Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC

Want to start business in China? Domatters suggest baidu pay per click. By baidu ads campagin, you get rank top and target Chinese potential clients very quick. 

Baidu Click Pay is an effective way to enter the market. Baidu PPC (pay per click) advertising is an effective way to improve your visibility and presence on Baidu search engine (think of Google in China).

Through in-depth market research, you will soon target key terms for Chinese audiences. The Domatters team will handle budget and marketing and feedback on the complete KPI review of the success of your advertising series.

In domatters, we also have option, e.g. 360 ppc, sogou ppc, soso ppc, shenma ppc. 

For more services,e.g.Chinese content writing, Chinese translation, Chinese landing page develop,  please contact us.

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