Under the epidemic, a trillion-dollar market in China is ready to go!

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2020 is destined to be an unforgettable year. The black swan of COVID-19 coronavirus made a sudden attack for us.It disrupts everyone's life rhythm and work plan, causing incalculable losses to society and the country. There are two sides to things, and you can always see the dawn in the face of crisis. Cheng Jia, a teacher of logical thinking, once said: The problem that most people see is the problem, and those people can see the problem as an opportunity with a positive attitude. In 2003, SARS hit many traditional industries, but e-commerce ushered in the spring. Although we have encountered misfortune today, the darkness is always short-lived, and the future is more worth looking forward to.


If we want to say what is the best business in this era, it must be to solve the difficult problems of society that we see everywhere through new technologies.


 Solving the problem of difficulty in buying vegetables has made Dingdong grocery shopping; solving the problem of difficulty in working has made online office work; solving the health problem has achieved the health code.


So where is the future outlet?What is the future development trend?


Digital liquor, a new opportunity in the trillion market


It will subvert the traditional business model and usher in new business opportunities.


Current status of liquor industry in China:


1. Liquor distributors have high inventory pressure, slow cash flow and high financial risk;


2. The sales method of the terminal is single, the price of the circulation link is increased, the packaging of the wine bottle is excessively wasted, the channel is uncontrollable, and fake and poor wine is flooding the market.




3. Consumers like to bring their own drinks, and store business income is reduced


4. Go to a restaurant to eat, the price of drinks is high, and you can't drink


5. Drinking style is monotonous, no interaction


6 .............


How to solve this situation in the wine industry?


Domatters recommends the construction of digital liquor. For example, like the enterprise of rivers and lakes, through the use of mobile wine cellar principles, geographic fence technology, traceability technology and other core technologies, it solves the scientific storage and sales management problems of good wine. Through the integration of powerful marketing channels throughout the network and the use of unique wine sales methods, while solving the difficulty of selling traditional quality wine, more consumers are benefited. This will not only allow consumers to try drinking shallowly, but also take the amount they want, unlocking a new drinking scene.




  More importantly,it allows consumers to interact with wine through intelligent and automatic consumption. It fully realizes the quality fidelity, the original factory low price, and according to the amount of consumption. It is even better to turn tobacco tea wine into cultural wine!


1. Subvert the traditional liquor retail model. The direct supply of good quality wine is free, reducing the operating costs of associates and sales terminals. If enterprises use funds in a timely manner, they can solve the triangular debt problem of traditional liquor retail.


2. Strong technology: apply for multiple technology patents. For example, geo-fencing technology can scientifically circumvent the problem of traditional agent sales channeling; traceable technology can solve the problem of wine quality; blockchain technology ensures the irreversible splitting mode;


3. Light operation: In addition to the equity of the joint venture, the joint venture does not need to invest other funds. It is best for companies to provide multi-faceted support to fully empower the joint venture. For example, as long as the joint party lays the smart wine vending machine on the table terminal, self-service wine sales, consumers scan the code to pick up the wine independently, and when the drink is less than 20%, it can automatically remind the joint party;


4. Good profit: Liquor consumption is just needed by society. Moreover, the liquor industry has high profits and high consumption frequency, and the joint ventures have no worries about earnings


The inevitable reason that digital wine industry becomes the focus


Policy, market and demand are the three inevitable reasons for the digital wine industry to become the focus.



  •  In line with China's national policy: from the restriction on consumption of "sangong" at the beginning of 2012 to the "liquor restriction" and then to the "prohibition", the liquor industry entered a period of deep adjustment in the following years, and the high-end liquor market was impacted.


  • Conform to market demand: the number of middle class families in China has been expanding steadily, liquor consumption has been upgrading continuously, and the consumption scale of liquor has exceeded one trillion yuan.With the rise of the new consumer groups born in the 1980s and 1990s, the traditional drinking method of liquor will be broken, and the traditional tobacco, tea and wine will be transformed into emotional wine and cultural wine.


  • Liquor is just needed: with the rise of the Internet industry, many entrepreneurs are pursuing the air, but they fell into the altar in a year or two. The profit margin of the liquor business is huge. It has a history of thousands of years in Chinese history, and the future is expected!


How to expand the market size?


To build a digital wine industry, in addition to traditional marketing methods for brand building, affiliates can also conduct video marketing. For example, to promote liquor products on Douyin or Kuaishou and other end screens, as well as drinking methods, so that short video users can see as much as possible!


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