrates a point that is the interactive degree of Fast Short Video is higher.After Domatters ran through more data, we found that the Fast Short Video is more like a circle of friends, it's a weak relationship, non-acquaintance social circle of friends.It's more like a stage.Every video on Douyin is a work, but on Fast Short Video, every video is a social particle.


What are social particles?For example, today you sent a circle of friends, friends to give you thumb up.Do you think this circle of friends is a work?No, it's not creative at all.


At that time, the data of Tom Tom went up very fast. However, DAU of toutiao was also affected, which dropped by 1/3. At that time, there was another APP that dropped by 1/3, namely weibo.


In the dimension of time rushing, the Fast Short Video is not affected by the Douyin sound, because the two platforms have different qualitative characteristics.


Over time, if another video hit, then there will be a very big data increase from a relatively mature account in Fast Short Video.Then,the Numbers fall back slowly.


However, when the video of the video account becomes popular, the playing amount may be 100,000 times or even one million times of the original. However, when the next video is sent, the playing amount will drop like a cliff, which is completely different from the previous level.


This is the difference between Douyin and Fast Short Video. Fast Short Video users prefer "grave digging" for the popular video. When Fast Short Video users like a certain video, they will go to the previous video of the account to see it all.


What is the difference between public domain traffic and private domain traffic?


For example, if you open an online store on taobao.com and let users buy your products by themselves, then what you use is public domain traffic.This discharge is clean out treasure, not be you.So relatively speaking, private domain traffic is your own traffic.


For example, zhang dayi, snow pear... This kind of web celebrity, they own the flow, can use their own private domain flow with goods.


So for Douyin, it must be suitable for public domain traffic, it can achieve a short term video tens of millions, or even a billion exposure.But at the same time, when it focuses the traffic of the platform on a high-quality work, it means that not everyone can be allocated the traffic.


So the positioning of the two platforms is completely different. If you are a brand leader, and you want to get exposure in a short period of time, you should use Douyin sound.


If you are a web celebrity, want to operate for a long time, to raise their own private domain traffic, then the Fast Short Video is the best choice at present.


Short video implementation techniques


1. Which is more important, operation or content?


A short video team, the core should be: the operation, production, content copy.


The most important of these should be operations.Because by packaging operations, short video can get very good results.However, if you don't know how to package and operate, and don't adapt to the rules of the platform, no matter how good the content is, the platform may not recognize who you are.


2. Packaging skills


On your video homepage, it's important to let users see at a glance what you do.If not, the packaging is failing.


Video works cover, the title must be prominent, in addition to the title in the expression to attract users, the title in the production can also attract users, the title color and background color contrast, and the font with black box, can make your title more obvious.


3. How to exercise and shoot short video?


For short video beginners, how to quickly learn to shoot?Domatters can share a practical method that is "pull film".

Choose a classic video, then elongate the film, each frame carefully analyze and imitate, can quickly let yourself grow.


4. Do not delete and resend video after sending it


Sometimes, after we upload a video work, we feel there are some small problems, we want to delete it and send it again, we suggest not to do so, because the second time when we upload it, the fast hand may think you are a repetitive non-original video.


5. One machine for one card


If you don't want short video platforms like Douyin to weight you down and not let them think you are a marketing number, then you should not frequently switch accounts, or change the phone number.


If you change your account number all the time, it will make the platform feel that you are a bad account and that you are always changing people.And there are problems with profiling your data.




Short video, continuous patience is important.People only see the bright side of web celebrity, but they don't see the patient side.Zhang dayi, for example, used to sleep only four hours a day for live streaming.


In this industry, there are a lot of people who can't hold on, and you really get to a stage where there are very few competitors, very few people who can hold on physically and mentally.So patience is very important.


Domatters reminds you to pay attention to some of the details of short video operations, such as how to use the title to guide interaction, matrix accounts to thumb up, comment, share, design comment content, etc. This is very important.


Last but not least, six words for content creators from Domatters:


1. The eternal pursuit Continuous is high-quality creative content.

2. The whole team should keep learning all the time.

3.Capture the user's time, you only have 5 seconds;

4.Time is not the longer the better, but can be short is short:

5.Everything that appears on the screen is designed;

6.Escalating content is the way to go.


The coming era of 5g will usher in the outbreak of short video.Now is the best time to do short video and it's not too late.

Cut now and you l can still eat the dividend of user growth.

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