How do we help you with Initial Market Research Plan?

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How do we help you with Initial Market Research PlanDomatters Digital China Marketing will do it for you from the following aspects:


 Initial Market Research Plan

 Initial Market Research Plan



1. Overview


Legal issues in the market

Competitiveness of the market

General perception of the market

Ethical issues

Further Considerations


2. Competition


Competitors’ sites: list of the top competitors sites, including our estimation for the traffic or the size of each. Minimum 5 big sites, and another 5 mentioned mainly by URL


Competitors’ advertising platform: for the above top 5 competitors – what platforms do they user for paid advertising, and what are their main channels, including social media


Competitors’ the funnel: this should be a generalization of the above top 5:


  • Main traffic sources
  • Media that they use (content, banners, clips and so on)
  • Sites or landing pages
  • Sales funnel, including chat, email and phone calls.Digital China Marketing would try first and go through the process  to see how it goes and how fast.


Competitors’ pricing and the costs of their service


 Initial Market Research Plan-1

 Initial Market Research Plan-1


3.  Customers


This is a bit tricky part, but Domatters Digital China Marketing would provide our input here, as well as elaboration of how we got this input, what methods did we use.



if you need, we will build 4-5 personas that can be used 


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