Four cases help you to use social marketing to to be a hot brand

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Social marketing is one of the few brands that can use small and broad marketing techniques.Social marketing still has huge dividends.It's not that hard for us to build hot style, but what's behind hot style and what's left of hot style is what matters.


Brands should first make clear what the purpose of social marketing promotion is, rather than simply think that doing a hot style is over.From the point of view of "fire", we can find from several practical cases that there are still rules to follow.


China digital marketing hopes this article can give you some help.


One:How can a children's summer camp be covered in the news?


During National Day last year, there was once a children's summer camp that needed to be promoted. The main content of the summer camp was that children could go to the cultural tourism resort in xishuangbanna to learn knowledge and broaden their horizon through contacting elephants, visiting tropical rainforest, drilling for wood and making fire and other activities.


Its social marketing approach is to package the entire camp trip into a list of "National Day vacation assignments."Then it releases the contents through several blue V accounts that the holiday homework of the primary school students in Beijing is unexpectedly drilling wood to make fire.



Although there was not much retweeting when it was released, it was soon noticed by other news blue V, and then there were various interpretations:


Is this primary school a noble school?Is children's holiday homework like this now?Is this quality education or not?Does drill wood take fire have fire control safety hidden danger?


A marketing campaign rose to social issues and quickly became a popular search.The brand name was also revealed in a photo accompanying the post.This helped the brand side find a conflict point.The comparison between the ordinary holiday homework and this pupil's holiday homework immediately aroused public discussion.


Two:Wang Jianlin,The itinerary of the richest man


Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda group, has set a goal of "one hundred million yuan" which is famous for ‘ A Date with Lu Yu: a big one day trip with celebrity’.When it was discovered that Wang Jianlin's daily schedule was very full, the social marketing plan for Wang Jianlin was that they jointly launched a "itinerary of the richest man".The result was quickly forwarded by netizens, many netizens sigh "after watching Wang Jianlin's journey, finally know why they are so poor".



The main reason for the popularity of "the richest man's itinerary" is to find out the conflict between the richest man's diligence and ordinary netizens' laziness.What's more important is that young netizens are willing to admit their laziness in communication.


Three:How to create a case of cultural innovation through a network drama?


For example, a promotion of historical drama of The Three Kingdoms period which is called hu xiao long Yin of jun shi lian meng.At that time, we wanted to introduce zhuge liang in the play, so we carried out social marketing for zhuge liang's actor that recited "Memorial on Sending Out the Troops" in English.At that time, zhuge liang was played by Wang luoyong who is the first Chinese Broadway actor.He is a very powerful teacher.


Reciting the "Memorial on Sending Out the Troops" this article is all the students of the "painful" memories that if the article is not finished recited,the students will even not allowed to leave school.Because of Mr. Wang's experience in Broadway and outstanding language expression ability, the team and the client jointly proposed and completed the video of reciting the "Memorial on Sending Out the Troops" in English and Chinese dialects. As a result, they obtained amazing interactive data on weibo, and netizens praised it have the visual sense of the "game of thrones" .




But this is not the end. After the content was sent out, People's Daily and xinhua news agency also forwarded it successively, and then they had various levels of interpretation, such as China's cultural confidence and cultural output.All in all, the issue of "Memorial on Sending Out the Troops" originated from a marketing idea, but eventually it became a social issue.


In this case, the English recitation of "Memorial on Sending Out the Troops" combined brand, user memory and social issues, and finally burst into energy.


Four:How to make poverty to be a selling point?


A network drama "Go princess go" which young Chinese netizens are familiar with became a marketing selling point because of its poor cast.Moreover,taking advantage of the opportunity that their "poor, toxic, dirty" as a selling point to promote,which is also a pioneering network drama amway.



Social marketing turns product weaknesses into strengths.We all think that imagination is fresh enough, spread naturally broken circle.So the results need not be said.But the most important thing is that go princess go is a work that has a very strong selling point.


We can try to summarize the rule of hot style: Identify the general mood, find the contrast in content.



Hot style all need insight into popular sentiment, and popular sentiment has rules to follow.For example, during the Spring Festival, there will be discussions on matchmaking, urban-rural gap, Spring Festival transportation and migrant workers. On valentine's day, there will be discussions on gifts, single people and happiness.These topics are actually out there and repeated year after year.It's not hard to see this, but it's up to you to use it to promote your brand.



Once you have an insight into the public mood, you need to explore its internal contrast and make content in the context of the Internet.Go princess go, for example, is all about reverse perception.Once the contrast is formed, it will be easier to get public discussion and attention.Moreover, the key point is that this contrast can bring a large amount of free traffic. The social marketing hot spots we operate hardly achieve circle breaking communication through a large amount of payment, and the forwarding and transmission of such media as People's Daily and xinhua news agency will hardly do paid advertising.


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