This hidden flow pool of wechat has more traffic than wechat video accounts and a lot of people are quietly doing !

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Recently, we found a hidden entrance to the flow, and the volume is huge.It is the WeChat official quietly launched last year on the "take a look +" small program.It also features short videos and it was much older than WeChat video accounts.


No barriers to entry, everyone can send videos


When you click to enter the "Look at +" applet, the homepage is divided into two sections, "Follow" and "Recommend".




The "Recommendation" page is displayed in the form of a single stream of information. The title is at the top of the video cover. The video playback times are displayed in the lower left corner. The video duration is displayed in the lower right corner. The bottom information bar includes the creator's avatar, nickname, video comment number, likes number, and share button. One thing worth noting is that the video only supports forwarding to WeChat group chat at the moment.


The video in "Look at +" consists of the public account video automatically captured by the system and uploaded by the creator's own account. The “Following” prompt next to the nickname uploads content for creators, and none for the system automatically crawls. At the same time, we found that many videos with high volume are "title party".


Compared with the video number of "Thousands of Blood Books Open", the "Look at +" applet is much more grounded. It is more in line with Zhang Xiaolong's concept of "everyone can create". Because the user only needs to click the green "+" button in the middle to upload the work. It can be up to 10 minutes. After checking the "Agree Agreement", the account will be automatically created with a WeChat account. Later, you can modify your avatar, nickname, gender, region, and personal introduction on the "Me" page.


And its recommendation mechanism is not clear, and all types of videos will be recommended. The number of public videos obtained by the public account video under "Look at +" is calculated independently. According to Domatters observation, after we use it for a period of time, the information flow of the "Recommendation" page will show the work of the follower, the work of the public account concerned, and the video work related to the user's personal, such as the relevant public account of the college and many more.


The recommended videos are not necessarily the latest ones. Domatters once scanned videos that were captured more than three months ago. And their playback volume varies from tens to hundreds of thousands, so it is not recommended according to the spread mechanism.


In addition, unlike the WeChat video number, the “Look at +” homepage is not an immersive playback experience. Users need to click the video to enter the playback page to watch. At the same time, you can swipe up and down to get new content. The form is similar to Douyin. Users can follow the creator's account and double-tap the screen to automatically like it.


The "Follow" page is displayed in the form of a two-column information stream, and the content is the video work of the follower. These video works are arranged in chronological order, with the newest first. When we click on the author's avatar, we can enter its homepage to view the number of fans, the total number of likes and the collection of works.


Seeing this, there may be anxious friends who have already searched for this applet, but they must not find it.


Because the "Look at +" applet is currently not directly searchable on WeChat. It can only be accessed through the video card of the user sharing entrance or the applet.


Is "Look at +" a hidden traffic depression?


In addition to the low threshold for creation, "Look at +" can successfully attract the attention of Domatters Digital Marketing China because it is a hidden traffic pool and has a huge volume.



This "secret" starts with the first video released by our friends. In less than a day, it has received nearly 5,000 views, and several subsequent videos have been well received.




The "Look at +" video will be supported by WeChat official traffic, and the volume is considerable. Friends who have been heartbroken by the number of videos played can come here and give it a try. Bicycles can become motorcycles.


In addition, as can be seen from the style of recommended content and back-end user data, the majority of people who use "Look at +" are the middle-aged and the elderly. These people often use fewer Internet applications and narrow social circles. WeChat is one of their few social software. So they will be more active in "Take a look at +". They are also happy to share the videos they see. This is also the reason why WeChat applets such as Xiao Nian gao and Tangdou Square Dance became popular.


As early as the "2018 WeChat Annual Data Report" released by the WeChat Open Class in 2019, it has been shown that users over the age of 55 have over 630 million monthly actives on WeChat, and more and more silver-haired people use WeChat. This provides an endless stream of growth nutrients for WeChat content ecology.


What is the impact on WeChat Official Account?


WeChat is like a small biosphere. Products and products, users and products are connected and influence each other. At present, the birth of "Look at +" is good for WeChat public account operators.





1. Half of the videos with a new traffic channel "look at +" in the public account of the video category come from the system's automatic crawling recommendation. This means that in addition to being swiped by the user in the subscription number list, the work of the video public account has the opportunity to be repeatedly recommended in the "look at +" information stream. Although this cannot directly guide the attention of the public account, it is conducive to creating a brand reputation.


At the same time, the single video shared from "Look +" to the chat list is presented in the form of a small program card, which will reduce the user's reading cost and psychological burden to a certain extent compared to the video with the public account graphic format.


2. The middle-aged and elderly public account likes to take a look at the accurate traffic entrance "look at +". The current users are mainly middle-aged and elderly. This is a tailor-made opportunity for the public account targeting this group of users. The customized directional content can help them to catch more high-quality traffic of the silver-haired family in "Look at +".


3. It has been 8 years since the public account added a content distribution channel. The public account has changed from incremental competition to stock competition. How to achieve user growth has become a bald thing for WeChat operators. The entry threshold of the "Look at +" applet provides us with a brand-new content distribution channel and free advertising space. We can write the name of the public account, ID, brand introduction, etc. on the author's home page of "Look at +" to achieve user diversion.


WeChat's obsession with short video is far beyond our imagination. "Look at +" is launched as a complete short video product, plus a zero threshold access mechanism. And the video number that was born later is like an extension and upgrade of it.


The video number is more professional, and "Look at +" is more casual. The two are like complementary modules for WeChat to create a short video blueprint, and they are also important weapons for its short video track in 2020. But whether it is a mule or a horse, as long as you pull it out you will know.


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