Have you understand the cultural output of Li Ziqi

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Li Ziqi, the real name of Li Jiajia who was born in 1990 in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, and is a chinese mainland food short video creator. The red veil that covers her face and the red mark on her eyebrows should be the initial impression of the netizens. In many of her videos, Li Ziqi's dress is also a reflection of the rustic style, which reflects people's desire and pursuit of the idyllic life.It is just like Tao Yuanming's poem "Picking chrysanthemums on the eastern fence, seeing the southern mountains at ease".


Have you understand the cultural output of Li Ziqi


Just think, what was Li Ziqi's original intention in making this video? Domatters think it was not for fame, but to survive, and she enriched the mode of survival.Later these videos went crazy on the Internet, and even foreign well-known media were willing to worship the wind. She was really popular all over the world and recently photographed in the same frame with Mr. Yuan Longping.


Yes, each of her videos is delivered to the public with a silent picture of all the texture that can be felt.The state media call all this information conveyed - chinese cultural output.


Have you understand the cultural output of Li Ziqi 



This Chinese culture really shocked the world. As we all know, China is a large country with five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Our papermaking is one of them. However, the little girl restored the true image of this ancient civilization in a video. Through the selection of ingredients and the process of making them, it seems to bring us back to a time in the distant past. In this way, our ancestors have been able to record our history in a way that has been appropriately replayed by Li Ziqi.


China is a country of etiquette, benevolence and wisdom, and our ancestors have long poured the blood of this tradition into our souls. We all have the responsibility to carry it forward.


So what is the significance of this cultural output in our deep thinking?Domatters think this is an advocacy, advocating the essence of our Chinese civilization.


The video of Li Ziqi is the result of such unconsciousness.There are a few people who can do this at this moment! The mere need for a kind of survival does it, just enriches the steps in it.


The progress and development of human civilization is not taken place overnight. So we really need to think deeply about our lives, explore every moment of life, and constantly explore the miracle of promoting social progress.




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