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China Link Building

Professional chain     Sincerely for customers to do cases, focusing on the forum outside the chain

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1. Because we are focused enough

According to the analysis of the actual external chain data, the forum is the mainstream external chain resource that has been in existence for a long time. There are many types of external chains, we can not achieve the best, but we firmly believe that in the forum external chain, how can we give a large number of types of customers, batch operation and quality of the forum external chain.

2. Customers who are not K

In addition to the misoperation of the site, regular station customers, we do not have a customer because the external chain is K station. Facts have proved that our customers have not been impacted by Baidu's various algorithms during the cooperation period.

3. Customer hit rate

Customers who cooperate more closely, almost all rankings have gone up!

4. Sincerely for customers

We recruited a full-time staff to fully monitor the operation of customer websites during the cooperation period. Every week, we will point out the errors to our customers. We hope that our customers can operate websites according to our operation support and operation tutorials, so as to achieve the ranking effect of websites.

Statement: Forum Posts deleted by administrators is normal, but there will still be a large part of the retained, deletion of posts is the administrator's business, which we can not guarantee, we can only guarantee that the only real posts, and provide reports!

The effect is also related to your promotion brand, oh, some customers say good, some say bad. We can't guarantee how much profit we will bring you. What we can guarantee is that we can only send out real posts and provide reports. Mind not shooting!

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