How to improve SEO Express Ranking in China Market?

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First, the IP environment


Regional relevance restrictions, non-local IP clicks do not score

PS: Some industries have such restrictions. For example, regional travel industry websites, such as Shanghai travel agencies, must have local IP clicks in Shanghai. Otherwise, they will not be extra points. Repeated use of foreign IP clicks will not only add points but also make the site blacklisted. Therefore, why many friends do not have the effect of brush ranking, please check whether the IP environment is normal.

Under the same IP, click on the same website, and calculate up to three points for the same keyword.


Second, flow entrance


Multiple browsers get higher scores, especially SoSo and SoGou

PS: Many friends are brushing the rankings, but the effect is not good. Because if you single to use a certain browser, long-term click even if you are switching IP to click, it will cause cheating suspected, leading to a decline in rankings.

In addition to different browsers, you also need to pay attention to the traffic source URL. When doing a quick ranking click, you need to pay attention to different URL sources to enter the search, such as 123 navigation, 2345 navigation and so on. The more natural traffic portals make search engines think your click data is more realistic.


Third, cross-page click


Double clicks across pages are valid. That is, a search for cross-pages is invalid, and two- and three-time cross-page searches are valid. So when you click, for example, the keyword “SEO” is optimized, then when you click, you search for SEO tutorials, SEO training and high search times for the subject, then search for the main word and then click on the page. This is more natural and realistic for search engine records.

PS: Many of my friends like to search directly for keywords that need to be swiped, then click on the website and finally point the keyword ranking to 100. In many cases, it is caused by incorrect cross-page clicks.


Fourth,Bounce rate


There is no relevant link between the bounce rate recorded by the search engine and the bounce rate in the so-called traffic statistics tool. The bounce rate recorded by the search engine refers to the time difference of searching for the second keyword in the search box after the search word entered from the search box enters the website. This time difference is called the residence time of the website. For example, when Baidu searches for SEO, it enters the xx website. After one minute, once again, it goes to the search page to open the yy website. Then the one-minute browsing time from the xx website to the yy website is called xx. The time spent on the site. If the site stays longer, then the lower the site’s bounce rate, the higher the other way around. The reason why search engines do this is to simulate the user’s normal search.

Another situation is that if you search for a keyword and open a website, Baidu’s search page will be closed immediately. This effect is best because the search engine will determine that the user has found a requirement and does not need to perform related searches. So when you do clicks, be sure to control them. Don’t click on your own website. You can click on a well-ranked website first, and then click to find your website, and then zoom in or close the search page directly. This type of click will become more realistic, allowing the search engine to click points on the website.


Five, cookies value processing


The search engine will have a visitor identifier, which is unique. The visitor ID will record the user’s click. And visitor identification code is generated by the cookie, especially in the case of broadband dialing different IP, you need to pay attention to each click, you need to clear the cookie value, but do not need to clear all the clicks, because the search engine will record the visitor ID, if Visitor IDs are all new users are prone to cheating, so you can occasionally not empty. (PS: The visitor ID can be seen in Baidu’s statistics data source. Under normal circumstances, a computer has a unique visitor ID).


Sixth, domain name search


In order to increase the role of keyword rankings when searching, search for domain names will also calculate the ranking points. For example, the optimized website is, and the keyword is Baidu. Then when searching, you can search This will rank both and Baidu. Add points.


Seven, click on the trajectory


This step is the most important point in the entire click session and also determines whether your click is a valid click.

  1. Click to clear the browser cookie data before, open the browser, select a navigation website to enter, can be direct, it can also be and so on.
  2. Search for long tail words that are most relevant to your subject. Long tail words only need to search, and scroll up and down on the search page but do not need to turn pages, and stay for about 30 seconds.
  3. Search for the main word you need to optimize, for example, in the 15th [fifth of the second page].
  4. After searching for the main word, you can click on a bidding page, close it immediately after clicking, and then click on Natural Search Rank 1, 7 and so on. The more natural it is, the better. After clicking and then immediately closing the pages of these sites, do not need to remember.
  5. Scroll through the pages and stay on the second page for tens of seconds. Scroll up and down, find your website, click Open, then stay on the home page for 1 to 3 minutes. Then browse 2 to 3 pages and click Finish.

The more natural the click trajectory is, the more natural it is to match the user’s normal search, then the click will easily become a high quality click. The more points in the ranking, the more the outer chain has the same quality of the outer chain and the outer chain of the garbage. reason.


Eight, clicks


Ranking Home Clicks is the keyword Baidu Index*10% to 15%. The second page of clicks is the keyword Baidu Index 5% to 10%. The third page of clicks is the keyword Baidu Index 3% to 5%.

