Domatters launches short video production service

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The explosive growth of short video has become the largest private domain traffic in China.


Short video has become a new symbol of information dissemination in the mobile Internet era. Based on the continuous development of the mobile Internet, the short video industry has adapted to the audience's mobile media reading habits. Compared with short video, video production and distribution in the context of traditional media have the characteristics of fragmented transmission, socialization, and blurred boundaries between video producers and users. It is precisely because of this that Domatters Digital Marketing China has launched this short video production Service. Welcome to contact us.




Advantages of short video products:


1) The overall duration of short videos is very short. Short videos of different categories are flexible in length, making it easier to form your own fan circle.


2) Fans can receive message reminders for every video sent, and each video sent is a free advertisement.


3) Good videos are more sticky to fans and easier to monetize traffic.


How to make short video?


All you need to do is to send inquiries about video production needs to our mailbox :[email protected] / [email protected]


After the inquiry request is submitted, a dedicated VIP customer service will contact you to communicate the details, and we will evaluate the quotation for you in a short time. If you think the price is OK, you can choose to pay for video production.




You can also add our SKYPE: li.hanming, OR Wechat:lihanming_jeff  to send your needs.


It is expected that short video will replace graphics in the future and become the next big hotspot in content distribution. This is already the default development trend of the Internet industry. At present, the short videos show a variety of gameplay, start ordering and make your own video!

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