How do we choose SEM or SEO SOCIAL relations?

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How do we choose SEM or SEO SOCIAL relations?


SEM: extreme flow acquisition + accurate crowd transformation

If your business is in need of traffic or customer transformation, you must use the SEM channel to do so. No matter what, no other channel is faster and more controllable than this effect.

– the crowd must be well analyzed, and it is best not to do it all but to do it well. The key is to abandon the word “high budget low conversion”.
– keyword research should not be limited to baidu tools.but more research and interviews of real users.
-advertising creativity is the most effective way to speak to people and bring benefits to people. Don’t use SEM creativity for feelings, it is meaningless.
-bidding to see the budget, no budget don’t think big words, but to do small fine. Bigger budget, better accounts lower overall CPC.
-account management ask someone to look at the data every day.


SEO: brand vision occupation + core information ranking



If your business is at the forefront of word-of-mouth buzz, you must take SEO positions. Don’t think too much, you can only do one baidu AD, but SEO can be more than 10.

– keyword research has similarities with SEM, but we need to see the voice and problems of users on different platforms.
– content gap research tells you directly that what sounds are missing on the Internet is needed to make up for them.
– technical point optimization in independent enterprises, will be a good bonus, because most enterprises can not change the site.
– analysis of the performance of competitive product search enables enterprises to have a clear understanding of the industry benchmark at all times.
– the search experience is the only way to retain users. It’s a waste of money to have traffic and not to have traffic, so spending on UX is necessary.


SOCIAL: brand appeal building + zero distance consumer interaction



If your business isn’t happy with traditional marketing, it’s more about soft power, such as creativity, energy, and fans. Don’t worry, social is the only thing that can help you achieve this. Neither SEM nor SEO can do it.

Content strategy focuses on the conception of each story and plot.which can only be carried forward if the strategy is correct in the following rhythm.
-visual creativity generally requires pain points of the audience, no matter what form, the first thing to understand, the second is to look good.
– marketing labels should be clear, so that the whole marketing event has a memorable theme to hang from
– it is hard to achieve a successful Social marketing without the promotion of KOL PGC, because it requires the mindless promotion of seed fans.
– the quality of monitoring event effects tools directly affects the real situation of the whole event, but these tools are usually more expensive.

Finally, we should remind you that marketing channels should match the current situation of enterprises. Don’t simply copy winners and rely too much on certain methods. Don’t let expectations overshoot you, and don’t let them expire.


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