Integrated Resorts

We help do pcision Marketing in China

Integrated Resorts is asia comphensive entertainment and leisure resort which provide lisure and entertainment, hotel accommodation, retail, catering, life experience, such as a full range of tourism and entertainment projects. We were required to combine with the combination of Low-cost pcision marketing solutions, for the traditional resort digital innovation opened a new situation.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness:

1.The traditional way of receiving the guest is challenged, the cost is more and more high, and the result is very little;We use wechat to realize micro-letter attention to the conversion rate of 94% fans, active fans accounted for up to 60% .

2.We enhance the user's active degree through continuous interactive event marketing, a large number of drainage members. On the basis of the great effect of drainage, quickly lock the best communicators of Word-of-mouth marketing-employees,as the dissemination of radiation point, through the level of equity incentives, the introduction of "recommended courteous" staff marketing activities to further expand the scope of communication, resulting in more lasting influence;

3.We build a complete user portrait, to achieve pcision marketing which based on the user multidimensional attribute analysis. ,We tracked activity ROI and found the driver Kol of Word-of-mouth effect  to provide practical data support for marketing mining data deeper value.Data-driven "sales transformation chain" attract target fans from the locking of pcision promotion channels.We pcipitated a large number of data to analyze the value of the scene data and ensure the continuity of the brand business and customer communication. It have achieved up to 55% of the offline consumption conversion rate.