Pharmaceutical and beauty industries face a shake-up!They will no longer be indexed in Baidu

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Some netizens have reported that baidu recently held a private meeting to shake up the medical and beauty industries, but the news has not been confirmed.Baidu replans seo optimization and bidding in the medical beauty industry. In the future, except baidu's own newly developed lemon aimei APP, all other third-party medical beauty platform websites will be removed from the shelves successively after August 30, and baidu will not include them again.It seems that the recent reform is more than talk.Baidu is going to play for real this time.Therefore, partners who want to engage in the medical and beauty industry in China need to make preparations in advance!




It is understood that baidu seo optimization and bidding re-planning on the medical beauty industry this time, it may be said to be a real case.First of all, it is stipulated that the bidding advertisement in the medical beauty industry shall be subject to the upper limit rectification on July 30 this month, and the SEO related content will be offline successively on August 30.In addition, baidu has set up many requirements for practitioners' certificates and qualifications in the medical beauty industry. It is unrealistic for hospitals without qualifications or doctors without qualification to advertise on baidu in the future.Moreover, only those who have registered lemon-loving APP which baidu own newly developed can display it on baidu, which is not included by other third-party platforms.Do these things,so we can estimate that medical beauty industry continue to accompany baidu to play estimated to go half.


The most important is orders and reservations in baidu lemon love beauty will be raffle.There's no one else.


Optimized seoer all understand that the medical beauty industry has been baidu's largest contributor.Every year, a large part of baidu's revenue comes from the medical beauty industry. But it is also because the medical beauty industry baidu has been reviled, and even affected the foundation of baidu.This time baidu announced to clean up the medical beauty industry is expected, after all, the medical beauty industry is too sensitive.


Domatters believes that baidu's rectification and restriction of the medical beauty industry is also a business correction, but some things are not easy to talk about because of the Internet users' revelation and the news has not been confirmed.But this point that baidu start to deal with the medical beauty industry is certain, after all, this aspect of baidu is  scolded really not less.This adjustment is a good thing for baidu users, but to be engaged in the medical beauty industry webmaster and optimization personnel is a little bit not too friendly.Let a person more irritable!

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