Does your brand promote the theme of environmental protection as world environment day approaches?

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With the increasing awareness and emphasis on the Internet, brand sponsors are increasingly favoring the Internet naming method.That is through the high penetration of the network to obtain network attention, and then enhance the brand influence.Factors considered by sponsors in particular include audience fit of the program, the correlation between the program content and the brand or product, the estimation of the program rating, the way the brand is exposed in the program, and so on.The return of sponsorship can be the promotion return of a product in a short period of time or the promotion of brand value in the long term.Internet is one of the irreversible trends in today's society, so the naming of the network platform of popular variety shows also gets more attention from advertisers.


Today, Domatters is going to talk about protecting the environment.


"Keep Running" and "Extreme Challenge" join hands with "World Environment Day 2019", and the first programs all focus on the theme of environmental protection



World environment day 2019 is hosted by China this year.It is a big event about environmental protection in China.It will host a global event on June 5 in hangzhou, zhejiang province, China, hosted by the United Nations environment program, China's ministry of ecological environment, and hosted by the zhejiang provincial government and the hangzhou municipal government.About 650 guests from home and abroad which include officials of the United Nations environment programme, members of the international cooperation council and leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, will attend the conference.


May can be called "Chinese variety month".Two popular variety shows, ‘Keep Running and Extreme Challenge, have been broadcast in China.The first two variety shows both involve the theme of environmental protection, and use the influence and appeal of public figures to spread the "good voice" and "positive energy" of environmental protection through various forms of publicity.This will promote the upcoming "world environment day 2019" in China and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.There are a lot of net friends said that the variety show using the characteristics of large traffic began to add environmental protection elements now and it is very good!


In ‘Keep Running, all the members have an intimate contact with the urban garbage.For example, whether it is to experience the life of waste treatment workers, to spread the knowledge of garbage classification in schools, to check the site of waste incineration power plant, and to check the water quality after sewage treatment, etc., all these are the publicity of environmental protection knowledge by the team of ‘Keep Running.From Keep Running, it can be seen that the Chinese people are not fully aware of garbage classification, and the figures make us more intuitively see our lack of garbage disposal.It takes five years for a heavy sweater to break down, 200 years for a can to break down, 1,000 years for plastic, and two million years for our humble glass bottle.



In Extreme Challenge, we also see the invisible garbage buried under the sand in the bund, the place where they shot in Shanghai.And all this garbage is washed back to shore at high tide, which is very much like what we don't put in the stomach of the ocean, and now it's all coming back.Sometimes we do more harm to nature than we think.


The environmental problem of the earth is what every human being has to face.Some people have a sense of environmental protection in their hearts, while others are still polluting the environment.It is precisely because there is no ideology for "environmental protection for allbody", so the need for the "leader" to take the lead.In the marketing world, environmental protection is an ever-present topic.Many brands in recent years on the theme of advertising, more environmentally conscious brands in the marketing are playing a good hand public welfare brand.However, some enterprises may not realize that the public spirit of advertising is a fashion trend.


Corporate social responsibility is a long road and always on the way


The idea of enterprise marketing must advance together with the ideological trend of the whole society.Corporate social responsibility (CSR), as officially defined, means that while making profits and assuming legal responsibilities to shareholders and employees, enterprises should also assume responsibilities to consumers, communities and the environment.



CSR in China continues to develop and improve.CSR has become an important index to evaluate enterprises in the new era.The larger the industry and the larger the enterprise, the greater the responsibility.It is a must and a long way for enterprises to focus on the construction of their social responsibility.Environmental protection is an important part of CSR.In today's society, it is a matter of course that enterprises bear the social responsibility of environmental protection.However, due to the vague understanding and long-term lack of CSR, as well as the lack of authoritative and powerful legal provisions or regulations on corporate responsibility constraint in China at present, enterprises either use responsibilities to pursue advertising effect, or environmental responsibility events keep emerging.


In recent years, the issue of environmental protection has been heating up, and has gradually become a topic of great importance to the country in China.Environmental pollution has become the fourth major concern of Chinese society after medical care, education and housing.With the holding of the NPC and CPPCC in 2019, environmental governance that focuses on people's livelihood has again become a hot topic.In early 2019, thanks to a photo released by NASA of the world's green space, netizens around the world thanked China.


Environmental protection is a pressing issue for all mankind.As a result of human development, many resources of the earth have been exploited and the environment has been destroyed, which has caused great changes in the present environment.Natural disasters occur frequently, such as earthquakes, snowstorms, global warming, tsunamis, typhoons, etc., which make people pay more and more attention to the environment and protect the environment.No matter for network marketing or traditional media marketing, the audience level will be affected by the level of awareness. No matter whether this marketing behavior can achieve a certain commercial income, brand enterprises must have the responsibility to release advertisements that are beneficial to the society and have good influence on the public.Now with online interaction, in a sense, your ads can be new, but you also need to know that the ads are being monitored by Internet users.


The brand which do environmental marketing truly should have the following two characteristics:


1. Willing to provide technical support for environmental optimization.For example, KFC's environment-friendly food basket,'s edible chopsticks and adidas' new shoes made from waste shoes all contribute to reducing garbage.


2. Interact with consumers through marketing activities to promote their awareness of environmental protection.For example, H&M calls on people to participate in the second-hand clothes recycling program, and starbucks offers consumers free coffee on earth day.



In other words, whether a brand is really emphasizing environmental protection or just putting on a show depends on their intentions.If the brand just launched a series of environmental posters, began to wantonly release a press release about how much they love environmental protection, such a way, really just do appearance.


To sum up, green and environmental marketing is a good direction for brands.Of course, you should not only do the surface work, because the degree of attention to see.Learning to integrate environmental protection information into consumers' daily life and deepen their association between brand and environmental protection is a qualified environmental protection marketing.


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