SEO & SEM China

SEO & SEM China

Don't know how to start business in China?

Need China marketing entry strategy?

Care Chinese shopping behavior, e.g. Web Tmall, Web JD, Mobile Wechat, Mall or Supermarket, Internet Live sales, &marketing channel-Tik Tok, Customer service channel, compliance regulations?

Here we go
What are marketing strategy options to entry China?

Web presence, even in your homepage with a couple of pages in Chinese so people understand who you are, and spending some time on social media, and obviously getting some ads onto Baidu or Google to promote your product can be quite valuable even if you are not selling on the internet because you are building some sort of awareness and brand within your core competency of your client base or the sector that you are focusing on.

So one question here. Do the search result visible in  the first page of search engine  for keywords that match your business or brand ? If not, you miss a lot valuable potential Chinese customers.

SEO and SEM are not a fashion, if you want to develop your own business, it is no longer a choice without considering it. It is an integral part of any plan to promote your product or service and bring more qualified sales leads and sales.

At Domatters, we believe that our job is to provide customers with the simplest possible technology, overwhelming network marketing process. One way we can achieve this goal is to provide a single point of contact for each of our SEO and SEM customers to manage your projects and your problems.

Why Domatters?

You may go through a stage combination for some of marketing options, you may have a different strategy for different parts of China, you may have to, depending again on who you are and what you are doing, you may want to set up and give yourself the key markets of North China, have a distribution partner, who is Chinese, for the middle of China, Shanghai, Shanxi, Zhejiang, and have a different strategy for the south China, that is relying on HongKong Partner. We think you have to recognize that something this big requires multiple contact points with the market and customer point, so we dont think you necessarily what to be trapped by just one approach to China, but again we think that we do not like to say that there is any given rule for all companies, we like to look at each company, each other, each product and capacity where that company is even in its own development in timeline, in its offshore markets. We think to be realistic, maybe counterintuitive or something that makes your business in China, you have to ask your self a question whether China is the best market for you to go to at this point time, and whether you are better off. 

One of our favorite quotes recently is from South African naturalist, Lawrence Anthony, who passed away, he said i dont even understand why people begin thinking in a box, and i think that is the approach that you have to take to China. Because you have to look at who you are, what you want to do and what your product is, and then be creative but also be viable, and be realistic.

Want entry China marketing? Then contact us. We have customized SEO and SEM package for Baidu, 360, Shenma, sogou, etc. Send email to [email protected] to get quotation. 

More service, e.g. Chinese translation, Chinese proofreading, China video and audio promotion, China landing page develop, please contact Domatters. 

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