The story of drinking culture in China

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  In my opinion, Drinking culture in China is a more interesting culture, there is a male drinking and smoking problem in northern China. I say this is a person who likes to drink good wine and smoke cigarettes. I guess Chinese men are like drinking water and white wine.

You drink as fast as the people around you, often drink very high Chinese liquor. It's not necessarily a ' problem ', but the problem is that people with social power can force people to drink, whether it's age or your boss. There is also a mysterious, can drink a lot, people will boast how much  "pound " white wine you can drink.


Drinking culture in China is changing, at least in Beijing, because liquor is certainly considered a drink, which is a very difficult drink for the elderly.


The only exception is the business dinner, no matter who the big boss of the meeting is prescribed for drinks (usually white wine), then, even the non-drinkers must do an action to pretend that they can drink. When someone finishes drinking, you'll finish yours. You can get someone to drink from their side (they always bring a person), you have to chase his followers, make them drunk, when they are literally on the floor through or vomit, you can hang out and toast the boss. This has never happened before.


In general, you can go from the wine-eating stage to the KTV, and then use fewer deadly beers.


All this is a very ' traditional ' business practice, and newer technology companies have given up a lot of forced drinking. Thank God. Although public awareness of smoking has not improved much, it is partly because the government has made considerable profits in the sale of tobacco. I think the drinking culture in China will change because the government is taking on a bigger part of the medical costs.

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