How does "YinYu 2.0" music encounter evolve to "old drama bone" in social content ecology of music?

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Music encounter which is ‘YinYu’ said in Chinese starts from the game, singing duck which is ‘ChangYa’ in Chinese starts from playing and singing, netease cloud music which is ‘WangYiYunYinYue’ in Chinese starts from emotional expression, all of which will eventually be integrated into the construction of content ecology of music and incubate the unique content of its own platform.






Music encounter was launched in September 2018, focusing on gamified music social interaction. It reconstructed the scene of K song through the method of scrambling to attract users to participate in it. Soon, it ranked first on the social interaction list of App Store and second on the free list.


In December 2018, yinyu announced the completion of financing of tens of millions of dollars, valuing over 200 million dollars.At the height of its momentum, it was taken down by major app markets for two months and won't be back on shelves until August 10, 2019.Now,reappeared on the shelves of Music encounter is with a richer play to strengthen the content and social relations precipitation.Compared with traditional singing products, the users of music encounter only need to sing a few words to participate in the game.The low threshold of music encounter ensures that users can enter the game quickly and continuously invest time in the game, which caters to the characteristics of karaoke of a wider population.


Different from the online karaoke products like national karaoke and singing bar, the songs are more fragmented. Most of the songs of Music encounter are performed with two lyrics at a time, and the average time is about 20 seconds that can be finished.The characteristics of fragmentation and gamification have a great attraction to the young users after 95s.In the official QQ group, which has 809 users, the post-00s account for 53%.This feature also brings new variables to the music community circuit.First of all, after it gathers a large number of young people with music games, it has the possibility of accumulating social relations and building a community.Secondly, the way of game is also to boost the production of content. After the content richness reaches a certain level, it will have the basis to generate a unique content ecology.The new version of the music encounter is also designed to promote this uncertainty into certainty, allowing content and relationships to drive the formation of communities.This is the music encounter from eating "youth meal" of a small students, evolved into a mature skills of the old play bone road.And in a way, music encounter is closer to the possibility of creating a new community product for bytedance as a pool of traffic than dot-flash or fly-chat.


  • Strengthen the sense of community


After version adjustment, the overall sense of community on the platform has become stronger.In version 1.0 of Music encounter, the main tone meets the gamification attribute on the playing method, and there are two modes of ‘pop musical singing’ and ‘hot song JieChang’.In the new version, the music encounter added 3v3 friends fighting mode that hope to precipitate the accumulation of social relations within the game, and try to expand the small-scale acquaintance social scene.In this game, the player needs to use the CARDS to attack the opponent and save his teammates.In the latest version, 3v3 team players have been able to invite each other outside the system matching friends, recent game friends, team members "open black."From the point of view of products, the mode of rob sing and 3v3 battle mode is more like MOBA mobile game such as king of glory, players can not only open a game with strange users, but also with friends and colleagues to open black.Singing is no longer the K song mode that you sing I listen to, but a shell of the game which points to the user fragments of time to kill and social.





The original lead singer PK was also renamed "discovery".Users can follow or recommend short video feed stream, support comments and forwarding thumb up.The previous lead function scrolls below video in the form of link, and click to jump to the lead selection of corresponding songs.The player can also give feedback on the lead song to facilitate more interesting interactions and more content.This column can meet the growth demands of "core players" that help precipitate community content, incubate KOLs on this basis, and also bring continuous high-quality content for ordinary users.


Yin yu 2.0 also launched a "mall" for buying virtual items such as games and costumes.The feed stream is actually an outlet for content consumption, where players can continuously "feed" content, that the platform can use to increase user time and satisfy users' content consumption needs outside of the game.At the same time, it's also a hotbed of UGC content, where music encounter can incubate their own community's music KOLs, and then foster a content ecosystem with music encounter.


Horizontally, after gathering more players with the function of low threshold and pan-entertainment, and initially building a social network, the introduction of feed stream and the construction of content ecology will create a ladder for audio channel to select high-quality content.Vertically, by raising users' growth expectations, it creates a more sustainable driving force for development, and ultimately the possibility of developing into a mature community product.


  • The community apocalypse of the headline department


Music encounter began to test in the way of star special to set up exclusive fans QQ group and win loyal fans, female users.The user feedback channel is established to realize product iteration quickly.After it was officially launched in September last year, it carried out small-scale video content promotion on the platform of "sand carving series" such as the rightmost, pipi shrimp and station b.In November, the product was optimized to join the nationwide leading singing method, and the promotion was intensified in the all-channel open communities such as douyin and weibo.In this process, music encounter active from fans, female users to pan-entertainment users,and users ushered in a large-scale outbreak.


