How to drainage through microblogging search ranking?

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In this age of information explosion, there is so much information that no one has the energy to sift through it all.It's like ordering food on the Internet or shopping. More people will choose stores with higher sales or higher ratings, and those stores with higher sales or higher ratings will be known.How many people know about a store that has low sales and no ratings, even if it has the best products?


Nowadays, the ranking of various platforms and search engines is basically two points: weight  & money.Therefore, if you want to make your products known to more people, it is a good way to improve the ranking.Here's how to do microblogging search ranking.



Weibo search ranking rules


Weibo is a social + search + media platform.We need to make full use of the search ranking rules to get more traffic.


1. Account weight: gold V, >, blue V, >, orange V, >, ordinary >, and then it is determined by the number and quality of fans.If there are conditions to apply for certification plus V, orange V is still very easy.


2, keyword coincidence degree: keywords, nickname, personal tags, blog with.The higher the coincidence, the higher the ranking.Therefore, their own account nickname can be used long tail keyword combination, at the same time, personal tags to add relevant keywords, published blog also need to bring relevant keywords.


3. Thumb up, forwarding volume, which has an impact on almost every platform, is the best place for external intervention.


4. The closer the blog post is published, the higher the ranking will be.


How to do it?




  • Mining keywords

Try not to choose a wide range of keywords, such as beauty.If you choose this word even if your account weight is high, after a while you will be out of the ranking.So try to choose a niche area, and then the long tail keyword combination.


  • Analyze peer competitors

Select the right combination of keywords to search.First look at which peers are doing, and then look at their account weight, thumb up volume, published time, and so on,which are good for us to continue the following ranking.


  • Publish blog articles

There are two main types of blog posts. The first is something new.The other is headlines articles.We'll leave it at that, but if you're good enough to write a good article, the exposure will be good.


  • Ranking

After the content distribution, according to their own account to see whether can displayed through search, if you can, for such a 20 minutes to go shua after a wave of praise, and then a 20 minutes to brush a forward wave and comments.How much you brush depends on the top three searches.

If the weight of the first three accounts is relatively high, the release time is near, the amount of thumb up is also ok, then do not brush too much at one time, otherwise the account can not bear, can be carried out in batches.

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