How does Wuling become completely popular under the street vending economy?Its market value skyrocketed by 126%.

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Who is the source of employment and the fireworks on earth? As soon as the phone of the city management rang, the people who are the owner of the stall will harvest 20,000 gold!


The street vending economy refers to an economic form formed makes a living by running a stand/stall.The street vending economy has a long history in China, but it has not been completely legalized in Chinese cities. It used to be a marginal economy. On the morning of June 1, 2020, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council of China stated in Yantai, Shandong, that The street vending economy and the small shop economy are important sources of employment. They are the fireworks in the world, and they are also the vitality of China like the "high, big, and high" things. The street vending economy has become popular in China and has become legalized!






The car company that Domatters will talk about today has a market value surge of 126% in this street vending economy! It became the first share of the street vending economy!




The street vending economy has given birth to the "magic car of stalls"



Recently, a news that a city manager called the small vendors to set up the stalls spread over the Internet.


The urban management team members of Ruichang City, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, shouted to the street vendors one by one, and mobilized them to set up stalls at designated locations for business.



The video please click here  to see



With the loosening of China's national policies, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan and many other cities have responded to the national call to revive the market economy!


Along with this, first of all, the concept stocks of the A-share market all had daily limits, including the Commodity City, Xi’an Food, Dima, Yindu, and Maoye Commercial.


Among them, the most eye-catching is Wuling Motor, the first concept stock of The street vending economy!


The reason is because it launched the "magic car of stalls". Wuling Rongguangyi opened the truck, according to its official website information, the price is 56800 yuan.  






Although this car is not the latest product launched by Wuling. However, in the eyes of the revival of The street vending economy, Wuling still used this shareholder style as the "regular main force of The street vending economy." It did a fierce marketing campaign.


This wave of strong leverage has allowed Wuling Auto's stock to rise continuously within three days, and its market value has skyrocketed by 126%, turning into a "cent stock."


According to the media, the phone of Wuling Automobile Sales Company has been broken. Their daily order intake is expected to exceed the sales volume of the entire month last month, and the momentum is strong.


Of course, Wuling Motors's arrogance has long been talked about in China's Jianghu...




Wuling: It can get on the highway, but it can also get on the rotten road



In May 2010, "Forbes", the world's most authoritative financial media, praised Wuling Motors and called it "the most important car on earth". It was deeply interpreted in the form of a cover report.


"Forbes" gave the following evaluation:

"This car can be seen in any country in China, that is Wuling. Its shape reminds us of the hippie car of the United States in the 1960s, but its size is only half. The main customers of Wuling are Chinese small businessmen and farmers. They Use it to pull anything, from appliances to sugar cane."



So, where does Wuling Automobile which looks stupid on the outside surface so great?


First of all, with excellent product quality, it was named "China-made God Car". Having a good product and good quality is the most important thing for an enterprise.





Wuling’s predecessor was Liuzhou Automotive Power Machinery Plant, which was established in 1958. Later, in order to seek development, Wuling took the initiative to "sell itself", and reached a cooperation with SAIC Group and General Motors of the United States to establish a three-party joint venture company. Fortunately, the Wuling brand survived Down.


After the "sale", Wuling continued to explode, and Wuling Zhiguang and Wuling Hongguang stabilized its position in the market.



Wuling's products have a good reputation for performance and are a close-to-people brand that "It can perform well in the hall and cook well in the kitchen". It can be said that Wuling can get on the highway, but it can also get on the rotten road. No matter if you are off-road or SUV, sports car or car, Land Rover or overbearing, when you see Wuling, you have to give way automatically, even big trucks have to give it three points.



*In 2013, Wuling Hongguang's vehicle manufacturing technology was exported to India and received a technical commission fee of 100 million US dollars;

*In 2017, Wuling became the first Chinese automaker to open a factory in Indonesia, and exported an entire automotive industry chain;

*From 2006 to 2018, Wuling continued to occupy the largest market share in the domestic micro-surface market, the first annual production and sales volume of a single car company, and the first market penetration rate of MPV;

*In 2019, Wuling sold a total of 1.66 million vehicles, making it the number one Chinese brand car sales company.

*At the end of May this year, Wuling ushered in the 22 millionth vehicle off the assembly line, becoming the first domestic car company to reach this level.



Although Wuling has been posted as "village car", "street car" and "bottom car king", no matter how much we despise it in the Chinese auto industry, it is the most joyous "domestic car" in the vast urban and rural areas.


Secondly, its price is close to the people, and the Chinese people can afford it. In China, the price advantage will often bring you a lot of promotion convenience. But you shouldn't blindly lower the price, which is not good for the brand. You need to grasp that degree according to market conditions and your own brand.


Wuling's philosophy is to produce the highest possible value at the lowest possible cost and to pursue high efficiency and pragmatism.


It believes that allowing the car to pull more than half a box is far more important than aesthetics. Regardless of all costs, to overcome a technical problem can ensure that a low-end car is cheap and resistant.


Under the new concepts of China's Internet car manufacturing, new energy vehicles and various super cars, Wuling still insists that the average selling price of the models sold does not exceed 50,000 yuan.


No wonder some netizens comment on it as below:


"Don't look down on Wuling Bread, it gives the people who couldn't afford a car the dream of a private car. Usually it is the short-distance delivery in the city. Come on, Wuling, people can afford a car that can be praised!"






Finally, take advantage of the situation quickly and catch up with the wind. This is to use hotspots and the current situation to market.


Although Wuling is an old brand, it always keeps up with the trend and is good at taking advantage of it. In addition to taking advantage of the situation this time, Wuling became the first car manufacturer to produce both masks and mask machines when the epidemic broke out in China in February 2020.


Although Wuling is an automobile company, they already have the qualifications for mask R&D, production and operation, and have obtained the national medical device operation license and have also passed professional inspections. They changed the upstream company's production line into a 2,000-square-meter dust-free space and set up 14 mask production lines. Therefore, it took only 3 days from the deployment of staff and the conversion of the workshop to the first batch of masks off the assembly line and production.



Regard the business In the world, speed is the key


As soon as the Chinese nation has decided to adjust the "the street vending economy", Wuling has become a hit with the "street car". This is not to say how lucky this brand is, but that it is fast enough. While others are still watching, hesitating, and struggling, Wuling has taken a decisive shot.


There is an ancient Chinese saying that the martial arts in the world can only be broken quickly. The world's business is probably the same.


Many businesses make money by using information asymmetry. For some businesses, time is a business opportunity, and those who enter the game first are often pre-emptive and enjoy the dividends. Especially in today's uncertain environment, it requires the courage and courage of the enterprise.


As Professor Chen Chunhua said, "We must have actions to deal with the crisis. The actions here are actions that directly face the crisis and resolve difficulties. There is also a plan to act immediately. This is right, as long as we are like this Go for it, I believe the good results must belong to you."


As the Global e-commerce innovation leader of the year, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi,Lei Jun's seven-character formula for Internet thinking is: focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, and fast. "Fast" is the main element of Internet thinking. Therefore, the word "fast" is the essence. It can be said that "fast" has become a lifeblood in enterprise competition.







It is now popular in China: "It is not big fish that eat small fish, but fast fish that eats slow fish." Whether or not they can quickly adapt to the changing external environment determines the future and destiny of a company or even an individual.



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