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In the eyes of many Chinese people, M&G is the memory of their childhood.Recently, we have been attracted by these painting styles of online M&G refresh.Is this still the "M&G" we used to be familiar with?



Isn't it?The M&G? Isn't the memory of "M&G" like this?



M&G stationery is an established stationery company in China, accompanying the growth of the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s in China.We are growing up quietly at the same time, once was a piece of world stationery industry is also quietly changing.With the improvement of living standards, people like things, in addition to practical, but also fun and interesting.More and more foreign stationery products are entering the Chinese market, such as Japanese MUJI, LoFt, DAISO...Once entering the Chinese market, it set off a wave.It also shows that Chinese people have improved their aesthetics and are willing to pay for some ideas of beauty.Hand leashes and their accessories became popular.



If you want to avoid being swept away by the current of the times, you must learn to create change and stay ahead of the times.M&G had to focus on aesthetics and design sense to regain the market.M&G has been upgrading its brands to match consumers' tastes, needs and levels of consumption.The company has successively built chenguang life hall and jiumu sundry club, and explored more aspects of life and life retail.M&G constantly absorbs nutrients from the excellent Chinese culture and spreads Chinese culture to the world based on the world stage.At present, M&G has carried out cross-border cooperation with many famous IP companies at home and abroad, and has been authorized by major museums and art galleries.It used to be that we couldn't leave M&G, but now we don't want to leave M&G.



Even the Palace Museum in China is coming to grab the cultural and creative heat, of course, M&G can not sit idly by.From this, we finally have another version of the "lipstick economy" -- the "culture and innovation economy".


How do you feel about M&G?What was your inspiration?


Domatters briefly summarized a few points that we hope will be helpful for your business in China:


First, the combination of products and content to create diversified cooperation


M&G wants to integrate with Chinese culture to create its new packaging design.In the field of culture, M&G cooperates with han's "one", water margin, British museum, the little prince, traditional Peking Opera and so on.There are also cartoon IP area of the sea thief king, spongebob, miffy, and even the field of cosmetics yu meijing, Mary dejia, as well as many domestic independent designers IP.Anyway, you can think of and you can not think of the possibility of cooperation with the M&G.In the era when content is king, M&G closely adheres to the preferences of young people and makes content derivative.It put away the shelf of old brand, instead civilian change, diversity.It endows products with life and stories rather than just products, so as to gain emotional resonance of the audience and favorable impression of the brand.Besides, M&G does not keep its eyes on school supplies, but obtains more attention and traffic from various circles through diversified products and cooperation.





Second, take the strength to speak, closely follows the hot spot


No matter how beautiful the design is, whether the product works well or not is still the root of making the product.You can watch the action of the M&G carefully.Actually it did not do much less which like assessment and answer q&a, popular science and so on.Such as "why there will be holes in the ball pen", "to understand the color lead classification", "the binding on the book with what", "what is the direct liquid type"...Originally these usually do not know the cold knowledge is so interesting.As a result, the degree of favorable impression of the brand is also promoted imperceptibly.And in response to relevant hot issues, dawn is not ambiguous.Some time ago, the news that the homework of primary school students disappeared overnight came out.



Third, close to the audience, serious advertising


In the field of communication, M&G already exists as web celebrity.Whether it is the down-to-earth copy, poster, or the "back-to-school season" advertisement of some time ago, it can be seen that M&G has become handy in the marketing thinking of the Internet and digital era.As a result, many young people in China who have been away from school for many years feel that M&G is talking and communicating with you who used to be on campus.This is the innate advantage of academic categories.It is also where M&G's marketing heart lies.



Fourth, form its own IP and encircle and suppress similar brands


This is very important. We can see that M&G is not only building stationery brands, but also hunting similar IP.When it comes to stationery, it's hard to think of other brands besides M&G.The significance of this approach is not simply to stir up the soup to stop the boiling, but more far-reaching layout, ambition.When all this matures, IP premium will be more valuable than selling stationery, and it can develop the surrounding area, culture and even make movies...



For those who ask what the best marketing is, Domatters thinks it's a choice not only for children, but for parents.


Have you been attracted by M&G's packaging design?


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