If the keyword index exceeds 300, the number of clicks should preferably not exceed 30 times a day, and the number of clicks needs to progress gradually. For example, if you click 5 times on the first day, it is better to have 8 cycles on the second day. When doing a click, it is best to optimize clicks with related keywords together, so that the best results. However, this is only a reference value. In general, it is best to add the website to the Baidu webmaster platform. When the search engine is retrieving rankings, it is more of a search keyword’s click rate rather than the amount of clicks. For example, the website a shows 1000 words on the homepage keyword, and clicks 100 times. The clickthrough rate is 10%. The website b shows 200 keywords on the second page. The click count is 50 and the clickthrough rate is 40%. Therefore, the effect of the website b is obviously better. For the keyword a, after the search engine update cycle, the ranking is relatively greater than or equal to the website.


Nine, click on the time period


Relatively speaking, the click time period is preferably concentrated in the daytime, with a few clicks at night to form normal user clicks.

The above is the entire click algorithm process. Due to the different update periods of search engines, it is generally best that the top 30 rankings perform the best clicks.

After reading these, I believe many of my friends have used a lot of quick ranking software on the market. But why are some effects better, and some are not good? In fact, in the final analysis, it is whether the software click algorithm is perfect. If any of the above steps is not perfect, invalid clicks will result. So many friends brush rankings have no effect is also caused by the algorithm is not perfect.


Here I’ll give you a few questions about where many friends who have done quick rankings have some questions.


1.Why do you do a quick ranking without having to modify any information on the website to increase rankings?


Many of the quick rankings are made within the first thirty days of clicks. Although it is theoretically possible to trigger search engine algorithms within 100, the ranking effect is not significant because of various factors not within 30. So in most cases you can improve your rankings without having to modify any information on the website because the click algorithm is triggered. This only requires clicking on the traffic to increase the ranking.


2.Why doesn’t the brush’s ranking click generate traffic?


This question I estimate is a problem that 99% of friends who have made quick rankings want to ask. Actually, statistics on station statistics for such traffic tools cannot be obtained because basically all the quick ranking software on the market has shielded traffic statistics tools of the stationmaster statistics. Its purpose is to prevent the flow of the brush from entering the flow tool to form a false flow calculation. Therefore, in order to reflect the actual traffic data of the website more accurately, most software has shielded such traffic statistics tools. So many people will find it magical. Not only has the website information not been modified, but no traffic has been generated. The rankings have come up. But if you want to see the traffic generated by the click of the brush, you can go to Baidu webmaster platform to view the traffic and keyword functions. Because the traffic statistics tool captures traffic data through the browser cookie value, Baidu webmaster platform crawls through the search box and clicks, so the Baidu webmaster platform traffic click is more accurate and practical.

3. why sometimes brush rankings can not brush?

Many times friends who use keywords will find that no matter what the brush is, they won’t be able to use it. At this time, under the following circumstances:

First, the keyword search volume is high. The keyword with high search volume is undoubted. The website traffic of the homepage is relatively large, but the flow of your brush does not necessarily exceed him, so many times you cannot go to the homepage.

Second, the website is poor. For example, it is a new station, there is not much inclusion and content, the chain is not rich, simply said that like a chicken, you are born, it is easy to die quickly. If you start feeding carefully with feeds, it would be much better if you click on it, such as raising original content on the site, releasing some links, and so on.

The third is that your site itself may have been downed and it has been blacklisted. More traffic clicks are invalid clicks, and only clicks are generated. However, no points are added to the clicks, which results in no ranking.


4.Why is the ranking of the brush unstable?


The ranking of the brush is like drug use. When it is advanced, it will be refunded. Once you stop traffic clicks, the ranking will fade slowly. Under normal circumstances will fade to the position you did not brush the ranking. If you are found cheating, you may even fall directly into 100. Of course, there is also a situation where the website is very well-grounded, with high-quality originality, old domain names, extroverted links, and a certain amount of true natural traffic. Then even if you stop clicking, there will be a certain amount of real traffic after the first page to enrich, and the ranking will be very stable. Therefore, if the website ranking is stable, the website foundation must be well done, otherwise it will be easy to fall short.


5.Why does the brush ranking only increase the brush’s keyword does not increase the related words?


A lot of friends will find a problem when they are brushing the rankings. That is, when I optimize the rankings naturally, optimizing the subject words will drive the related word rankings. But brushing keyword rankings will only drive brush word rankings and will not drive related word rankings. This is because of the limitations of search engine algorithms. Therefore, when you click on the rankings, it is best to click on the related words and the main word to get the best results.

Below I share with you a few quick ranking software: ranking wizard, traffic treasure. The two are relatively easy to use. The former is free and the latter is free. We can go to the official website to download, as for the effect of pro-test the best, of course, if you want the best effect can go to Taobao to find the relevant brush ranking seller.


Finally, Domatters gives you a summary: Regardless of how you optimize, the fast-ranking click algorithm is still used sparingly. Because of the high cost and damage to the site itself. If you want to do quick ranking software yourself, you can perform program development tests based on the algorithms I provided above. Of course, doing rapid ranking software is certainly not without a lot of ip. All fast-ranking industries use a large number of server-mounted software to optimize brush rankings. Usually use dynamic dial-up vps server, we can go to Taobao to purchase such servers.

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