To a large extent, the higher expectation of music encounter also depends on the ability of the team to quickly iterate the product and the operation and promotion ability in the early development of the product after finding the entry point such as music gamification.The core members of the team are toutiao entrepreneurs, and their growth follows the growth methodology of toutiao: explosion, fission and efficient release.





Dot-flash which is the video social product is an extension of douyin private messaging.Flychat hopes to build a community by building on the relationships it has accumulated in toutiao's products.Dot-flash once benchmarked WeChat and chose video as the entry point to attract users.However, the national video social habits have not been formed, WeChat in the field of instant messaging stable,so there is no more room for dot-flash.Following the relationship chain of toutiao today, flychat essentially completes a cold start in the way that big V operates fans, and then seeks to develop interest based circle groups.Toutiao's own weak connection cannot help it get more done.Social products incubated in bytedance with huge resources, such as dot-flash and flychat, have faded out of people's sight after the initial explosion.Compared with music encounter, these two products both lack entry points like music gamification to give users a reason to choose to use, and also lack reasons for users to interact in the products.


For bytedance, which has toutiao and douyin, the only way to break through the current traffic intermediary status and truly build an ecological environment is to settle social relations and have its own "traffic perpetual motion machine".On the one hand, the music encounter is an innovative product that is more likely to create new traffic pools for bytedance, proving that the community may be more suited to current headlines.On the other hand, it provides lessons and inspiration for that how bytedance should build social products.The music encounter that catch the vertical people who are interested in singing in a gamified way is in fact to learn from the experience of the video field and help users to redefine the K song.


On the basis of traditional KTV karaoke, it has found a way to "play" music, which is more suitable for the consumption habits of fragmented content, and is more interactive and game-playing.Moreover, the music encounter with this characteristic can generate a positive cycle with douyin, which can better absorb the existing potential energy of douyin.Songs that have become popular on douyin can be put into the music interface for users to "play", so that more content can be derived from the songs. At the same time, more content and creators can be returned to douyin.However, from the perspective of music,music encounter with community attributes can make up for the weakness of douyin community attributes.


  • New era for music social 


From the perspective of music social contact, the success of music encounter also means that music social contact track has the possibility to reconstruct itself in the current stage.In addition to music encounter, singing duck, netease cloud music are trying to copyright outside the music community path.Compared with music encounter and singing duck, the original popular karaoke and sing bar only transfer the users' needs of singing and listening to music offline to the online.In the track of music community, popular karaoke and singing bar are more like Youaiteng in the field of video. Based on the most basic needs of users, new scenarios and content forms are constantly developed, such as the online live broadcasting function launched after singing bar and the investment of offline matson singing bar.



But above and beyond the basics, the most important thing is to have a product that makes it easier for users to participate.Li Yang, the product leader of singing duck, once mentioned that the team chose the music track at last because there was no room for the development of social contact and short video in China, but the product form of player and karaoke in music had not changed.He hopes to create a popular content creation ecology based on the function of singing duck, and redefine the content form of a short song that is more in line with users' fragmented consumption habits.Different from the traditional singing App, sing duck only selects a certain part of a song. By selecting musical instrument + cappella + drum beat + sound effect, the user can prompt by ICONS in different colors and positions to play and sing without any musical instrument.


This change is reflected in the new product, that is, singing is no longer the ultimate demand satisfied by the product, but the medium or means to meet the entertainment demand.The products fill users' fragmented time by singing, or satisfy users' richer emotional expression needs.The founder of music encounter has also mentioned that the current product is not to compete with music products, but to think about how to compete for users' fragmented time.The initial success of music encounter proves that the combination of music and game is a feasible way.


Now, the more obvious change is in the social dimension.Traditional music products lay more emphasis on the relationship between content and connection, and singa precipitates the social relationship chain with the theme of karaoke.There are two types of social interaction of singba: one is watching and commenting on your friends' singing works; the other is watching and being watched in the mode of live broadcast and short video.Netease cloud music is based on the list and music reviews to social, and launched a small program "music friends" this year, through listening to the song preferences to match friends, strangers social.Music encounter and singing duck gather users with functions and playing methods, but whether the community can be constructed later needs to be verified.


Whether content ecology can be developed will be an important measure to determine whether these new music social products can continue to precipitate content and social relationships.How to extend to the more peripheral culture and people is also an urgent problem to be solved.

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