Batch High BR Friendly Links

Batch High BR Friendly Links

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Friendship Chain Main Question Answer:


1. Friendship links play a role in using other people's high-quality sites to enlarge the weight of your website's words. Their role is not how many direct visitors can be brought to your website, but how much more search engines will patronize your website. According to the relevant statistics, about 80% of the websites, 70% - 90% of their visits are from search engines. Therefore, making search engines include more pages is one of the effective ways to improve website access.


2. Attract spiders to crawl: If the friendship links are well done, Baidu spiders can be attracted to climb from high-quality websites to your own websites, so that spiders form a crawling cycle, so that search engines give their own websites a higher evaluation, which is of great help to website traffic and snapshot updates.


3. Friendship links generally use text links, which is more convenient for search engine spiders to read and identify. Search engine spiders crawl when they first grab the home page of the website.


Special note: any external chain is not directly to the site with search volume, is used for optimization of SEO. We only sell out-chains and do not package sites to increase PR value, because outside-chains are only one of the important factors affecting the PR value of the website, but not one of them. In addition, we do not sell out-chains to upgrade the ranking of website keywords in search engines, because outside-chains are only an important factor affecting ranking, but not all factors.


Solemn commitment: all open chains will not fall off the chain, drop chain package.

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