We help do brand new retail online

Back story:
The Engnice Founded in Hunan and 2008, the main British, Shubic two brands, is the leading domestic infant industry specialization group, in the country has nearly million sales outlets, annual turnover exceeded 10 billion.As the online dealer channels developing fast, offline stores to obtain new customers more and more expensive.Existing store sales models and channels can not establish continuous interaction with customers, user stickiness is not high.The user data portrait, the interactive link break, cannot construct a  good experience journey for customer.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness:

1.We guide as the key contact with the consumer interaction, the British all over the country nearly million sales store user data into the SCRM system, to build continuous interaction.We use the approach that called "Shopping guide sweep code + user scan Code" to effective manage shopping guides and members of customers and introduce a huge flow for the store.It realize the value and cost of balance.Now member have added 300%, fan day activity have increased 3~4 times, monthly interaction frequency of more than 20,000.

2.We acquired and retained the entire channel customer data. And we drived pcision marketing, scene sales business upgrade, while meeting the higher class customer experience, and efficiently expand the new category of customers like. Overall sales growth of 25%-30% year-on-year, effectively enhance the market influence 120%.

3.We based on a product one yard, store digitization, drive "reward" direct, reduce gift wrong hair, leakage, the formation of "brand-shopping guide-consumer-brand" of the benign interactive sales chain, effectively enhance the enthusiasm of shopping and consumer repurchase rate.Now operational efficiency have increased by 54% and customer cost reduction of 170%.New user purchase rate have increased 15% and the old user's repurchase rate have increased by 20%.